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Our life is full of wonderful, chaotic, blessed, hysterical, insane, magical, sad, scary, sweet, mind boggling, moments. While balancing life with 3 cherubs, parents, sisters, BIL, In-laws, 1 teaching career, and many good friends; I find that our life is moving far toooo fast. It is important to cherish and record the moments as we consistently try to balance our scale (God forbid I make a photo album)! MB

Monday, June 30, 2008

Make A Wish

Before it is midnight, Happy 4oth Bday Big Sis! We Love You!!

911, What's Your Emergency?

Ok. Serious emergency. The type that I will need my RLFs to drop everything and be there for me during my time of crisis.

They re-opened McDonalds in my town.

If you are just tuning in to my little sorted world, you need to know that my (not our, MY) McDonalds burnt down about 6 or 7 monts ago. Best thing that every happened to me. I lost like 20 pounds.

It's not what you think. Although I liked the food (particularly fries, what self-respecting American doesn't) it was the Coke that got me. So, I gave up Coke from McDonalds and lost a boat-load of weight.

Can we go, can we go, can we go? The cherubs chant? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I am calling in all my favors. If you are one of my friends and you cried on my shoulder at any time in your life or I helped you in is my turn now. I NEED YOU.

Take my keys. No Coke for me.

As the dominoes fall...

I generally never get my hair cut on the same day as the cherubs because it is simply far too long for them to be at the salon. They were really good through 2 of the haircuts. When it came time for mine, they were HORRIBLE. Yes, I had to jump up, barely escaping the scissor blades that were right on my bangs to tell the cherubs to stop karatey chopping in the salon since they had just knocked over PART OF THE SHAMPOO DISPLAY! Ya, that was fun. One bottle after another. Down.Down.Down.

The Old "Kill em with Kindness" Rule

Today, a new spin on things. Cherub 3 was dropped off at his very first official playdate. Cherub 1 and 2 can be like oil and water-fight,fight,fight. They can seriously fight over who is breathing more air. I swear it's true. So as soon as we were home from dropping off cherub 3, they start. Bla, bla, bla, he said, she said, yell, stomp, throw things. Ugh.

I calmly asked them both into the house and asked them to sit down at the table. I told them that they couldn't get up until they told each other 5 things that they loved about the other one. Cherub 1 (remember- 8 year old girl) gasped and rolled her eyes. Cherub 2 sort of looked at me like huh? I modeled it for them by telling each of them something I loved about them.

Here were there responses:

Cherub 1: You make me laugh alot. (Good)
Cherub 2: She is always mad!
Me: No honey, it has to be positive.
Cherub 2: Oh. (Looks right at cherub 3) I love you.
Me: That is great! (My heart melts.)

So they got the hang of it, offered their 5 things each and ended up laughing hysterically and forgot they were mad. They played AS FRIENDS would have for the 4 hours cherub 3 was gone. It was awesome. Don't worry, I get the fact that it may never happen again but it was awesome while it lasted.

So, maybe killing each other with kindness does work!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

If not one, then the other!

Holy Jamoly. I haven't written in SO long. So many stories since mid-June not sure which ones to share. Since I am coming off of a girl's weekend for Big Sis's bday and I am a little tired, I will share a quick one.

Cherub 3 asked what MILs daddy's name was. We told him Vavoo (stands for grandfather in Portuguese). All excited as if making a huge connection to something he already knows, his response was, "Oooooo, Chinese!" We all collapsed in giggles. It was definitely an ese. Chinese, Portuguese, they sound the same, right?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Must Clean

I admit, I am the type of person that literally slumps into a depresssion-like-state when my house is a mess. It is almost like I am frozen. I feel sad and lose all ability to make decisions and take actions. I know, weird.

So...then somehow the switch flips and I go nuts. I clean. I pick up. Until finally it looks like my cute little house again.

When hubby is traveling I usually let the house go for at least a day. It is like a one is keeping track. The kids don't care. They love just being able to play. No chores for mommy! Today however, I couldn't do it. We went to the car cleaning place in town and cleaned out the car. What a pit it was! Then at home, I picked up the house while the cherubs chilled out.

Now...ready to finish my report cards (and watch DeAnna pick some men on The Bachelor) I am relaxing in my clean house, with a candle lit to keep me calm.

Reachin REM?

Did you know that 2 hours and 15 minutes is NOT enough sleep to sustain one's sanity? Let me enlighten you. Last nights late night shopping spree started b/c I had to send a white tshirt with cherub 2 to school for his tshirt signing.

So, off to target and then on to Barnes and Noble (can't just go to one store). By the time I got home and worked on my report cards it was well into the middle of the night. So here is why I only had 2 hrs 15 minutes sleep:

1)report cards
2)cherub 2 came down with a fever
3)cherub 2 had TWO accidents
4)cherub 1 had an accident

So 3:15am I finally fall into oblivian to be awoken by an alarm at 5:30am. 135 minutes...not even enough time to reach REM!

Yup, I failed.

This post solidifies the fact that I am straight out with sick kids, work and a hectic schedule. Poor hubby. He received some very nice (and timely) cards from the kids and I today, but presents, notsomuch.

He was fine with this until I wrapped the present for my dad. I assured him that Big Sis did the shopping this year,hence dad did not receive just a card. As for fil, it was hubby's turn to shop. Hence, no gift was given.

While shopping at Target & Barnes and Noble tonight (getting things for cherub's and school) I picked up a few must haves for hubby. I presented them at 10pm-straight out of the bags.

Please know...even though I screwed up this year... hubby KNOWS I love him. He is a wonderful hubby and dad. As my card says, 'I love our life together'. As he would respond, GAG!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Song of the Day

Please sing your hearts out to the tune of On the Road Again...

Got the flu again?
Just can't wait to clean the puke again.
It's startin to feel just like my long lost friend,
Oh, I can't wait to pick up the puke again.

Cherub 1 this time...

Sparky's Words to Live By

Here's a cute toddler story my rlf, K shared with me this week. It made me lol. Being the smart woman that she is, K rarely takes her two boys to the grocery store. She prefers to leave them home with her hubby.

Last week she had both her boys with her. Her youngest, typical 5 year old, was pushing her buttons. She finally exclaimed, "STOP!" Immediately he chimed, "drop and roll!"

I wonder what he is learning about? TOO cute.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Takin' a Blog Break

I know I have taken a couple of days off...needed a break. I'll be back soon!
MB :o)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's all in the timing...PART TWO


The Setting:
Boys Bedroom. Poor cherub 2, getting sick. I am rubbing his back, holding the bowl.

Cherub 1: Mom, I can't find the word in the dictionary. I can't find ANY of the words!
Me: Honey, your brother is getting sick. Hold on one second and I'll help you.
Cherub 1: But I can't find any of them!

(Thinking to myself- is she STILL talking? Does she NOT see what is going on around her??)

Me: I really can't do this right now. Go pick another spelling activity and give me a minute to help him, then I will help you.
Cherub 1: But there isn't another activity. The other ones take FOREVER!
Me: Seriously. Not now! Can you see your brother is sick????

Cherub 1 storms off. After calming poor cherub 2, I find cherub 1 asleep, homework all over her. Not done.

It's all in the timing...

If he wanted me to change his sheets to the spider man set he could have just asked for them...

6:20am: Cherub 2 yells, "Mom! Mom! Mom! My belly hurts!" Hurl. All over his sheets. Mmmm, that was fun.

6:25am: Finishing cleaning him up, cuddle and log on to my laptop. That's right. Laptop. Sub requests HAVE to be in by 6:30am to get a sub for your classroom. Thankfully, cherub 2 didn't wait until 7:00am to be sick.

Feeling much better now...snuggled in for a nap.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I have decided that anyone's first year teaching can be equated to cramming for a big test. Literally every night we new teachers cram to digest the how to's of the following days lessons. Maybe there is a teachers store that we can buy the crib notes? Hmmm, it's 11:46pm. Bed anytime soon?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Searching for the Prize

I generally watch tv as I do my work. Which of course means that everything takes me twice as long. Backoff though, it is the only outlet I have. Seriously.

So tonight, while watching Samantha Who, the heartbroken Samantha was drinking way too much wine with her friends and her mom, singing "I will survive" after her first post-amnesia breakup. (I know, real-lifers, way too familiar huh? Just need the old rabbit and a six pack of Keystone light to make it complete.)

Snap back to story. Anyway, Samantha's mom offers everyone more wine and says to her friend "You know you don't have to finish each bottle. It's not like there's a prize at the bottom or anything!"

All these years of searching for the prize, only to find out there never was one! Now what will we all use as justification to have the last drop?

Take Two

Bedtime: Take One
Ahhh, the time-bedtime, the place-boys room, the mood-relaxing. We are reading our brand new Biscuit book, we are all in our happy place.

Cherub 2: Ewww, mom you smell bad.
Me: What? Where?
Cherub 2: Everywhere.
Cherub 3: (Leans in, takes a wiff.) You smell old.

Bedtime: Take Two
We have finished reading. I am holding it together after the smelly, old person comments. Cherubs are tucked in, snug as a bug in the rug.

Cherub 3: Mom, I feel different.
Me: What feels different.
Cherub 3: I think I want Daddy.
Me: Me too buddy. Me too.

Monday, June 2, 2008

How Long Does it Take One to Develop?

Big Sis left her baby (4 yr old that is) with my cherub's daycare person today for the first time. Baby nephew had a great day. Prior to him going for his adventure his older brother, big nephew (11 yrs old), found out that he himself was sent to daycare at 6 months old. Big Sis used to work full time then. His reaction?

"What! You did not even keep me home and give me a chance to develop?"

Too hilarious!! Poor Big Sis. As if we don't feel the guilt on our own!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What do you treasure?

Today at my kids school they held a block party. Picnic lunches, baseball games, face painting, balloon making, caricatures, and a dunk tank. Really awesome. Kids had a ball.

Hubby left with cherubs 2 & 3 to a boy scouts rocket launch. Cherub 1 invited a friend back to our house. Her friend wanted her to go to her house instead. Wha? Alone. Oh what should I do? I picked up a sub on the way home and ate it in 100% peace and quiet. (RELAX people...I am getting to the point.) Until:

H: Hi honey. We are on the way home!
Me: Great (sigh)! Did you have fun?
H: Yeah!

Two minutes of peace. It was unexpected. It was awesome. It was treasured. I guess if it was more I wouldn't appreciate it! :o)