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Our life is full of wonderful, chaotic, blessed, hysterical, insane, magical, sad, scary, sweet, mind boggling, moments. While balancing life with 3 cherubs, parents, sisters, BIL, In-laws, 1 teaching career, and many good friends; I find that our life is moving far toooo fast. It is important to cherish and record the moments as we consistently try to balance our scale (God forbid I make a photo album)! MB

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The FurSulMurphsAgers 12/12/09

In harmony, four families combine to share some updates, giggles and good times before the holidays engulf us! Here are some fun pictures of our BIG Xmas party, hosted this year in our home. Presenting the FurSulMurphsAgers!

**Please note** "Small" pictures were downloaded from FB page. Can't seem to fix size. Will try later!

This year's winner of the "candy jar"!

That face is priceless!


Everyone is posed!


Just the girls!

They look so innocent! Say cheese!

Singing Xmas Carols as Cousins cherub dazzles us!

Hubby (before he turned into Minnie Mouse) & Cherub 1

Hubby (as Minnie Mouse) in a parade with kids!

Uncle B!

Me & Cherub 1

Cousin's Babygirl...also dazzling us!

Pops & Eldest Nephew

BIL & Cousin, dodging a phote (stinky boys!)...

BabySis & Cousin!

Cousins! Say Cheese!!

Aunt N, me, BigSis! Say Cheese!

Nana & Sis!

Boys, boys, boys...and that is only some of them!

BabySis dishes with the young girls!

Don't forget your purse!

Cherish the SISTAS

Some we are born with, some are chosen
In a heartbeat, we are there for each other
Stories, advice, honesty, giggles, gossip
Together we celebrate the holidays
And cherish time together
Simply priceless

Love my SISTAS!
12/6/09 Christmas Dinner in North End!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Building back up the Pieces

This is the snowman that cherub 2 built.

This is the hockey rink that hubby built~ right where the snowman was. (Look closely, you can see the snowman remains.)

These are the pieces of cherub 2 that mommy had to put back together. (Sigh.)

Me: What's wrong????
Cherub 2: (In between sobs.) I am SO mad at Daddy! He took down my snowman to build the rink! I worked SO HARD ON IT! (Mind you, he is the one that will use the rink the most.)

All Wrapped Up

Cherub 2 purchased our dog a Christmas gift at his school holiday shop. He asked hubby where the wrapping paper bin was. Mindlessly, hubby told him and continued what he was doing. Next thing you know, cherub 2 came up the basement stairs carrying this HUGE bin! He wrapped the doggy bones all by himself and labeled it:

To: Haley
Love: Cherub 2

The best part was when hubby told him to put it in Haley's stocking and cherub 2 replied, "I can't! Santa's gonna fill it!"

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Democratic Decision

The cherubs shopped at their school holiday store. On the way home in the car cherub 2 announced that they "voted and decided to give each other their presents right now". I asked if they wanted to at least wrap them and cherub 2 told me that they weren't going to because it was just "a waste of time anyway" (takes time away from getting the gift right away). I love that they live have created their onw democracy (and that they are so excited and can't wait)!

Where's Cherubs?

It's like where's Waldo? Where's Cherubs? You can barely make them out in the snowstorm as they walk to the bus stop with Daddy.

(Cherub 3 too fast to be caught on film!)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Husky Angry Guy

Yesterday, I ruined someone's day.

Yes, I know I should feel bad.

On the way to work I stopped at the local gas station to buy a diet sunkist. Of course their was only one teenee, tiny little parking spot. So, I did what any commuter would do. I squeezed my big but minivan into the spot, got out of my car sideways, and ran in for my soda. I was only going to be in there a minute anyway.

While waiting in line, some guy BURST into the door and screamed in a husky growl, "WHO'S GOT A BLUE VANNNNNN?". Startled, I answered quietly, "me". He then growled, "WOULD YOU MIND MOVING IT SO I CAN GET IN MY CAR?" With a smile I answered, "sure". (He was kind of raging and I did check to make sure he wasn't armed to go poastal on me.)

I put my stuff down, walked out, squeezed into my van, moved it as he STOMPED TO HIS CAR, SLAMMED HIS DOOR AND DROVE AWAY AT 100 MILES PER HOUR.

I couldn't help it, it was funny.

What I can't figure out is why he didn't just squeeze by and slam his car door into mine like any other self-respecting MA commuter would have? Why be mad? Why make a scene? Many a time I have gotten into my car via passenger seat because someone parked to close (I didn't slam their door). Inconvenienced? Sure. But seriously people, take a breath. It was a convenience store, clearly I would've been out in under 2 minutes anyway.

Back in the line everyone was laughing and commenting, "somebody needs his coffee", "someone's ragin' on a Monday". I feel bad for his co-workers because they were sure to get an earful that morning.

So, sorry I ruined your day, husky, angry guy but next time...just breathe.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Parent's Penance

(Disclaimer: The below is sarcasm at it's best.)

I decided this morning that going to church has become my penance for all my sins. I remember the day when I used to go to church, my place of peace, beautiful music, serenity and prayer. I used to have the time to listen, learn and try to be a better person. It is way different now.

My penance looks something like this:
Wake up. Corral 3 children to shower, eat and get out the door, with appropriate clothes, on time to make it to mass. (Today, cherub 1 came down with a summer dress and open toe high healed shoes on. Ummm, turnaround and go put leggings and boots on. It is snowing!) This change is the point where we run late for mass.

Whisper on the way in to be quiet, because we are a tad late.

Pick up worksheets on the way into mass. My children are "required" to fill out these worksheet during each mass to "help them learn about the mass and the church seasons. In essence, it is to prove they were there. Who is kidding who?

I find myself whispering things throughout the mass like: feet down, stop banging, hands off your sister, what? you have to go to the bathroom again?, yes-it is almost over, don't scribble on your worksheet, don't grunt at me, etc, etc, etc.

We continue to annoy the elderly people sitting near us as I whisper throughout the mass helping them with their worksheet, since it has words like 'sanctuary' on it. In the end, I do not hear the true message of mass today because I am too busy assisting my kids.

After mass, take 1 of 3 children downstairs to ccd. Leave for 1 hr. Come back to pick child up. Corral cherub 2 because he has decided to LAY DOWN ON THE FLOOR OF CHURCH, GRAB CHERUB 1'S LEGS AND SCREAM THAT HE IS GOING TO TAKE HER DOWN. In the end, I pick him up (by his jacket sleeve), point my finger and say sternly, "Cherub 2! Stop it! You are in church!" He looks at me like, "What did I do?"

In the end, I looked crazy.

In the end, my kids look out of control.

In the end, I feel the need to cry.

So as a true sinner would, I will pay the piper, do my penance next week at 9am mass. Who needs to go to the confession booth?. The priest should simply 'absolve' me (for all my bad thoughts throughout my mass experience) on the way out of mass each time in hopes that I will come back next week.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not a Couple of Misfits!

Watching Rudolph, being Rudolph! Treasure these times!

Fancy Pants

Scene: Cherub 2 getting ready for school, putting on cackies.

Cherub 2: Mom, I am not "going to picture day" why do I have to be fancy?
Me: Honey, those are the only pants clean, please put them on.

Fancy? Cackies? I remember having like 2 pairs of levi chords, 1 ALWAYS had to be blue, hating them and STILL never complaining.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009



It is not usually a word that I would use to describe hubby. He is an amazing hubby and father, full of life, hysterical, handsome, hardworking, creative, always right (ha, ha), but saintly? However, he recently has change my least for now.

Last Friday, we went to my high school reunion. As one can attest to, if it isn't your reunion it can be boring. Not having those connections, being introduced 4,000 times, not understanding the old stories. Having said that, hubby was amazing! He was his usual self, meeting people, making the best of where he was (even if he was bored). Here is the proof for his new definition:

*He was the drink fairy. Where ever we were, hubby kept "delivering" drinks. We would be off in the opposite corner of the party talking with an old friend and a beer/glass of wine would appear in our hands. The next day, RLF, H said "how is it that I never spent a dollar but had a drink in my hand all night?" Ironic b/c my money had disappeared from my wallet. (I vaguely remember him taking it all when we first got there.)

*At any given moment he could be seen carrying around H's shoes. He was afraid she would leave them there. Where is the picture of him holding her strappy little sandals?

*First trip home~ At the end of the night, we all decided to go to the local bar. Hubby left to relieve our sitter. He was five minutes around the corner when I texted him to come back (b/c I changed my mind and wanted to go home with him). He got back to the hotel as I said "oops".

*Second trip home~ He graciously said no problem when he heard oops (hey, it took him five minutes to get there...they convinced me to stay again) and left when we told him we decided to stay. He got all the way home to the driveway when I called him and said "oops".

*Third trip home~ He laughed (on the outside) as we rehashed our conversation "honey, we got to the bar and it was closing!". He came back AGAIN to pick up all of us 'over-imbibed' individuals.

So Mr. Shoe carrying, Mr. Socializer, Mr. Gentlemen, Mr. Keep-your-sense of is a consensus.

You are saintly!