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Our life is full of wonderful, chaotic, blessed, hysterical, insane, magical, sad, scary, sweet, mind boggling, moments. While balancing life with 3 cherubs, parents, sisters, BIL, In-laws, 1 teaching career, and many good friends; I find that our life is moving far toooo fast. It is important to cherish and record the moments as we consistently try to balance our scale (God forbid I make a photo album)! MB

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So, I'm back. I did lose 3 more pounds. However, it took me 3 weeks since 2 of those my back was out. Just for the record, I know I said no more excuses (NME) but seriously folks, I couldn't move so exercise didn't happen. Not an excuse, just a reality.

Drip, drip (aka my physical therapist) had me doing some exercises. 'See if you can lift your right foot, now your left. Can you do both together.' That is so sad!

Per doc, 3-4 months before I can run again. How about bending with no pain. Any ETA on that?

HAD to add this...

After leaving the rodeo, Hubby emailed me to tell me that they must be bored in TX if they are wrestling with cattle. Ummm, you mean bulls? He spent the night at the rodeo and thought he was with cattle?? I am hoping he didn't say his thought out loud.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Don't get caught on the edge.

Hubby is in TX. He is at the rodeo. I know, funny. I am home with the kids. So do you think hubby will get tossed off the side of the bull before the kids toss me off the edge of sanity?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Just Junk

The Minimalist:
Finally, I wake up feeling somewhat normal. Doc says it will be a while before I am actually truly normal, but I will take waking up in minimal amounts of pain over tons of pain anyday. Yipee.

The Bus Biter:
Cherub 2 was bit in the finger on the bus today by a little boy. I am not happy. Calling the school in the am. This is the second little boy that has hurt him in a physical way. I worry.

Shop smart, not.
Cherub 1 can't stand tights. Every week for dance class we both practically cry after our fight about the fact that she is supposed to wear them. I bought her the million dollar jazz pants from the dance co b/c I am sick of the tears. Yup, as my real life friends will confirm, I am not the bargain shopper. I paid way too much at the dance studio to avoid taking my 3 cranky kids to Walmart on a weekday (when they are tired). In my opinion, it was worth every penny. MIL would be disappointed I didn't look for the bargain.

Cherub 3 was getting changed for bed tonight when he asked 'Can you believe I can BUTTON? I am only four and I can button.' So cute!

I am literally falling asleep while typing so I must go to bed. Zzz's.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wheels and Deals

Yesterday, hubby convinces me to ice,ice,baby (aka-put ice on back injury to reduce swelling and freeze pain away) on the way to IKEA. He is obsessed we are going there to buy cherub 1 a new dresser, at a deal. I admit, I didn't want to go, due to pain, but didn't trust him to pick out furniture on his own.

For the first 1/2 hr, I was trying to walk, with cane, around PLANET IKEA. Seriously, it is huge enough to be its own planet. After pain medication kicks in, I become nausous and dizzy. Not a second thought. Hubby plopped me in a wheelchair and zoomed me around IKEA.

The more we shopped, the more hubby bumped into people or things. The SECOND child (thankfully both of the injured were ours-there were close calls with random toddlers) he ran into was cherub 1. After a direct hit to the shins by the chair, she doubled over, crying. He instantly was (in the 'stop making a scene' voice) ssshhhhing her and I jumped in saying 'hello, ask her if she is alright instead of getting her to be quiet'! To avoid further injuries to our family or strangers, I took the controls.

I wasn't much better. At one point I backed into a chair and everything in our bag (hanging on back of w.c.) tumbled out with a CLANG. Hubby rescued me and our stuff. At least there was no injury.

Things I noticed about my temporary accessory:
1)When you are in a w.c. you are either invisible, people say sorry as if they were in my way (even if they weren't), or STARE at you with that 'I wonder what is wrong with her' sympathy look.
2)You can't reach most things in a store if you are shopping in a wheelchair.
3)You can't chase your kids around a store in your wheelchair. Hubby left us ONCE. Cherub's 2 and 3 started 'pretending' to punch each other. I couldn't separate them in time. Cherub 2 cuts cherub 3's lip. Blood=Hubby freaks.

So. Seriously, I FULLY RESPECT (even more than I did before) people that have a handicap that require them to be in a wheelchair. Even more so if they are trying to shop with children.

Unfortunately, we did not have our camera on our excursion to the new planet.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Got Sleep?

Think hubby is tired from taking care of the injured one?


One of my students brought me homemade cookies this morning from her and her mom, all wrapped up in a bow. So adorable (and yummy)...

I can write too. Na, na, na, na, na, na.

Sick of her baby brothers, cherub 1 posted this sign on her door last night (see top). Uh, oh. Cherub 2 was not taking any of that. I think she forgot he could write. Up pops cherub 2's sign (see bottom). Right back at ya.

Can't say I wasn't warned...

Muscle Relaxer= Less Back Pain= False ability to perform everyday tasks of supermom.

My doctor's warning label was 'you are going to feel better, don't be fooled, the strain is there, do NOT do much'. I was practically sprinting around the school all day and all night at home with the cherub's.

Then, it wore off.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thanks and Thank Goodness

My cup runneth over to all my very good friends that have made meals for my family this week. I have actually cried in gratitude many times because they helped me take care of my family. You have no idea how much this has meant to me. It has been so hard not being able to be the mom and wife that I usually am. Perfect, far from. However, I think even hubby may realize all the stuff I usually do now(since he has been doing ALL of it for over a week with NO complaints). Again, my sincere thanks!

Thank Goodness
Finally, a minute amt of relief, even if it is fake. I'll take it. Doctor finally (believed my pain was BAD enough and) brought me in for an appointment. He confirmed 'acute strain' in the two bla bla bla's. Basically two areas of my back. Real people talk.

A muscle relaxer has (masked) made the pain better. I can start on a pain (taker-away-er) medication tomorrow. Well it is 11:52pm. I am finally able to stay up past 6pm to be with my kids (and enjoy it) and plan my lessons for the next day (properly) after they have gone to sleep.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In Need of a Donor

I am putting myself on a back transplant list. Hopefully it isn't a long wait. I am in a great deal of pain and I have no time for pain. Sad face.

All I can say...


Monday, January 21, 2008

Hobbling down the runaway...

Ok, back to work tomorrow. I will be sporting all the latest fashion accessories.

1) Baby Got Back. Custom fit back brace with a sticky out thing in the buttocks area.

2) Pulley cart. Milk crate, on a fancy wheelie thing, straight out of the fashion industry for those that can't lift anything.

3) Multiple ice packs that can crack open and get cold instantaneously, without a moments notice. They are a beautiful blue color to go with my eyes. Baby got back. Again.

4) Motrin and Tylenol. Why is it that NO ONE in the medical field was willing to give me any REAL drugs? I had three kids and received a gift of percocets each time. This hurt MORE than all three labor and deliveries... and nothing.

5) New flat shoes. Can't where any of my startinganewjobawesomehealsorclogs anymore. You would all be soooo excited. I found adorable nine west flats for $11 each. That's right girls, $22 for two pairs.

6) My mother's cane for balance. We thought this was less scary than the walker.

7) An index card in my pocket with the number 911 on it. Just in case.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Go Pats!

Disco is NOT here to stay!

My in-real-life-friends have a room in their house called 'Man Town'. This is the room that hubby's all over the world watch football on their monsterous tvs. My hubby has a bar and (tiny) tv in the basement but has never had a true Man Town. So,we decided life is short (after all that has happened to us this week). He got 'permission' to go out and buy a 42" plasma and literally ran out the door to the store (before I changed my mind).

Why did he need permission? Simply because his (ridiculously) monsterous tv was going to go in my (on the small size), pretty, antique furniture filled living room. So, he was told to buy a pretty one. Not a gauky, ulgy thing. Oh yeah, they are out there.

With all the choices out there, he bought the UGLIEST one they sell. I tried to choose my words carefully, but simply WHY DO WE HAVE TO HAVE THE DISCO VERSION OF WHAT EVERYONE ELSE HAS? It is SHINY (more like metallic) black. It looks ridiculous. I need to wear sunglasses so the glare doesn't blind me.

It is NOT like it was even on sale. It was expensive. I guess you have to pay for the hard to find, ugly plastic version of a tv. He was very understanding of my hatred of his new prized possession. He promised to replace it with respectable, classic version.

In case you are wondering, I don't care how much you might think that I shouldn't sweat the small stuff. You are right, life is short. So we should watch football on a PRETTY tv!


R Rated- Motto for the Week

R Rated Warning: Sexual Content

All I asked of my friends while I was laid up was that they send me funny stuff on email to keep me sane. Bikini Babe sent me motto for the week.

"Now that food has replaced sex in my life, I can't even get into my own pants."

Pretty appropriate and hilarious for this week! Thanks M!

PS- Generally my blog is PG but this one had to be shared!

Humor in the Software World

I was attempting to send an email today and the yahoo email system stopped working. This is the message that popped onto my computer. Maybe I am delirious from being laid up since Wed but it struck me funny that even the corporate world has a (a tiny)sense of humor.

"Can't talk now. System's down.
Sorry for the holdup. Looks like a temporary glitch in our network has part of Yahoo! mail down, so you're briefly without service. Rest assured the alarms are blaring in the basement and our team is working frantically to get you up and running ASAP. Again, the snag is on our end — so there's no need for you to do a thing.

Back to it,
Yahoo! Mail Team"

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Sight for Sore Eyes

Just visited Dad. I decided I was going to the hospital if it crippled me (all the while praying it wouldn't). He looks so wonderful! I feel calmer just seeing him, hugging him. Telling him in person that we are lucky he is ok.

All 3 cherubs got to see him too. They were (alien children) so well behaved!!!

My cup runneth over.

Our Family Rock

Dear Daddy,

I can't be with you while you are recovering from your heart attack (thanks to my back), but my heart is with you. I am SO grateful that you are ok. The doctors say you will be home in time for the Patriots tomorrow. I am counting on hobbling over to welcome you home. The family compound isn't the same without you. You are our rock.

I Love You,
Your Cherub 2

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Who is the worst new employee of them all? Me.

Apparently, getting out of a car is risky business now. Yup, that is all it took to create a nasty disc issue. Flat on back. Flat out bored. Flat out sad. Flat out mad. Flat out of work for 2 days in my FIRST week. Flat out humiliating.

The funny parts:

I can walk now (once every few hours). With a granny walker. My boys are enthralled with this fun piece of equipment and ask to borrow it all the time. This picture is of me training for what should be my upcoming road race. Do you think they will let me use the walker?

Cherub 2 made me an adorable picture of me as a queen to cheer me up. He then handed me a blank piece of paper. He said that the blank one was for me to draw a heart on it and give it back to him to say thank you for the picture.

Thank you:

To hubby for keeping our world and our cherubs afloat while I am sinking.

To hubby and friends that know me well enough to give me humor in my time of need. You have kept me sane by not letting me fall into an isolated sadness. Sympathy is nice and all, but it doesn't keep me going when life seems to be happening, without me. You have offered me a chance to laugh through the pain. For that, I am grateful.

To baby sis and big sis for taking care of mom and dad. You have no idea how much I want to be there right now.

To my new work friends that have been nothing but kind about this strange turn of events.

To my hubby again. You have truly shown genuine love for me over the last 4 days. God knows what I did to deserve you but I am thankful.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Quick Recap

I am bone tired but... I LOVED IT! Great first day.

I had forgotten the most important thing about teaching, don't forget to go potty on your break (what break?). At 1:30 my co-teacher watched my class for 2 minutes. I realized I hadn't gone potty since 5:30am!

What is it about the middle of the night? I have always referred to our night activities as night olympics. Usually, up many times for many reasons or no reason at all (dreams, accidents, sickness, sleepwalking, crying out). So this one is new. I finally fall asleep at 12:30am, cherub 2 wakes up screaming at 4:30am. 'Mom, Mom, Mom, my pillow fell!'. I wanted to scream back 'pick it up then!'. Instead, I went in and tucked him back into the top bunk, with pillow, snug as a bug in a rug. Kiss on cheek. Sweet dreams. Back to bed.

All cherubs faired well with the new routine.

Cherub 2 can spell our last name!
Cherub 3 can button a shirt!
Big doin's around here...

Too tired to go on...tune in later.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Here's to my SECOND First Day :o)

Is there such a thing as a SECOND first day?
There is for my new career, come what may

My first was filled with snowflakes galore
Until the plows came we didn't go out the door

Snow play, games, stories, good times together
A snow day brings a mood that is light as a feather

Crossing my fingers that tomorrow goes well
Until I am in there teaching it is hard to tell

I will be out the door at the crack of dawn tomorrow
Sneaking in those last moments to plan, time I will borrow

Put myself together, try to stay out of the bathroom
As my nervousness reaches a high and a belly ache sure will loom

I can't wait to make learning fun for the students each day
For the rest of the school year, I will stay

Off to bed now, last night's sleeplessness I am starting to pay
Need to catch some zzz's to have a good SECOND first day!

I'm A Poet and I Didn't Know It

Ever say that when you were a kid? Come on, admit it. Well, the majority of my new students told me they do not like poetry and were not really that excited to study it. Wha? We are going to have to have some serious fun with poetry to change their minds! There is a website that has some fun poems under the category 'yucky poems'...

Some of the poems on that website I would NEVER use in a classroom but some are cute. Check out the Ish one. We could use that with our kids too!

I just ordered the tshirt above. It is kind of a joke with my Lesley girls. We took a science course that was all about haiku's? That's right. After we observed nature, we had to try to write a haiku about it? Ummm, shouldn't I learn how to teach kids about motion, gravity, rocks, ANYTHING that has to do with science in MY SCIENCE COURSE? Try to make sense of that. Ah, I digress, again. part of our 3rd grade study of poetry, my students will all make their own tshirts with a haiku on it or some other fun poem they are the author of. I love this shirt because it teaches people not to be afraid of poetry.

Do you do this?

Happy First Day, Snow Day!! The one who catches the most flakes wins!

Sadly, not working today is a relief. Just got home from the doctor with Cherub 1. Strep. One more day to cherish with the cherubs before the hulabalu of working starts.

Hubby is not too happy b/c I was literally up ALL night with worry and anticipation of my first day. I guess we'll have to do it again tonight! Smile.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho

Lunch with the girls today. Mexican food, margarita's, more shopping, many laughs. Good time. These napkins were part of my bday gift from long time friend, MC. Hysterical! That is me diving in for my sanity!

I am preparing for the first day of work. I am very jittery. I have had many a first day in my past, however, not as a teacher. It is different as a teacher. You don't go into work and shadow someone for a day, have someone show you around, or learn the ropes. You go in and teach. Instantly. Scary. One of the units I have been preparing for my kids is on poetry. Here is one that I can't share with my 3rd graders...
Hi Ho Hi Ho
It's off to teach I go
Had some margaritas today
To make the nervousness go away
Hi Ho Hi Ho
Ok, off to pack lunches, backpacks, take out clothes, fill out forms, complete first day lesson plans, and try to get to bed at a reasonable hour; all while watching one of my fav shows Brothers and Sister's. Yes, I am doing all that so we can have a possible SNOW DAY. I hung my plaque up on my door that I got from baby sis for Christmas. It says "Please snow, I am a teacher". Wouldn't it be funny if I had a snow day my first day?
PS- Happy Bday (again) teachermom! I have a treat for you!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Make a Wish

Happy Birthday to me...
Best Present Ever
First thing in the morning, cherub 1 started what was going to be the missthebustantrum. I stopped her and told her all I wanted for my birthday this year was a great day where she smiled, didn't have a tantrum and made the bus on time. Seriously, that was ALL I wanted. She sighed and obliged. I told hubby during our date last night. She gave me the best birthday present EVER. He laughed hard because I was actually serious.
Lots of New-ness
New Year, new age, we'll have 2 new careers (hubby is embarking on a new career in 2 weeks as well), new hair cut, new routines, new bus drivers, new daycare. Yikes.
*Cherub 1 starred in her classroom play. She was adorable. I will post pictures soon. Being a notsoconfident person in life, I was amazed by her confidence and true happiness as she shined reading her lines. Maybe theatre is part of her future?
*Cherub 2 went to the play and was soooooo good. He watched the play intently and even asked cherub 1 a question about it after. I was so proud of him for being so well behaved and quiet during the 1/2 hr (which is like a lifetime to him) play. He is growing up.
*Last night I got a little more than 3 inches cut off my hair. I got a new sleek cut for my new job that I start on Monday (eek). Cherub 3 woke up on my bday and said "Mommy, I love your hair. It is pretty." He is always so sweet. Cherub 2 turned, looked and said 'I don't (chuckle), just kidding.'
*Hubby sent me gorgeous flowers. Who says romance dies after marriage. He took me out on a dinner date. Great time. I love that we are still best friends and can laugh over everything a million years later.
Eyeball Update
Went to the doctor yesterday. There is no bleeding on the retina but the inside is swollen so I will go back again in a month. The doctor said no playing contact supports so I quit my hockey team :o). He told me to ask the kids not to punch momma in the eye.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What a Bloody Mess

After a trying day on the scale, we managed to salvage the last hr and a 1/2 before bed and had a lot of fun. We played hide n seek, tickle monster, giggled and read some great stories. I had cherubs 2 and 3 in bed and was leaning over cherub 3 to give him a kiss goodnight when he suddenly waved his hand. A freak accident. I doubled over in pain as his fingers or hand, truly I am not sure which SMACKED my actual eyeball. I actually SCREAMED out in pain. I have only been hit twice in my life. Once by a drunk girl in college that thought I liked the guy she liked (but I didn't) and she punched me in the ribs (ya, me, I know, crazy) and the second was by a friend one night when we all had waaaaay too much to drink and she punched my arm as she laughed about something (kind of like giving someone a high five except with LETHAL force). So, real pain, not used to it.

Oops, the Irish in me just came out, loooooong stories that get off track. Back to my eyeball.

I stumbled into the bathroom, blurry vision, balling, in pain realizing that I can not find the contact that was in that eye before the attack and I look in the mirror and see blood ON MY EYE. Needless to say, I completely panic. I called hubby who was 20 minutes away in a store and begged him to come home. (PS-He purchased his much needed item and then came. Hmmm. He needed it for his business trip but ughhh.) Figuring that his ETA was at least 20 minutes out, I called my Dad next door. My poor parents. They literally RAN over my house. Anal Annie (me) made him wash his hands before he started digging for clams (I mean my contact) in my eye. Apparently my contact (or cherub 3's finger) did a number on my eyeball b/c it was in fact slightly bleeding. So, off to the eye doctor tomorrow to check out the damage.

Sidebar-my rents now think I have a drinking problem. Here's that part of the story. I received a wonderful gift in the mail today. My first teacher magazine. My awesome aunt got me a subscription as a gift to start my new career with. (Thank you A.N.) While the cherubs were brushing their teeth before bed, I changed a load of laundry and poured myself a glass of pino (yes, with gingerale-get over it) and put it on ice in my awesome polka dotted Wine Thirty glass (get it, it's Wine Thirty instead of 5:30 or whatever, basically anytime is Wine Thirty time). A fabulous bday present from my friend S last year. So the intent was to chill the wine while I was putting the cherub's down and when they were sleeping I could enjoy the peace and quiet, sip my wine (spritzer) while reading my magazine. So, not realizing that I don't usually drink wine during the week, seriously, I don't, BOTH my rents looked at the full glass of wine as they were helping me find the eye doctor's emergency phone number and gave me the hairy eyeball (no pun intended). I found myself babbling...I hadn't drank any yet. It was for later. Oh, forget it. Why am I apologizing????? I am a grown up (who called her Daddy to help her when she broke her eye).

Three thoughts: 1) If it doesn't heal quickly, I am going to SCARE my new students on Monday as I start my full time job with a bloody eye. 2) J.D. if you are reading this...remember when you tried to dig out my contacts once? 3) Since Rocky is actually hubby's favorite movie, he is now married to his Idol. Fabulous.

If Looks Could Kill

I'd be dead about 300 times today. Sassy, cherub 1 is on a rampage today. First she turned on the drama this morning about her play costume and how it wasn't 'right'. Hubby couldn't handle the, I quote, "emotional crap" so he left for work and left me with to deal. After a full 45 minutes of tears, ranting and raving, we of course missed the bus. Again.

Trying to have a better after school experience, we headed out for some snow fun in the sun. It is like 50 degrees out and awesome. As the cherubs giggled and sledded down Nana & Pop's hill, life was back to normal. Short lived though. Cherub 2 started not feeling well. He stopped sledding and I decided that we should head home. I politely asked cherub 1 to grab his sled for him. She threw a complete hissy fit and 1 hour later (now punished and in her room) keeps coming out and yelling at me and then glaring at me. I am officially my mother because I said, 'just wait till your father gets home'. Yup, Super Nanny needs to stop by for a visit b/c we could use a little help.

Anyways, maybe I am a cat b/c her dirty looks do kill and I must be on my 5th life or so. I hope I don't run out of lives before she is a teenager.

Is that a Hint?

Out with my good friend M last night, we ordered dinner and drinks. She chose a nice glass of red wine, I asked for a glass of pino with some gingerale in it. The waitress came bouncing over with our drinks. She handed M her wine glass and handed me my glass of wine...and put a straw next to it on the table. We both started cracking up. Why not just call me a lightweight and put it in a sippy cup?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Don't let the door hit ya...

Goin out tonight with a friend. Can't get out quick enough. Does that make me a bad mother and wife? You know how ya just need to get out?

Monday, January 7, 2008

On Your Mark, Get Set...

Bang! The gun goes off and the feet start running. Hubby & I are officially signed up for our first road race in 2008. Running the Super5K on SuperBowl Sunday. Run at noon, party at 6pm! Off to the races!

What is on Your List?

Most people utilize a list for the things they can't remember or if they have so many things to do or buy they do not want to risk forgetting something. Not my husband. This is what was on his list this morning:

feed dog, run, coffee, cherub 1's lunch, breakfast.

Who needs to put these things on a list? Do you really forget to have your coffee or breakfast? Or forget to feed anyone else for that matter? He did all the things on his list (good job-big day) however he left without saying goodbye and he took all the booster seats for the kids AND the garage door opener with him. So off I went with 1 sick cherub to bring 2 healthy cherubs to school. I had to leave the house unlocked and had to go to my Dad's to get a booster. I think he forgot to put the important things on his list, for example, turn your brain on, activate common sense abilities. Ugghhh.

Again, hubby's world. Can I live there?

Something Made Simple

For busy people, I thought I would plug PeaPod. I have said it once, I will say it again, worth the $5 delivery charge. Here is a short list of why: I did not have to bring my (whining) cherubs to the grocery store, I did not buy xtra stuff because cherubs are begging for (making a scene over) it, I did not shop while hungry or rushed, they will bring my order right into my kitchen, and I can shop at midnight. Ahhh, something was simple today.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Choppin Wood

(Sing to the melody 'How deep is your Love' by one of hubby's fav bands, the Bee Gees)

How deep are your thoughts, I really need to learn, Cuz, we're living in a busy world, racing around, do this, do that, do this, no time for you and me. La la la, la la la la, la la la la la la.

Cuddling w/ hubby in bed this morning, you know the brief few moments before the crazy day starts all over again, my mind is racing back and forth between the 8 million things I have to do this week: the upcoming lesson plans for class, kindergarten registrations, after school care registration, my kids (non) health status, the panic that brings, how we can't go to the bday party today of a friend b/c all kids are sick again, the health of our families. Ok, you get it. My mind is racing, even during cuddle time.

Curious, I ask hubby, are you thinking of anything right now? He said 'huh?'. I asked again and he said 'chopping wood'. Arrr, arr, arr, all boy to the core, that's as deep as it goes. Gotta think about the wood I need to chop for the fire place. So strong, so manly, so simple. Can I be in hubby's world?

Sick Sunday

That is what we'll call it. All cherub's feel like crud. Can't go to friend's bday party as planned. We are attempting to nap all of them so that maybe, just maybe health might come to one or all. Ho hum.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Big Fat Greek Nap

I am taking you down a trip in my memory lane b/c this is a story worth sharing. Hubby says you had to be there but I think it is a good one no matter what. Let's set you up so you feel like you were there...just in case. You really need to know just how sleepy we were so hang in there...

5 years ago. Cherub 1 was 3 1/2, cherub 2 was a newborn (2 weeks old). We decided to relocate back to my hometown (where we also had our first house together). We bought a home, sold our home and put everything into storage because there was a 5 day lag time between closings. No biggie. We stayed with in laws for 2 days and then traveled to hometown and were planning on staying with my rents for 3, who also live here. Once in town, our realtor called and said 'are you sitting down?'. Now this is never a good question. No one ever says 'are you sitting down, because I want to marry you' or 'are you sitting down, because I got a new job'. The elderly lady who sold us her house decided she wasn't moving. Wha? So officially, we were homeless.

To make a long story short (too late-but remember you need the background), we lived with my parents for 7 weeks while we hired a lawyer and got the old bag (I mean the nice elderly woman) to move. Apparently, she had done this to 2 other couples prior to us but we found that out a little too late. Needless to say, after 7 weeks of living with my parents (while I had a newborn, a 3 yr old and it was 4000 degrees in the summer) we finally moved into our house 8 weeks after leaving our old home. We were overly excited for privacy and BOOM, we were expecting our third child. However, we didn't know that. Needless to say moving, having a newborn and fixing up our new house was exhausting both of us and clouded our judgement on important things like birth control. Hold on sista, I wasn't even thinking I could pregnant so fast. Yes, now you know, babies can be conceived 8 short weeks after having a child.

So, 2 weeks later a childhood friend of mine was getting married. (Don't worry, I am landing the plane soon.) My Italian friend was marrying a very Greek man. So...Italian went Greek and she got married in his Greek Orthodox church. Yup, just like the movie. Last night hubby and I watched that movie, that is what sparked this memory.

Stand up, sit down, mumble, mumble, mumble went the ALL GREEK ceremony. None of us understood a word but we respected all the up, down, up, down and went along with it. On one of the ups, hubby collapsed (or so we thought). Seriously. At first we panicked because we thought there was something wrong with him. Nope, he was just having a big fat Greek nap during the big fat Greek wedding. That's right, standing up and all, he literally fell asleep and FELL! Falling, he made this big fat bang, caught himself and stood back up. The church was packed so the stars up front didn't see what happened but the 25 or so people around us literally laughed for the rest of the ceremony. We have never quite let him live down his nap and if anyone brings it up, we still burst into laughter.

So why did I tell you the rest? Well 2 weeks after his nap, I mean the wedding, we found out we were expecting. Oops. A little wedding drinky winky never hurt cherub 3 (thankfully). :o)

Dear Cherub 3, don't worry, you were the BEST surprise we ever had. We were thrilled (once we got over the shock). Love, M&D

Saturday Stoof

*Me time (resolutions in high gear)...had a breakfast date with my good friend K. Soooo good to catch up and giggle in person without our phones attached to our ears and cherubs screaming in the background. Yes, we got to eat our whole breakfast, while it was hot, without sharing a bite with kids.

*Cherub 1 time...asked if she could have a mommy and me lunch. YES! We giggled and played games and caught up on what is important in her 2nd grade life. Loved it!

*Bought allergen filter for our heater tonight. Hopefully this will help cherub's 2&3 that are sick for what is like, what, the 10th week running? We had a few hours of what we thought was healthiness (new word). Didn't last.

*Me Irish mom was crabby, for the 2nd day running. She gets in those moods...the winter blues. Had her over tonight for a visit. Cheered her up a wee teeny bit. Tis good.

*Cherub 2 told me he was afraid to have the humidifier in his room. I asked him why and he said he was afraid it would blow up! Crazy boy. Too funny.

Saturday Stoof was good today. Took the day off from cleaning, laundry and all other chores. House looks like a bomb went off but oh well, somethings got to give!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Plot Talk

Catching up with a dear friend today, we'll call him J.D., shared how his holiday was filled with lots o plot talk. Ya know the discussion. Your parents get to a certain age and they start planning for the everlasting vacation. To lighten his load, I shared my plot talk with him. When my parents sat me down years ago to discuss how they had bought their plots to ease our future stress, my mother was all upset because she couldn't get the pretty plot on the hill, under a nice tree. Tramatized by the conversation about plots and death, all I could muster was ummm, you will be dead, what do you care if the plot is on a hill or not? She wanted sisters and I to be able to sit on a bench under the tree to visit with her. Leave it to my mom to want the Talbots of all plots. Don't worry mom, we will visit whether you are in the Target plot or the Talbots plot (or anywhere in the middle).

Not So Much to Ask

A mere week away from teaching full time, just waiting for teacher-now's baby to make his grand entrance. I am sort of on call like a Doc. I am officially supposed to start working on the 14th, baby or no baby. I am really hoping she holds off b/c I just found out cherub 1 has a school play, during the day of course, on the 11th (my bday). She really wants me to go and already told her teacher that 'Mommy might not be able to come.' Just a dash of guilt. So of course I want it all! Is it so much to ask that the birth of now-teacher's baby work around my life. Problem? As MIL consistently (jokingly?) reminds me, I do like it to be all about me. :o) Technically, I think that is all about cherub 1 though, right?


Check out my New Year's Resolutions at the bottom of the page.

Carpe Diem

(Sorry for the snoozer of a post...)

Yesterday was a rough day on the balancing scale for me. I had a tough time keeping it all in perspective. With only a week left before working full time and 2 sick kids I let my nerves get to me and having my Dad flip out on me about that didn't help (he is nervous that they won't be better before I start-join the club!). I felt trapped in my (messy) world/house and isolated. I guess it was fate that I didn't get a job for this full school year since I have spent more than half of the time cuddling sick kids. It is unbelievable. Everyone is telling me they are just getting it all out before I start. That is starting to seem like one of those lines you give people when you don't know what else to say.

You have to keep it in perspective though, keep your own scale balanced. Here's why. This week my family had to say goodbye to my childhood neighbor who lost his battle with alcoholism. He was only 37. Life is hard sometimes, he struggled to find his answers. Imagine the weight on his parents shoulders. That has to be the worst kind of pain, losing a child. At times like this, everyone asks why?? Why would God take such a young man after he suffered so much?? During his funeral mass, our pastor told us that God was saving our friend from his suffering here and bringing him to a place where he could help people like he tried to do when he was alive. It brought us all peace. Some people would say that is a line that people give too, but I am deciding to take comfort in it.

So don't let the little things weigh you down, they do not hold as much weight as I thought they did this week. Don't let them tip the scale, I am not gonna let them. So chin up, cuddle with babes, re-organize house after taking down Xmas and start fresh. My great aunt always said (and signed all her cards) "Carpe Diem" (Seize the Day). Now that is a line you can use.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Don't be shy, tell us how you really feel!

Cherub 1's New Year's Resolution:

And I quote, "This year I will try to eat more fruit because I don't eat enough fruit. I don't want to eat fruit but I'm going to eat fruit."

The Function in Disfunction

"Yes, Sir!" was the answer I got from cherub 2 today when I asked him not to do something. I'll yes, sir you buddy. Watch it. If I ever 'yes, sir'd' my mother she would have wrecked me. Maybe he is practicing for his post in MILITARY SCHOOL which is where I am going to send him if he insists on being the one in charge.

Two days ago we heard banging and excitement so hubby and I both came to cherub 2's bedroom upon his excited request, come see what I did. He NAILED an American flag to his freshly painted bedroom wall at his height, not so straight. Breathe. There are 3 important points that I need to put out there.

One, let's focus on the fact that unbenost to both his parents, he found a hammer and two nails. Since his father was in the tool room at the time of the crime, I would say he took them from right under his nose. Since this is not the first tool infraction in my household, I beg you to see a connection in Mr. Safety (hubby) and the after effects.

Second, hubby said 'Don't yell at him, it is my fault. I said he could have it and hang it on his wall. He must have misunderstood me and thought he could hang it on his wall by himself.' Whaa? No, he didn't misunderstand, he simply did. Similar to when he went on his sharpie expedition last year and signed his name to cherub 1's bedroom door, the family room (freshly painted) wall and the outside of my house near the garage door. Hmmm, yes a trend you will see.

Lastly, let's focus on WHY you would not tell him that he can never get or use a hammer and nails without asking, since he is FIVE years old! Daddy left him practically apologizing to him! Ummm, last I checked I had an American flag hanging on the wall at the height of my 5 year old. So when Daddy left the room, I did something I usually don't do, knowingly go against what hubby just said to one of our kids. I said 'I don't care what Daddy just said, don't you EVER use a hammer and nails without one of us again. AND don't ever NAIL anything to your wall without us again.' He didn't yes sir me, but he mind as well have with the look he gave me.

Dr. Phil would have a field day with us. Parenting 101: Don't give kids dangerous tools, don't let the kids run the ship, don't disagree on how to discipline your kids.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mommy Savings Time

Hubby came home tonight and read the clock and said, 'It's not 7:52 ya know, it is 6:52pm'. 'No kidding buddy, it is mommy savings time tonight and don't mess with it' was my answer. Oh, never heard of that? It is a mother's version of daylight savings time. Well when you have 2 sick kids and everyone is tired and cranky from staying up on New Year's Eve, you set your clock back and trick everyone into bed early. Goodnight cherub's, in your world it is 8pm now (not 7pm). Nighty, night.

The Magic of Christmas

T ride to the city to see Nemo with hubby and cherubs
Hubby carrying on my fav tradition of making Xmas cookies (I was sick)
Excited squeals of the cherubs on Xmas as they race to their pile of presents

Many days of vacation for hubby to hang with us
Any day, any hour you can hear cherub 2 singing Xmas carols
Gathering with family and friends to celebrate the holiday
Inseparable siblings, giggling and playing in harmony
Cuddling with hubby in front of the fire

Od'ing on coffee, hubby likes his new keurig
Fav stuff: cherub 1 doll dresser, cherub 2 rocket ship, cherub 3 toy robot

Xtra bit of love and cuddles when time slowed finally to enjoy it all
Mounds of snow for cherubs to frolick in
Always remembering what is important, our love for family and friends
Show stopping tunes from cherubs on new kaoroke machine