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Friday, August 29, 2008

Finding the pep to put in my step.

So far on the eve of our 11th anniv, the day has been, well, just eh.

A Rocky Start
We had a whopper before breakfast. Not the sandwich, a WHOPPER of a fight between hubby & I. He thinks the house is a mess and I don't act happy to be a homemaker or a mom. Ouch. Their ain't no anti-sting medication that will work for that bite. So I told him off (yup, mature-but come on those were fightin words) and I proceeded to leave with kids in tow to D&D to cool off and get some donuts and coffee. (The kids thought that was awesome and spontaneous of course. I'll take brownie points where I can get them.) Now, before you hate him too much, I don't embrace being a homemaker. (I do however, embrace being a mom so that is why I told him to stick it.) I am moody and roll my eyes and complain about laundry all the time.

The battles I lose-
Let's face it, unless you love housework, picking up after everyone, doing laundry and organizing piles of crap all the time, being a homemaker isn't the apron wearin', garden weedin', food makin, dish washin, simple to scrub tubbin, life it is made out to be. It is boring, annoying (picking up after people) and monotonous. I am talking about homemaking-not being a mom. Let's be clear. (Momhood is never boring-and I do love it.) I have never been the 'wow, I found the perfect cleaning agent' or 'wow, sheet day is so exciting' type of girl. At best, I try to keep up. I try not to let things get (too) out of control, too dirty, or let the laundry pile get too high. But lets face it. I lose those battles alot. Sigh.

He was right (darn)-
To prove hubby right (I hate when that happens), I have been tearing apart our very (dis)organized home to find a missing soccer shinguard that is my nephews. He of course needs it this weekend. We of course lost it. My house is like the black hole all the time. Things just get swallowed up, never to be seen again. Looks like I'll be buying them new guards. Sigh. Needless to say, I have spent the day putting my house back in order to please hubby (who I know is right).

Step in the right direction-
I am trying to put the pride back in my work. Trying to put the pep back to my step. Believe it or not, once upon a time ago, before 3 kids, I had a VERY clean, organized home. Sigh again.

Questioning myself (again)-
So hubby & I have somewhat made up (stayed clear of each other) and he apologized for the mom comment. It doesn't make me a bad person to love being a mom, and only like taking care of my home. Right?

Off to cook dinner. With a smile on my face and some pep to my step. Should I throw on an apron just for show? :o)

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