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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Word Swap

Ever have one of those hilarious moments when you just mix up a word in your head and it is just too funny?

Driving home from cherub 1's dance recital yesterday, Nana (me Irish mom), SIL, cherub 1 and I are all re-hashing the tragedy of Brooke getting kicked off of Idol last week (I know serious world peace discussion-NOT).

We all agreed that Jason should have been gonedaddygone (sorry Jason lovers). His singing can best be described as boring.

Nana thinks that him and his dradles should go back home. Wha? "You know" she says, "his hair, his dradles."

SIL and I burst into laughter, you mean dreadlocks! "No!" She argues, "they are called dradles."

We eduacated Nana about dradles being an important Jewish tradition and symbol. Dreadlocks, dradles. So close!

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