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Our life is full of wonderful, chaotic, blessed, hysterical, insane, magical, sad, scary, sweet, mind boggling, moments. While balancing life with 3 cherubs, parents, sisters, BIL, In-laws, 1 teaching career, and many good friends; I find that our life is moving far toooo fast. It is important to cherish and record the moments as we consistently try to balance our scale (God forbid I make a photo album)! MB

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Red Alert!

H: Honey, are you alright? (Genuinely asking to make sure I wasn't 'sad' or something.)
Me: I still don't feel good (this is true).
H: The house is a mess. You haven't done anything since we've been home. (This time he can say this b/c he has been on the go...really. Just watching him go has actually tired me out.)

The house is at that red alert stage. You know the one. "Red Alert! Red Alert! Someone is going to stop by...HIDE EVERYTHING IN THE CLOSETS!"

Seriously. If someone stopped by right now, I would just about die. It is that messy. Laundry everywhere. Toys everywhere. Our work ( stuff everywhere. Sigh.

Call in the troops. We need backup.

Being Sick as a Dog has its Effects...

You know it's bad if you forget girls night!

Hubby and I have been notsohealthy all week. Him with bronchitis and me with a throat, ear, cough thing that sounds just like his on a smaller scale, we skidded through the week literally feeling the TGIF last night (without the cocktail).

Last night was supposed to be the night that I met my girls for opening night of Sex in the City. IS as important as opening day at Fenway-at least to me. I was watching tv on Thursday night, while I prepared for my interview, and I heard an ad for it. Wha?? Tomorrow I thought, how could I have forgotten? Gee I wonder how? It is no wonder mom's can remember to pee we have so much to think about. Girls night though? I usually don't have a problem remembering that!

We will pick a new date. So why am I so sad about it? Maybe cause I still feel like heck! I look forward to when the movie "Carries" me into hysterics. Even if the day it happens is delayed!

Thursday, May 29, 2008



Or lack there of. We officially have no more toddlers. Cherub 3, our baby, turned five tonight. The big five. I am not sure if I should celebrate or cry. It seems like yesterday my little rocket man was being born. We called him rocket man b/c unlike the first two he was born at lightspeed. The doctor almost dropped him as he arrived into the world. He literally hasn't stopped since. Happy Bday rocket man. We love ya! PS- will post cute pictures soon. Too pooped tonight.

Dressing Rooms
Here is a question for you. Why on earth all the rules? Why can we only take 8 items into the dressing room at Marshalls. Would it have hurt hurt somebody if I brought my two extra skirts in to try on? Seriously, it is so annoying. Get number. Undress. Try on. Doesn't fit. Get dressed. Run out. Grab new stuff. Get number. Undress. Try on. Doesn't fit. Get dressed. Run out. etc. It is so d.u.m.b.

Dress to Impress
Who are we kidding? Got interview? Get suit. Done interview. Real clothes. Who are we really trying to impress here? If I wore my favorite fun skirt and nice sweater would it make me less of a teacher? Nope. Suit ready. Off to impress.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Need to Shop? Hmmm...what to buy?

I asked cherub 3 what he wants for his bday tomorrow.

Cherub 3: "I want a football helmet, a football shirt, football pants, football pads and the thing that covers my weiner. It's white."

Stifling MAJOR Laugh.

Me: "A cup? It protects you."

Cherub 3: "Yeah, a cup. That's it! That is what I want for my birthday."

My little sports nut. Love you! Can't believe you are turning 5.

Hope your wishes come true...

Happy Birthday Hubby!
Go pick out that club....swing!

PS- Too bad we are both REALLY sick...hope you (we)feel better!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You are Mean!

So I hear.

Cherub 1 will seriously NOT eat healthy. She won't eat normal food anymore. Things like chicken, veggies, fruit. You name it. If it is not in her modified version of the food triangle (chicken fingers, fries, desserts, breads, juice) then interested, notsomuch.

Tonight, I gave her a nice healthy dinner. Chicken, corn on the cob (actually off b/c of braces), and fresh strawberries.

Arms crossed. Making faces. Grunting. Comments. More faces. Not eating.

I told her that she needed to eat her healthy dinner or we wouldn't be going to softball and she would spend the time in her room. Clear consequences-per Dr. Phil. I set a timer to let her know how much time she had left to accomplish her new goal and gave her sufficient updates (4 minutes left, 2). Nothing.

Timer went off. Said without a yell, "go to your room". No softball. Just room.
I am mean.
Oh, so mean.

Monday, May 26, 2008


As Dori (from Finding Nemo) would pronounce escape~! That is what we did Sat night. We have been straight out every week and weekend for many, many weeks. We took off for the beach Sat afternoon. Had an awesome and entertaining seafood dinner and played wiffleball on the beach. The perfect day!!

Cherub 3 becoming attached to yet another lobsta. Member the last one? Check out his last lobsta old 12/07 link called "lobster and licks".

Cherub 1, cherub 2 and I at suppa giggling b/c cherub 3 is becoming quite attached to his lobsta. (Well can't quite see cherub 2's giggle...)

Hubby diving to 'get him out' during the game. I think he ate a little sand on this one!! SAFE!

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Phone Options

Welcome to Walgreen's pharmacy. If you would like to speak with the pharmacist press 1. For more drugs press 2, to speak with a therapist press 3.

Poor cherub. Pressed 2 twice this week. He is on fivemedications for allergies, breathing issues and strep. Mommy needs to press 3 b/c cherub 2 is sick, (grumpy) hubby is sick and she is sick herself.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A House Built for Two

Ok, who watched Grey's? Who does that? Who builds a house out of candles? How amazing! It was like a proposal without the proposal. I feel complete. I love the writer's of Grey's. At least I don't have to go through the summer, wondering.

Life is good. Everything makes sense. It's love.

Zip it. I know, I need a life.


How is your king size bed hubby? Room service? Big fat steak? That's right, short of a massage while he is traveling, hubby lives the life. Oh, hubby, you were wondering? My morning rushed with the kids, barely making it to work on time, forgot to have breakfast myself. Work day great. Per usual, so busy, I forgot to pee. Home, pick up dog puke, homework, dinner (no time to prepare, ordered pizza), off to softball practice in the rain.

Saving grace tonight? The moments.

Peace brought to you by a portable dvd player for boys during softball in the rain.
Doing puzzles with the boys right before bed.
Singing to cherub 1.
Listening to cherub 2 read to me!
Grey's Anatomy.

Steak, smake. King size moments trump king size bed.

Are you a yeller?

As a teacher, I can't stand it when I hear another teacher yell at students. It is so nineteen seventies. There is NO reason to yell in the classroom.

Every once in a while I yell at my own (god-given, the one's I gave birth to) kids at home and I feel TREMENDOUSLY guilty. Why would a teacher think it is ok to yell at someone else's kids?

True Harmony

Cherub's 1 & 2 practicing their song for an upcoming school concert, "God Bless America". Together. Sounding adorable. Not fighting.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Drum Roll Please...

If it didn't clinch it for you when he sang with ZZ Top tonight, you are missing the boat! The coolest American Idol ever, David Cook rocks! Seriously!

Who's the Boss?

Cherub 2: Hey mom, do you know who the boss of everyone in the whole world is?
Me: No, who?
Cherub 2: Santa Clause!
Me: Yeah, you're probably right buddy!

Those who give toys are those who make the rules. Ho,ho,ho.

Where did the years go Wednesday?

Cherub 3 sings Joy to the World at his preschool's graduation and concert! He is our joy!

Two Down.. Tuesday

Hopefully no more to go. My turn to be sick.

Man Down Monday

Hubby sick.

Sacred Sunday

First Communion
Cherub 1...our angel on earth.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

What's the Damage?

Did you know that a woman can do a significant amount of damage in an insignificant amount of time? I am talking shopping my friends. I know I have mentioned my really pretty bathroom before, right?. Reminder, olivey green walls on top, 1x1 cotton candy pink tiles on the bottom of the walls, on the floor and in the shower! Ahhh, it is all coming back to you. The pain.

So, at 9:52pm tonight I skidded into Kohl's door in search of a new shower curtain. I am a seashell girl to the core but the seashell shower curtain we have is downrightugly. I figure out the store is closing at 10:00pm so in EIGHT minutes here is what I purchased:

1) olivey green shower curtain
2) stainless toothbrush holder
3) stainless wastebasket
4) olivey green bathroom rugs
5) cute little white sweater (for me)

In exactly 8 minutes, I got everything I needed plus a cute sweater and spent $95. Ouch. Imagine if they had been open for a half an hour! So...bathroom is still downrightugly but slightly updated verson of it. :o)

50's Throwback- Like it or Not?

Ever wonder why when you get ready for a party (or just live) it is the man's job to mow the lawn, clean the garage and literally be outside?

It is the woman's job to de-clutter the house, clean the house (or hire the cleaning lady), shop for everything, pack for everything, cook everything, nag hubby for help to come in to fix things (ie. bathroom sink). No vitamin D for you!

Of course there are times I choose the throwback. For instance on trash day, I firmly believe it is his job to drag the trash to the curb. Another instance, if I find a dead rodent (mouse). His job.

Yup, hypocrite. That's me.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Clapper

While my principal was officially observing me today for the first time, Hubby got "the call" to pick cherub 2 up at daycare bc he was 'sick'. It is actually his allergies. They are soooo bad that he was hysterical. So we all know where this is going, right?

I received the "there is no way you can work next year" lecture. Hubby is starting to remind me of the clapper for lamps. Member it from the 80's?

CLAP ONWhen the scale tips (he is affected), it is like pressing a button and out pops "there is no way you can work next year, the house is a mess, we don't take care of our kids, wamp, wamp, wamp".

CLAP OFFWhen things are going well (and nothing affects him) then he wants me to get a teaching job next year-and get paid.

Personally, I prefer clap off.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Got Sleep?

Ok, who does really weird things when they are tired? For instance:

Today I unwrapped a Hershey's Kiss and put the little white tag thing in my mouth instead of the candy. Not so yummy.

I tried to wash my hands and squirted the lotion in lieu of soap into my hand. Not so clean.

Hubby tried to fold the dirty laundry. Not so fresh smelling.

Past three nights, cherub 2 has been crying on and off (mostly on) from 9:30pm-1:00am. Dreams? Excema? Allergies? Combination? I snapped at hubby for not taking a turn to relieve him. Not so kind.

So, maybe we need some sleep?

Enough About Me

Inspired by cherub 1's top ten reasons, here are mine for mother's day...

The Top Ten Reasons I Love My Mom:

10.She fights against odds each day despite her physical pain.
9. She trusts in God's wisdom, without proof that it exists.
8. She loves me, sis's, hubby's, grandbabies, dad unconditionally.
7. She makes me laugh on our adventures and when she tells her (long, Irish) stories.
6. She comforts me when I am sad, guides me when I am lost.
5. She believes in second chances (even if she has held a grudge or two herself).
4. She listens.
3. She taught me to xoxoxo those that we love.
2. She taught me very important things; where to shop, how to bake bestever muffins, how to build 'a collection', how to get to the beach, make food for those in need, respect your elders, use your manners, chew with your mouth closed, follow the commandments, what faith is.

And...the number one reason I love my mom...

1. She is 'Gentle Mother' just like in her favorite church hymn.

Thanks for the wonderful day yesterday! Happy Mother's Day (again) Mom!

Pick Me...Here's why...

It's official. My first resume with (dreaded-takes forever to write) coverletter for next year's teaching positions has been submitted.

So, despite scary, busy lifestyle adjustment, hubby and I decided, off to the races.

Don't regret. Don't second-guess. Celebrate decision to apply! Ok, no popping champagne yet, it's not like I got a job.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Nap in a Snap

I used to totally rag on (a.k.a. "make fun of" for all you youngins) hubby b/c every time he attempted to put cherub's 2 & 3 to bed at night he would fall into a deep coma in on of their beds. His mid-evening naps became a little family joke. My dad and FIL always laugh b/c on weekends he would fall asleep and miss our little late night happy hours or the first round of card games.

Well recently, it's all about my mid-evening naps. I put them down tonight and I am pretty sure I never got through the four songs we sing to them. (I know...4 songs...they are so spoiled! How can you not? They are so young for so short a time frame.) Snap back to my thoughts.

Tonight, nap. Big time. It must be their room. So dark, cozy, warm. Perfect for napville. I woke up at 8:55pm at the bottom of cherub 3's bed. Bummer...I have stuff to do! Off to walmart to buy resume envelopes and supplies for my field trip tomorrow. Ahhhh, 10:40pm. Time to start working. First of course, I have to find out who my British Bachelor has chosen...yeah! Shane!

Good thing I had a nap.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Cherub 1 gave me a present from school. Here are the parts I needed to share...

Drops were falling when I read:

If you had to give five words to describe your mom, what would they be?
generous, thoughtful, young at heart, hard working, sweet

The Top Ten Reasons I love my mom:
10. She takes great care of me.
9. She is generous.
8. She is really thoughtful.
7. She is kind to me.
6. She makes me laugh.
5. She makes great food.
4. She does my chores for me when I'm sick.
3. She buys me clothes.
2. She cheers me up.
And now-the number 1 item is...
1. She is someone who cares about me.

What mom looks like:
blond hair, blue eyes, straight hair, she looks YOUNG
(Thankfully, someone still thinks I look young!)

Cherub's 2 & 3 were so excited they gave me their presents from school yesterday! That is so cute to me...they just couldnt' wait! Loved the handprint cards and pictures!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

My cup runneth over...

Happy Mother's Day to all my RLer's and those out in blogland!

Don't Spit

MIL put cherub 1 to bed tonight. When MIL asked cherub 1 to go potty before bed she said cherub 1 gave her a look like "she had asked her to spit nickels". Wha? Hubby fell over laughing asking, "where did you get that saying?" MIL hit the nickel on the head though, oooo, she can give the looks!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hobbling in my Heels

Last night I went out with my Lesley girls. Coming off of a 6 year old boy's birthday party with a bunch of really loud kindergardeners, I was very excited to dress up in my grown-up, clicking heels, giggle with good friends, and go out for dinner (actually, wine) with friends who speak using their 'inside voices'.

We laughed pretty much all night long, sharing stories from our first year teaching jobs and crazy lives. Quartino after quartino, we started planning our girls night away. M&I were shocked to find out that our fellow friends had never been away for a girls night! We are going to initiate them into the world that is kidless, responsibility free and quartino filled-for at least for a day! M&I have one fear, we may scare them on our night away! Then we agreed, if C goes away...she'll beat us.

The night ends, basically because the restaurant was closing, and I was a little hobbly on those heels.

Coffee For Dummies (the new book)

Hubby was tired this morning.

FIL: Hey, your counters all wet. it's a mess.
Hubby: Wha? It can't be. (Checks it.)

Trying to make a cup of coffee on his beloved keurig, he put the mug on the 'shelf' upside-down. That is right upside-down. For Father's Day I will buy him the Coffee for Dummies book.

Hubby: Just don't tell anyone, ok? (We'll only tell people out in blogland.)

Tired much?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Water Works

Drip, drip, drip. It's like water works over here.

I know there is nothing anything wrong with me except possible monthly surges of hormones. There's happy drops, sad drops, sympathy drops, empathy drops, tired drops, frustrated drops, should I continue?

Cried when I bought my Mother's Day cards, cried when I received one from rlf, K (love the card-after I laughed hysterically, I cried b/c she is such a good friend!). Yup, mess.

Cried for cherub 2 is is feeling like a stuffed balloon due to allergies. Just gave him claritin.

Cried when cherub 1 gave me a huge hug and told me she loved me (she is usually giving me 'the look' instead of a hug).

Cried when I was giving cherub 3 a bath. He looked so innocent!

Cried on commercials, cried during Grey's (like 3 times!), cried doing laundry?

Cried when hubby called to say he was on the way home.

Get it? Drip, drip, drip.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What did I do you might ask?

Cleaning up after breakfast, a surprise visitor stopped by, a MOUSE. Apparently staying at the Hyatt located in my kitchen waste basket! What did I do you might ask, what any self-respecting woman would do:
2)take the wastebasket outside to the deck
3)dump the contents overboard, that's right, trash and all
Hubby was a little horrified about the trash part but HELLO what else could I do?

In the middle of a math lesson, my overhead projector wouldn't turn on. Strange. I never usually have a problem. I unplug the plug, jiggle it, plug it back in. Hit the red button. FLAMES! That is right. The cord sparks and a flame bursts. What did I do you might ask, what any self-respecting teacher would do:
1)Hold in my scream
2)Keep the kids safe and calm
3)Blow out the flame
4)Call the appropriate people
Since the flames went right out, the biggest concern became the smoke. I opened all my windows and the students out of the area. We were cleared to stay. Smoke only lasted for a minute or so.

I arrive home after baby sis's pinning (wonderful, religious ceremony where graduating nurses receive their nurses pin and say the nurses pledge), and cherub 2 is AWAKE? What did I do you might ask, what any self-respecting mom would do:
1)Give small lecture on why he needs to go to bed for the sitter
2)Give huge hugs and kisses and tuck him in
3)Pass out from exhaustion

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random Babbles

I was feeding my friends baby at school today when she came for a visit. He was drinking his bottle while happily babbling to me with his gooos and gaaas. (Yes, I got the babybug ever so briefly. Did you expect anything less?) While I was feeding him, my THIRD grade students chanted 'chug,chug,chug,chug,chug,chug...'. Hello????? Where did they learn that???? I don't think a baby knows how to chug. Let's save that for when he is 21 (or 16).

Cherub 2:
The most ticklish kid in the world. I couldn't get enough of his giggles tonight.

Heading towards a world record, he can officially say 'mom,mom,mom' 7,000 times a night. Hey, mom,mom,mom. If I don't answer in a millisecond- Hey, mom,mom,mom.

Everything is 100. There are 100 ways to shoot a basket, 100 snacks, he has 100 friends, did you know I can count to 100, etc. Hey, mom,mom,mom, guess how many (blank) there are? 100!

Totally OCD. This past weekend FIL, MIL, hubby & I chatted about how his OCDness rivals SIL's. This lends nicely into the discussion that he is a neat eater. He rarely gets his hands dirty when he eats and practically never his face either. It is bazzare. Next to his sister, who at the age of 8 doesn't seem to care so much about chewing with her mouth closed (blech)and her food is generally oozing down her face, he is Mr. Clean. After laughing about his 'neatness', Hubby exclaims he is so neat when I go in to help him wipe, there is nothing there! He even poops neatly.

Jason- Bob Marley's "I shot the sheriff"? I think the sheriff (Simon) shot him! The best thing about this performance were the back up singers!

Paula was doing well tonight. Hubby & I have been worried about her. Some nights she sounds like she is on the sauce. She can't even put a sentence together. Tonight, right on.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Leaning on the crutch...

Ok. After dinner, the cherubs & I went grocery shopping. Yup, it is like asking for trouble, three tired kids on a Monday nt to the store. We made it through with some bribes (like poptarts and icecream sandwiches). Hey, don't judge till you've been there.

By the time I made it through the store I had loaded the cart up with EVERYTHING that I don't eat anymore as well. That is right. All the bad-for-me snacks (goodnplenty, york peppermint patties). I am contemplating throwing it all out now.

On the other hand, hubby is out of state, ditching me with the cherubs. Whoa is me. Maybe I will wait one day to see if there is a need for them.

Let's Talk Potty

1980's potties that is. Seriously, I have a fashion dilemma! I have the worlds uuugliest bathroom. Cotton candy pink tiles, size 1x1 cover the walls, floors and shower, with a splash of mint green ones. Don't worry though b/c my pink tiles match my PINK potty. What should have been taupe walls actually turned out to be a really ugly army green. A sea shell shower curtain (that is ugly) got added to the mix b/c that is all I could find to match it. Help.

We have other (all consuming) house projects going on, per usual, so we can't redo the bathroom yet. What can I do to fix it? I can't change the UGLY tiles so we have to work with it.

Please, send me a comment with your suggestions.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wind Up, Wind Down.

Ahhh, bath time. Peace, tranquility, bubbles, quiet time, winding down. NOT.

Why are my cherub's 2 & 3 INSANE? I literally almost left the bathroom in tears. Their volume goes from 0 to 60 in split two seconds as soon as the tub is filled with bubbles. Officially, I think there is more water on the floor from their splashing then in the tub at one point. Feeling totally out of control, I made them get out.

Now who needs to wind down?

Our Crush

All dolled up to 'hip hop' in her recital. Dancing to Justin Timberlake's song, Crush. Didn't miss a beat! Thank you Nana, Big Sis and SIL for going to watch. (It meant the world to us!)

(My SKITTLES friends would be so impressed that I even know that song, huh girls?)

Cherub 1 with Big Sis and SIL...

Cherub 1 with Nana...

Word Swap

Ever have one of those hilarious moments when you just mix up a word in your head and it is just too funny?

Driving home from cherub 1's dance recital yesterday, Nana (me Irish mom), SIL, cherub 1 and I are all re-hashing the tragedy of Brooke getting kicked off of Idol last week (I know serious world peace discussion-NOT).

We all agreed that Jason should have been gonedaddygone (sorry Jason lovers). His singing can best be described as boring.

Nana thinks that him and his dradles should go back home. Wha? "You know" she says, "his hair, his dradles."

SIL and I burst into laughter, you mean dreadlocks! "No!" She argues, "they are called dradles."

We eduacated Nana about dradles being an important Jewish tradition and symbol. Dreadlocks, dradles. So close!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Growing Pains for Mom

We just went to movie night at the cherub's school. I am so used to always having someone melt down, throw a fit, act up etc. I guess I don't know what to do with myself now. We just made it through a WHOLE night and had fun. In a public place.

No melt downs. No craziness. No insanity.

They are growing up.
Just what I was waiting for.
So why am I ready to cry.
Where did my babies go?

Literally Speaking

A co-worker of mine told me a cute story about his 4 yr old son:

His cherub: Hey Dad, I have a secret for you.
Dad: Buddy, we don't keep secrets in this house.
His cherub: Oh (pause), well where can I keep it?

List Poems

So, in the spirit of my students who have been studying poetry, writing poetry and participating in poetry shares, I will share one of their favorite types of poems with you. They love list poems. This is when an author writes a poem that makes a list of something. Their favorite titles were 'Things to say to get a cookie', 'things to say to skip your homework' and 'things to say to stay up late'. These poems are actually hilarious.

So here is my list poem.

Things to say when it is FINALLY Friday!
-White or Red?
-Were we able to get a babysitter?
-Can you say takeout.
-I'll clean tomorrow.
-Not a bad week, only one nervous breakdown.
-Time to pack a big bag to take home to correct.
-Are the uniforms clean?
-Ahhh, breathe.

Happy Weekend!