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Our life is full of wonderful, chaotic, blessed, hysterical, insane, magical, sad, scary, sweet, mind boggling, moments. While balancing life with 3 cherubs, parents, sisters, BIL, In-laws, 1 teaching career, and many good friends; I find that our life is moving far toooo fast. It is important to cherish and record the moments as we consistently try to balance our scale (God forbid I make a photo album)! MB

Monday, November 29, 2010

Proper or Adorable?

Every mom wants their child to speak using proper English. However, I know that personally there are some sayings I will miss. Tonight while staring with wonderous eyes out the car window at Christmas lights, cherub 3 exclaimed "that house is the AWESOMEST"!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

This seasons fashions...

On Turkey day, mom was telling a story about knitting (at least I think that is how it started). Suddenly, I heard her telling hubby all about "topless mittens". I think BigSis, BabySis, Hubby, BIL & I were going to giggle our way right off our seats. Poor mom just didn't get why we were laughing~even after we tried to explain. She then proceeded to tell him all about the "flap that goes on and off the topless mittens". At this point, we told her she could now rename them "peepshow mittens".

Antique Hubby

Even though in less than 40 days I will be turning 40, it is hubby that is looking a tad antiquish. Last week I was walking by my bedroom window when I stopped Outside hubby was bringing WHEELING out the trash to the curb. He was using.a.dolly. I was laughing so hard I could barely make fun of him! Sigh. We are getting old.

job blog stop

Get job. Stop blog. Seriously. I absolutely love my new career and our whole family has transitioned wonderfully. However, the house cleaning blogging has taken a hit. I am going to try REALLY hard to blog. So today...a few snippets. Sadly, I am truly in second grade! When I typed the post title, job blog stop, all I could think of is 'those are all 1 syllable words'. I need to get a grip (also a 1 syllable word).