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Monday, December 17, 2007

Do You Take Debit?

Trying to run one silly errand today in a neighboring city, my loser cruiser (minivan) started sliding towards the car in front of me who was stopped at a stop sign. Since my breaks were on vacation due to ice, the l.c. was going full speed ahead toward that person. I weighed the options 1)hit car in front of me 2)hit snow bank. I chose the snow bank. Of course that made cherub 3 & I officially stuck (but thankfully unharmed) in a snow bank.

A seemingly nice gentlemen that was walking down the sidewalk with his wife stopped to help push me out of the snow bank. After succeeding he came up to my window, before I could even gush my thankyou's out, he asked me for money for coffee for him and his wife. Shocked, I looked into his eyes and saw they were glazed over. Since he was well clean and neatly dressed, my assumption is that he actually wanted to put a little bailey's into that coffee. Since I live off my debit card, and did not have a dollar on me, I dug out every last bit of change my wallet and car had to offer and apologized it wasn't more. He moved on to the car behind me that had slid into the snow bank avoiding my car (yup, a little chain reaction there). In my rear view mirror, I could see she had dollars in hand ready, obviously witnessing our exchange. I headed to the nearest cop to ask him for help for her. No good deed goes without payment of some sort I suppose.

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Trenches of Mommyhood said...

It's a BMW-not a loser cruiser!