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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Function in Disfunction

"Yes, Sir!" was the answer I got from cherub 2 today when I asked him not to do something. I'll yes, sir you buddy. Watch it. If I ever 'yes, sir'd' my mother she would have wrecked me. Maybe he is practicing for his post in MILITARY SCHOOL which is where I am going to send him if he insists on being the one in charge.

Two days ago we heard banging and excitement so hubby and I both came to cherub 2's bedroom upon his excited request, come see what I did. He NAILED an American flag to his freshly painted bedroom wall at his height, not so straight. Breathe. There are 3 important points that I need to put out there.

One, let's focus on the fact that unbenost to both his parents, he found a hammer and two nails. Since his father was in the tool room at the time of the crime, I would say he took them from right under his nose. Since this is not the first tool infraction in my household, I beg you to see a connection in Mr. Safety (hubby) and the after effects.

Second, hubby said 'Don't yell at him, it is my fault. I said he could have it and hang it on his wall. He must have misunderstood me and thought he could hang it on his wall by himself.' Whaa? No, he didn't misunderstand, he simply did. Similar to when he went on his sharpie expedition last year and signed his name to cherub 1's bedroom door, the family room (freshly painted) wall and the outside of my house near the garage door. Hmmm, yes a trend you will see.

Lastly, let's focus on WHY you would not tell him that he can never get or use a hammer and nails without asking, since he is FIVE years old! Daddy left him practically apologizing to him! Ummm, last I checked I had an American flag hanging on the wall at the height of my 5 year old. So when Daddy left the room, I did something I usually don't do, knowingly go against what hubby just said to one of our kids. I said 'I don't care what Daddy just said, don't you EVER use a hammer and nails without one of us again. AND don't ever NAIL anything to your wall without us again.' He didn't yes sir me, but he mind as well have with the look he gave me.

Dr. Phil would have a field day with us. Parenting 101: Don't give kids dangerous tools, don't let the kids run the ship, don't disagree on how to discipline your kids.

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