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Our life is full of wonderful, chaotic, blessed, hysterical, insane, magical, sad, scary, sweet, mind boggling, moments. While balancing life with 3 cherubs, parents, sisters, BIL, In-laws, 1 teaching career, and many good friends; I find that our life is moving far toooo fast. It is important to cherish and record the moments as we consistently try to balance our scale (God forbid I make a photo album)! MB

Monday, May 5, 2008

Leaning on the crutch...

Ok. After dinner, the cherubs & I went grocery shopping. Yup, it is like asking for trouble, three tired kids on a Monday nt to the store. We made it through with some bribes (like poptarts and icecream sandwiches). Hey, don't judge till you've been there.

By the time I made it through the store I had loaded the cart up with EVERYTHING that I don't eat anymore as well. That is right. All the bad-for-me snacks (goodnplenty, york peppermint patties). I am contemplating throwing it all out now.

On the other hand, hubby is out of state, ditching me with the cherubs. Whoa is me. Maybe I will wait one day to see if there is a need for them.

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