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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Friday, August 29, 2008

Drop by for a Dot

A few weeks ago I was scoutin' out some new furniture at the local favorite furniture chain. I bribed my cherubs with the Dots (amazing dot things that melt into icecream when you put them into your mouth) that the store offers for free as you walk in. I was telling RLF, K, that I told the cherubs if they were good while I dreamily walked around the air conditioned building looking at furniture they could enjoy that treat on the way out. They held their end of the bargain so I held mine. I told K that if we ever needed a quick mommy retreat or needed a snack for the kids, stop by the furniture chain.

Today she called me hysterically laughing b/c she took her 2 kids and her 3 niece/nephews in 'for a snack'. A little false pretense shopping, alot of Dot devouring. We were peeing our pants laughing. "There are 5 of you, I can't afford to feed you. Let's go to the furniture store. Drop by for a Dot.'

Maybe we are both turning into slummy mummies!

*Just to ensure you, almost all of our furniture has been purchased at the shall be named nameless chain throughout the years. I sometimes buy things. Not just eat.

Finding the pep to put in my step.

So far on the eve of our 11th anniv, the day has been, well, just eh.

A Rocky Start
We had a whopper before breakfast. Not the sandwich, a WHOPPER of a fight between hubby & I. He thinks the house is a mess and I don't act happy to be a homemaker or a mom. Ouch. Their ain't no anti-sting medication that will work for that bite. So I told him off (yup, mature-but come on those were fightin words) and I proceeded to leave with kids in tow to D&D to cool off and get some donuts and coffee. (The kids thought that was awesome and spontaneous of course. I'll take brownie points where I can get them.) Now, before you hate him too much, I don't embrace being a homemaker. (I do however, embrace being a mom so that is why I told him to stick it.) I am moody and roll my eyes and complain about laundry all the time.

The battles I lose-
Let's face it, unless you love housework, picking up after everyone, doing laundry and organizing piles of crap all the time, being a homemaker isn't the apron wearin', garden weedin', food makin, dish washin, simple to scrub tubbin, life it is made out to be. It is boring, annoying (picking up after people) and monotonous. I am talking about homemaking-not being a mom. Let's be clear. (Momhood is never boring-and I do love it.) I have never been the 'wow, I found the perfect cleaning agent' or 'wow, sheet day is so exciting' type of girl. At best, I try to keep up. I try not to let things get (too) out of control, too dirty, or let the laundry pile get too high. But lets face it. I lose those battles alot. Sigh.

He was right (darn)-
To prove hubby right (I hate when that happens), I have been tearing apart our very (dis)organized home to find a missing soccer shinguard that is my nephews. He of course needs it this weekend. We of course lost it. My house is like the black hole all the time. Things just get swallowed up, never to be seen again. Looks like I'll be buying them new guards. Sigh. Needless to say, I have spent the day putting my house back in order to please hubby (who I know is right).

Step in the right direction-
I am trying to put the pride back in my work. Trying to put the pep back to my step. Believe it or not, once upon a time ago, before 3 kids, I had a VERY clean, organized home. Sigh again.

Questioning myself (again)-
So hubby & I have somewhat made up (stayed clear of each other) and he apologized for the mom comment. It doesn't make me a bad person to love being a mom, and only like taking care of my home. Right?

Off to cook dinner. With a smile on my face and some pep to my step. Should I throw on an apron just for show? :o)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A different kind of Consultant

So, we went to see Dr. Edward Scissorhands today-for a consultation. The urologist that is. Just a little was all explained to us. Hubby acted as if he was under the knife just listening. In pain just asking questions and thinking about it.

So are we ready? That is a good question. 1 girl and 2 boys later. Of course we are ready. So why are we both hesitant? We of course want cherub 1 to have a sister. Since recently, hubby only makes boys-the question has to be asked, can you plan for the sex of your baby?

I googled the Chinese Gender Chart as a joke. You simply look at the age of the mom at conception, the month of conception and check out if it is a boy or girl. I tracked the info back to all three of my kids. It was right! I dared to go one step further.

If we conceived now or next month...we would have a... girl.

Don't be decorating the nursery pink yet friends. I am sure it is a hoax. I am also sure I am way too old to get up in the middle of the night again with a baby. But, boy it is tempting so that cherub 1 could grow old with a sister.

Just thinking about it all makes me feel like I am playing russian roulette. It's a dangerous game.

To snip or not to snip? That is the question.

Check out the it right for you too?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Red Light Green Light

When is it in life that I became the driver that poeple beep at? I used to be the impatient driver, young, in a rush, to my very important place to go or just because I was young. Beep, beep, out of my way!

Now I am the mom in my losercruiser (mini-van). At a red light. Daydreaming. Until, beep, beep-at me. I shake off my daydream (my upcoming-no doubt REALLY romantic anniversary night away with hubby this weekend) and start slowly driving. The driver behind me, bugged, b/c thanks to me he is now another 10 seconds delayed.

At the next light, I did the same thing, daydream city. Cherub 1 pipes up, "Uh, mom, you can go now, it's green. It is a good thing there was no one behind you this time. They would be beeping again."

Now, the impatient backseat driver. Soon, she'll be the impatient driver. :o)

Giving to those who need to Receive

Today we donated our old changing table and strollers to a local charitable organization. The organization gives to families in need. Just seeing their warehouse filled with mattresses, backpacks, carseats and everything else that a family needs made me want to give back. More than just the few items I was donating.

I want to show my kids that giving can be better than receiving in this 'thing' driven world.

So, faithful readers. You are from all over the I am asking. How do you teach your kids this important lesson? Do you have traditions? Do you volunteer? Leave me a comment...tell me your thoughts.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today's Blessings

Doc IS a smarty. No broken hand, just a 'crushed' one. No cast!

Sunshine for swimming.

Good behavior in the grocery store (trust me, that is a blessing).

We finally found a trapper keeper for school (didn't they used to be in all stores)?

A good game of capture the flag.

Cherub 1 tried a new food today- turkey burgers. (that is actually a big deal).

Long bike rides to the playground after dinner.

Bathtime splashing.

Clean cherub smells.


Peaceful house after cherub's are sleeping.

Bedtime for mama. I am flippin tired!

Waste Not Want Not

A weird world. We buy our kids new backpacks every year. I tried to offer my kids money to put in the bank instead of spending it on new backpacks. Not biting.

After going to four stores with three kids to find a darth vadar backpack I give up. I am spending more on gas and whatnots that we end up buying. I bought cherub's 2 & 3 backpacks today. Why didn't I think of that a month ago (to save me the shipping?)

We are going to start some serious money lessons this year. New backpacks every year? I mind as well throw my money away.

Compliments to the Chef

Hubby brought all of us out to dinner last night. Sort of a 'your hand kills, you have no job, boo hoo, sympathy dinner'. Hey, I'll take it when I can get it.

Cherub 3 bit into to his hotdog and declared, "Perfecto!"

Hubby & I broke into giggles.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Docs a Smarty

One hour, 10 minutes (with 3 kids) in the doctors office.

Told I have a "Crush Injury". A da. That is a really so technical. Did doc look that up in his big fat medical facts book? Makes sense. Hand crushed by suitcase=crush injury. Smarty.

Twenty minutes (with 3 kids) in hospital for xrays. Impressed that they were quicker than the doctor.

Hand kills from everyone touching it, poking it, posing it for pictures.

Me & the crush injury are going to bed. Not sure of the results yet..

Cast me not...

So, second day of vacation I tried to unpack my verylargechuckfull suitcase. I dropped it on my left hand. Instantly swollen, I ended up beaching it with an ace bandage all week. You know me, this didn't disrupt our fun at all.

I have suffered with the pain for two weeks and it is still swollen. I look like a swingin' single (w/ three kids?) b/c I can't get my wedding rings on. So tomorrow, I will visit my doctor and probably have an xray??

Cast me not please!

Jobless should be Stressless

So, as my rlf know, I do not have a teaching job yet for the fall. This joblessness should be bringing me stresslessness. However, I feel stressed. I am staving off that meltdown I have harboring all summer that as my kids get on the bus if I don't leave for my classroom, I will feel empty. I already miss teaching.

On the flipside, I try to be a glasshalffull person. I am a FIRM believer in fate. If the fates bring me a job. Great. If not, I will enjoy my last year of jobless, stressless living. I will sub sometimes, take advantage of my time off, and maybe get my life organized.

In the meantime, let's hope someone has a surprise pregnancy or decides last minute to leave their job so I can take over. :o) Hee, hee.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yard Sale- Quick and Snappy

A.K.A. Come buy our crap sale. We had a ball with the kids today having our first yard sale. Here is the quick and snappy recap:

The Quick:
In the am, our yard looked like it threw up plastic.
The ugliest thing sold first (seriously!).
People have balls and can be pushy.
You get a rush from selling things. Pretty soon, everything is on the lawn.
Our cherubs sold their stuff and bought our neighbors stuff.
Lesson learned: must have change available.
Should we sell this? Cherub 3 "No,I don't think so, I might need it."
How much should we sell this for? Cherub 1 "50 cents."
How much should we sell this for? Cherub 2 "$100.00"
Couldn't figure out why the tyke car wasn't selling. Cherub 2 actually DID label it $100. Should have been $1.

The Snappy:
At first, snapping at each other. Everytime I gave someone a price ($.50-sound like cherub 1 huh?), hubby would snap at me telling me to price things higher. So...I decided to start letting him give the prices b/c he was annoying. The next customer who asked "how much is this?" got this as a reply from hubby, "$.50". We both collapsed with giggles. I told him I couldn't believe he caved like I did.

We only have about 10 things left. To be honest, I was ready to pay someone to take it from us! It was fun and the kids all bought a treat with their earnings.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Whipper

"I've got my whipper!" Screams, running, laughing. Hysterically. Whipping each other with items like bathrobe ties, shirts and underwear. No, it isn't me that has a 'whipper', I never lay a hand on my cherubs. My 3 kids are running around like nuts, chasing and wacking each other. Two questions beg to be asked, where did they learn the word 'whipper' and are we waking up the neighbors (again)?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Don't Faint

I mopped my floors today.

I had to. They were at that critical stage. The one where you can't actually see the original color of the floor or let's be truthful, the floor itself.

My mop broke half way through the job but I am so dedicated (or knew that they had to be mopped to avoid being condemmed) so I finished mopping by hand. Dumb. My hand is killing me. Seeing the floor's original color, so over-rated.


While washing strawberries last night for an 'appetizer' before dinner (boys can never wait for dinner to be ready...they are always starving!), I was looking at and chatting with baby sis.

Cherub 3 came right up to me, patiently waiting for his strawberries and said, "Mom, concentrate!"

He obviously thought my chatting and looking away was making the process longer. Baby sis and I broke into giggles. Concentrate? Out of a 5 year old month?

Motto Added: Do Your Best. Period.

It feels like fall. The air is a little cooler, we have our back to school haircuts done, our school supplies purchased. Cherub 1 has been reading lots, packing her pencil case and talking about 3rd grade. Alot. She told me that she knows that school is getting closer.

I asked her if she was nervous about anything. I figured new grade, new school (ours closed-merging with another), new bus, new friends. She answered, "No, it is just that when I know school is closer, I can't get all my math out of my head!" She is stressing? At this age? She continued, "I am nervous about the tests they will give me." I assured her that they will not test her on anything she is not prepared for and she shouldn't worry at all. Do your best-that is it.

I don't think in the third grade I EVER worried about a test. What is this world doing to our kids? As a (new)teacher, I have seen first hand some students get all uptight over tests, MCAS, etc. I am determined that my own kids know that our motto is "Do your best." Period. No stress.

Bird Soup?

We have two pets now.

Haley- beloved family pet, 10 years old, cocker spaniel
Petey III- 4 month old parakeet, given by IL's to cherub 1

Bird Soup. Just kidding. OF COURSE I saved Petey III's life from the dog. Even though we have had Petey since May, Haley has never even noticed it, no matter how much it chirps (and it chirps). For the second time in a week, Haley was nose to cage sniffing with the hunting look in her eyes. After a (second)thought, I quickly moved the cage.

Don't worry...I am not that mean. Even though I am the ONLY ONE that cleans the groas cage and practically the only one that talks to and feeds the bird, I wouldn't never let it actually be a meal.

The Next Big Thing

Hubby declared, 'Let's do something BIG together!' I am instantly daydreaming of a trip. A kidless trip. He jolts me out of my trance by continuing, 'Let's run a road race together!' I feign excitement, 'Yeah, sure!' Sigh.

Vacation Comics

Here are just a few of the funnies from vacation...

Three Degrees- Pops was trying to help cherub 1 find her missing pocketbook at one point over the vacation. He told me he would look in my van. Before walking out the door he asked if it was locked. We determined that he drove it last so it must be. His response sums up the three degrees of us:
*If I (meaning him) drive it it is locked.
*If you drive it it is unlocked.
*If hubby drives it the keys would be in the car.

Nana wears a Cape. So she tells the cherubs over vacation. Super Nana-she can make kids obey their mommies. Despite all odds. Cherub's 1&3 looked at her with awe and respect. Cherub 2 giggled and said 'ooooooo' while waving his arms. Superhero or not, he is unfazed.

Potluck Surprise-each night while attempting to help with dinner (or cook dinner) I reheated various leftovers from the previous night's meal to add to the current menu. Tired mommy consistently left the reheated leftovers in the microwave. Never to be served. Each day Nana giggled wondering what treasure she would find in the microwave when she went to heat her coffee in the am.

We are all weird. While on vaca, cherub 2 heard a woman speaking French. He turned to me and asked, "Wadbadabawha? What does that mean?" Sometimes we forget that everything is new to them. I explained she was speaking French similar to Dora speaking Spanish. He said she sounded weird. I assured him that he sounded weird to her too.

Love from Mom?- One day, cherub 1 asked me for a hug. Now, she is recently showing rapid signs of growing up which seems to include less public affection. I thought oh, how sweet and replied (much too excitedly) sure! With an OVERSIZED grin she announced 'A Hug, the drink.' She then giggled at me! Once a year, only on vacation we buy these 'vacation' juices. They are loaded with sugar, hence the once a year. The brand name, Hugs. Duped.

Literally Speaking- Member those old fashioned vacuums, the ones that don't turn on. They simply 'sweep' the rug. Well, the beach house has one of these and the cherubs were obsessed. The first time cherub 2 tried to use it, Nana was trying to explain how it works. As he rolled it across the rug she asked, "See how you are picking it up?" Cherub 2 instantly picked up the actual roller and looked at it. She started giggling like I haven't heard her do in a while and clarified that IT was picking up the dirt.

Who Wins Most Rested?- The Green Monster. Everywhere you looked each day, cherub 3's very own Green Monster (build a bear) was napping. That is right. All tucked in and snoozing. Head on pillow, blankets covering himself. GM was better rested than mommy.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Packing Tidbits

Little tidbits before we leave from this mornings packing adventures...

Cherub 1: Mom, can I bring this to be fashionable? (holding up a jean vest from the GAP) My new found fashion queen.

Cherub 3: Mom, can I bring this bathingsuit (holding up a hand-me-down adorable Hawaiian print suit that is FAR TOO BIG FOR HIM). Me: No honey, that is too big for you. Cherub 3: Mom, I am not going to argue about it. I am bringing it. Talk about my words and tone of voice being thrown right back at me! I was too busy laughing to say no.

Cherub 2: Mom, I am in the middle of a (Nintendo DS) game! I can't pack yet! I am going to bring my star wars stuff. Like my ship and stuff. I guess that was his order of what I should be packing for him.

Seabrook N.H. here we come!

Happy Vacation! We are heading to the beach for a week! (I am fully anticipating blogging withdrawals!) Here is a picture of cherubs and friends C&N last year at Seabrook. (Are you coming to visit this year?) My we have grown!

MB :o)

The Best

Totally last minute and unplanned, RL friends, E & R came over today. 3 mums, 9 kids. We had a ball. Two of the kids being cherub 2's little buddies from school. After a week of rain, we all enjoyed being outside, chatting, swimming, relaxing.

Afterwards, I asked cherub 2 if he had fun with his friends. His response was, "They are the best!" So cute!

Sometimes the unplanned days are the best!

The Re-arrangers

That's me. I take after my dad. Constantly re-arranging furniture. Switching things up. It gives one the illusion that things are moving. Changing. Not boring. Hence the blog face lift. Needed a change. A little sompin sompin.

When someone talks about re-arranging it always reminds me of my dad. When I was in my late teens, early twenties, my dad's bad back caused him to sleep on the couch. So, the family room was his bedroom. His rule, when you came home, wake him up and let him know.

Every once in a while, after a good night of partying, I stumbled in and headed straight to the couch and whispered "Dad, Dad, I'm home." His flash light would go on from across the room where he was lying on the couch. I then would focus and notice that I had been talking to the once was couch- now re-arranged to be an empty chair.

The re-arranging didn't start with my Dad though. It is a generational thing. He said he used to come home and his dad would put the footstool mid-room. He would fall ass over tea kettle before even saying "Dad, I'm home". I guess I liked my dad's subtlety better.

Hope you like the new sompin sompin style. If not, hang tight. It'll be time to change again soon.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Put on your Hard Hat

The scale is getting a new look. Don't mind the back soon.

What is your parental Crutch??

Cherubs 2 & 3 spent the night in big boy underwear. Success!

Yes, nighttime goodnights (pullups) have been our crutch. They have selfishly saved us sleepless hours when the sleep was already slim to none around here.

In our defense, each time I tried to night train them, we changed a MINIMUM of three or four sets of sheets each night. Equate that to hours of uninterrupted sleep and you get the picture.

Here's the catch. None of my kids can actually make it through the night yet. Not even my 8 year old. We have to wake them right before we go to bed so they can go. Again. So I did this with the boys and walla, success.

So why does the fact that other people's kids make it through the night make me feel like a failure as a mom? Maybe it was the SHOCK that registered on my friends face last year when I admitted that the boys were still in pull ups at night. You would have thought I told them that I had just kissed the gardener and was leaving hubby.

So today, we start the day with a poptart celebration (these are rare in our house and a huge treat) for the boys and big hugs (and a silent thankyou from me) to them. They just saved us therapy bills. "My mom didn't train me until I was ten. She wanted her beauty sleep instead. That is why I had no sleepovers and no friends."

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Warning- R Rated (Private Part Talk)

Dear Yahoo,

I am trading you in for a clean box. My inbox that is.

Based on the looks of mine, I am pretty sure as an internet/email provider you don't know what spam is. I have decided that I am going to send you a letter at least 7 times a day asking you if you need to enlarge your male parts. That is right- penis enhancement. If I badger you that often will you be tempted?

No? Well guess what? Me neither. You can keep letting the emails come to me instead of sending them to my spam folder but no matter how many times they come I can't help you out. I DON'T HAVE A PENIS to enlarge! I am a girl. I can not be tempted.

In lieu of your inability to spam or not to spam, I am switching to gmail. I am dreaming of a clean inbox with no crap in it. (Clean of course until I buy something online and give one co my email. Then it will probably start all over again.) So, sorry I am ditching you. Not that you care b/c you don't get paid. You are free. Sometimes the best things in life are not free.

With Regards,
Clutter Free Box

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Sun Will Come out...

Two seconds after our playday with 8 kids ended.

I babysat my 3 nephews and W&K's 2 cherubs. Plus mine-totals 8 (I KNOW I am SO smart.)

We were very creative in the rain. We put on plays, painted, colored, and played games. Two seconds after they all left, sun.

Yes, the sun would have been helpful during the crazy day!

2 hrs, 2 min, a new record!

I started putting the cherubs down tonight at 7:30am. Since they had a sleepover here last night with their 3 cousins, played all day with cousins and W&K's cherub's (8 kids total), had swim lessons, head injuries, tantrums and fun...they should have been tired. Well 8:00 came, 8:30,9:00,9:30..and went. That's right at 9:32pm cherubs 2 & 3 FINALLY went to sleep. New record.

At one point hubby called and I tried to get him to talk to cherub 2 but he refused to tell him to go to bed. "What do you want me to do?" he asked. "I haven't talked to him in 2 days and the first thing you want me to say is go to bed?" UMMMM.

YES! That is exactly what I want you to say. Da.

Down Cape- Post Two

Since I didn't (want to) log on anymore during my vacation, here are some additional memories of our awesome week:

Boogie Bording with Pops (my dad)- I loved watching my dad enjoy the waves with the cherubs. It meant so much to see him overcome his medical issues of the past two years and enjoy himself!

40 Years and Strong- Went out to dinner to celebrate inlaws 40th wedding anniversary! It was so nice for MIL, FIL, SIL, BIL, Hubby and I to go out as 'adults' and enjoy (uninterrupted) adult conversations all together. It was lots of fun when MIL & FIL brought us down memory lane of their dating and engagement memories.

6-pack reunion- RLF's, G&T, visited all of us down the Cape. Many (many) moons ago we used to be together every weekend partaking in many drinks, laughs and whatnots. Now G&T live there, W&K live over there and hubby & I live here. You get it. So, the '6-pack' meets again. Fun to laugh together, get updated on our lives and let the kids play.

Living on the island- The beach we lived at for a week had many sand bars for the kids. It was awsome! For an hour and a half one afternoon cherub 1 and G&T's cherub 1 collected seashells on an 'island' by themselves. They loved it! Some of the other cherubs eventually joined them but they were so cute!

Hole in One- Mini golf is fun. Especially when everyone gets a hole in one. I almost died when cherub 3 dropped his pants on the side of the golf course and pee'd.

Helping the Economy- mom and I helped the economy one night. That's right, we helped the local economy on the Cape when we shopped at Life is Good, Black Dog and local stores. The shopping was good on the Cape! Nana bought cherub 1 the cutest pink Black Dog beach hat. So adorable.

Girlness- Speaking of shopping. Cherub 1 finally has hit girl status. That is right. I was somewhat worried b/c she has never showed ANY signs of girlness. Could care less if she was properly groomed, didn't shop, etc. Well now she want makeup (NOT), shopping and sometimes even combs her hair without asking. Girlness.

Collecting Jellies- I never thought I would hear the words "Hey mom, look at all the jellies (jelly fish) I caught!" Wha? One afternoon the water was loaded with jellies and sure enough, the cherubs thought it was awesome to catch them in buckets with their shovels. Ummm, ok. Be careful not to get stung!

Pooped out Kids- Bike rides and catching the waves poops out the cherubs. They slept like logs.

New Diet- beer, cookouts, cocktails, beach treats. On my detox from one week of the new diet. Need old diet back. :o)

More memories later...need sleep.


Down Cape we basked in a week of daddyness. That is right. One full week of daddy time. No work. No TX. All family. All fun.

Now we are trudging through daddyless. All work. All TX. Less fun.

Here are a few minor differences that a daddyless day brought here on the scale:

1) Cherub 2 decided he wasn't going to share, take swim lessons or go to bed when asked. Period. We'll call him the rulebreaker.

2) Cherub 3 misses his get-up-and-go buddy. That's right. Cherub 3 and Daddy have the same neverendinggetupandgo energy. We'll call him the energizer.

3) Cherub 1 can wear me down with her argue-every-point in true lawyer style everytime she argues her 'case' over what seems like every little thing. Yup, you guessed it. We'll call her the lawyer.

4) Me? Well, after being daddyless for a couple of days (and a couple more to go) I am tired of being the rulemaker, the get-up-and-go-partner and I have officially lost at least half of the court cases.

Splash and Crash

Today, right after swimming lessons, cherub 1 was swimming under water peacefully from deep end to shallow end. Cherub 3 did the mother of all cannonballs and landed with a HUGE splash. On cherub 1's head.

Motrin, rest and one visit to the doctor later she is suffering from minor whiplash symptoms. Thankfully will be fine.

Just for the record, I was standing at the edge of the pool not even ONE FOOT away from the accident. Couldn't have been closer.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Honest Engine

RLF, Mrs. Dimples asked cherub 2, "Do you sit in the front of the bus with the good kids or the back of the bus with the bad kids?"

Cherub 2 whispered back with a glint in his eye, "The back of the bus."

At least he's honest. :o)