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Our life is full of wonderful, chaotic, blessed, hysterical, insane, magical, sad, scary, sweet, mind boggling, moments. While balancing life with 3 cherubs, parents, sisters, BIL, In-laws, 1 teaching career, and many good friends; I find that our life is moving far toooo fast. It is important to cherish and record the moments as we consistently try to balance our scale (God forbid I make a photo album)! MB

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Enough About Me

Inspired by cherub 1's top ten reasons, here are mine for mother's day...

The Top Ten Reasons I Love My Mom:

10.She fights against odds each day despite her physical pain.
9. She trusts in God's wisdom, without proof that it exists.
8. She loves me, sis's, hubby's, grandbabies, dad unconditionally.
7. She makes me laugh on our adventures and when she tells her (long, Irish) stories.
6. She comforts me when I am sad, guides me when I am lost.
5. She believes in second chances (even if she has held a grudge or two herself).
4. She listens.
3. She taught me to xoxoxo those that we love.
2. She taught me very important things; where to shop, how to bake bestever muffins, how to build 'a collection', how to get to the beach, make food for those in need, respect your elders, use your manners, chew with your mouth closed, follow the commandments, what faith is.

And...the number one reason I love my mom...

1. She is 'Gentle Mother' just like in her favorite church hymn.

Thanks for the wonderful day yesterday! Happy Mother's Day (again) Mom!

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