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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

What a Bloody Mess

After a trying day on the scale, we managed to salvage the last hr and a 1/2 before bed and had a lot of fun. We played hide n seek, tickle monster, giggled and read some great stories. I had cherubs 2 and 3 in bed and was leaning over cherub 3 to give him a kiss goodnight when he suddenly waved his hand. A freak accident. I doubled over in pain as his fingers or hand, truly I am not sure which SMACKED my actual eyeball. I actually SCREAMED out in pain. I have only been hit twice in my life. Once by a drunk girl in college that thought I liked the guy she liked (but I didn't) and she punched me in the ribs (ya, me, I know, crazy) and the second was by a friend one night when we all had waaaaay too much to drink and she punched my arm as she laughed about something (kind of like giving someone a high five except with LETHAL force). So, real pain, not used to it.

Oops, the Irish in me just came out, loooooong stories that get off track. Back to my eyeball.

I stumbled into the bathroom, blurry vision, balling, in pain realizing that I can not find the contact that was in that eye before the attack and I look in the mirror and see blood ON MY EYE. Needless to say, I completely panic. I called hubby who was 20 minutes away in a store and begged him to come home. (PS-He purchased his much needed item and then came. Hmmm. He needed it for his business trip but ughhh.) Figuring that his ETA was at least 20 minutes out, I called my Dad next door. My poor parents. They literally RAN over my house. Anal Annie (me) made him wash his hands before he started digging for clams (I mean my contact) in my eye. Apparently my contact (or cherub 3's finger) did a number on my eyeball b/c it was in fact slightly bleeding. So, off to the eye doctor tomorrow to check out the damage.

Sidebar-my rents now think I have a drinking problem. Here's that part of the story. I received a wonderful gift in the mail today. My first teacher magazine. My awesome aunt got me a subscription as a gift to start my new career with. (Thank you A.N.) While the cherubs were brushing their teeth before bed, I changed a load of laundry and poured myself a glass of pino (yes, with gingerale-get over it) and put it on ice in my awesome polka dotted Wine Thirty glass (get it, it's Wine Thirty instead of 5:30 or whatever, basically anytime is Wine Thirty time). A fabulous bday present from my friend S last year. So the intent was to chill the wine while I was putting the cherub's down and when they were sleeping I could enjoy the peace and quiet, sip my wine (spritzer) while reading my magazine. So, not realizing that I don't usually drink wine during the week, seriously, I don't, BOTH my rents looked at the full glass of wine as they were helping me find the eye doctor's emergency phone number and gave me the hairy eyeball (no pun intended). I found myself babbling...I hadn't drank any yet. It was for later. Oh, forget it. Why am I apologizing????? I am a grown up (who called her Daddy to help her when she broke her eye).

Three thoughts: 1) If it doesn't heal quickly, I am going to SCARE my new students on Monday as I start my full time job with a bloody eye. 2) J.D. if you are reading this...remember when you tried to dig out my contacts once? 3) Since Rocky is actually hubby's favorite movie, he is now married to his Idol. Fabulous.

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Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Your stories crack me up, you poor thing! Seriously, I'm laughing WITH you, not AT you!
It's definitely wine thirty!