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Our life is full of wonderful, chaotic, blessed, hysterical, insane, magical, sad, scary, sweet, mind boggling, moments. While balancing life with 3 cherubs, parents, sisters, BIL, In-laws, 1 teaching career, and many good friends; I find that our life is moving far toooo fast. It is important to cherish and record the moments as we consistently try to balance our scale (God forbid I make a photo album)! MB

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just a can of Cranberry Sauce

Hubby has officially given me permission to turn it all into a book. Here's an excerpt from It's Just a can of Cranberry Sauce (the title he strongly suggests):

Preparing for our Thanksgiving Feast, I reached for a can of cranberry sauce. With a quick turn, turn, turn, I opened the can with a can opener. Next step, turn it over and tap, tap, tap to the bottom of the can. Realizing I forgot to do my trick (gently run a knife around the cranberry sauce to loosen it enough...making it slide out), I put the can down to get a knife.

SWOOP! In swooped hubby and MIL. To save me of course. Everyone knows that even I couldn't quite possibly know how to open it all by myself. Right? (No, I am not sarcastic at all!)

So...I backed up quietly and watched their little escapade:

Hubby: You have to open both ends. Open the other end with the can opener too.
MIL: (Agrees.)
Hubby: (Tries.)
Cherub 1: Can I help?
MIL: (Uses this as a teachable moment.) Sure, you want to open the other end. Then you'll be able to slide it out.

Hubby & MIL soon discover that the can is rounded on the bottom so the can opener won't work on that second end. (Discussion ensues about how the ends are so different.)

Hubby: Where's the bottle opener? We can poke a hole in it.
MIL: (Agrees.)
Me: (I am thinking, WHA?)

No one can find it.
After watching them struggle (approx 5 minutes worth), I quietly and politely ask MIL if they are ready to give me the can back. MIL nods.

Me: (Grabbed knife, gently go around cranberry sauce. Gently taps the bottom of the can and cranberry sauce slides out gingerly onto the plate.)

MIL: (Laughs.) I guess she knew what she was doing all along.

Later when we were laughing about it, hubby asked me when I was going to accept that they both were the same ...always "having to step in, control the situation and be right" (his exact words~ not mine!). I told him it took me 12 years, but I finally have learned to just step back and let them have at it. It is just easier that way.

After all, it's just a can of cranberry sauce.

(And yes, I still love you both, even if you are always right!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Lumps and Bumps of Life

A week and a half ago, my OB found a lump in my breast. There. I said it. This lump made a big bump in our life on the scale for the short time we feared it. Finally today, I got the answer I had prayed for. I am fine.

I always try to make sense of things, trying to figure out why fate has led me down a bumpy path. Trying to figure out the message being sent to me. I have been struggling to find balance in my life lately (like for years). I have been providing and giving, yet not taking care of myself health-wise. I think the bumps in this path jolted me into a clearer state.

So this scale may never be in perfect balance but somehow I will find a decent amount of balance so that I can provide, give and be healthy (so that I can be blessed to continue to provide and give).

Message heard.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Choose the Correct Answer

Why is it the mom's job to be the 'bad guy'? Hubby asked cherub 1 to paint a bookshelf with him tonight. Great idea, bonding, fun, creative. Love it actually!

However, why would you let your daughter use non-washable RED! paint while wearing her BRAND NEW outfit? I notsonicely suggested that he have her change (actually I pretty much barked at him b/c this is the millionth time he has had a cherub painting in NEW clothes).

Choice: does this situation make me mean or him just a glutton for my nagging?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Double Dippin'

In my most recent post, it is mentioned that the tooth fairy didn't come on time (simultaneously when I had 102 fever and was delirious). Once the tooth fairy came (when she came home from ahem, vacation, she left cherub 2 $2 (an extra for the wait). That next morning, cherub 2 woke me to tell me that he lost another tooth and I replied, "Great. That means the tooth fairy will come again!" I watched him do the happy dance all the way out of my bedroom. I fell right back into to temp-a-coma.

The next day, cherub 2 told Daddy that the tooth fairy left him another $2. Hubby asked him if he lost another tooth and he answered, "No, I have no idea why she left it for me. I'm gonna put that tooth pillow under my pillow tonight to see if she'll do it again!" Hubby is relentless! He has not stopped laughing at me.

I guess I dreamt the whole thing in my delirium? $4 a tooth. Not bad.
Hey~no double dippin.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Did You Know?

That when mom has 102 fever, she still made sure:
1)you had your library book
2)had your favorite outfit clean so you could speak at your assembly
3)fed the kids, the dog and the bunny (with some help! Thank you!)
4)gave you your medicine
5)disinfected the house
6)made sure you studied for spelling and did your math
7)tracked down your missing school picture
8)helped you plan your art contest picture
9)gave up and let you play football in the house
10)still loved you even though I couldn't lavish you with hugs & kisses
Most of all, did you know that when mom is sick, she wants her mom too?

PS- Did you know, that even though I had 102 fever and I forgot to 'send the message' to the tooth fairy that your tooth was under your pillow, I still love you? She got the message the next day and whala, $2 instead of $1. Maybe it pays to have mommy sick?