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Monday, June 30, 2008

The Old "Kill em with Kindness" Rule

Today, a new spin on things. Cherub 3 was dropped off at his very first official playdate. Cherub 1 and 2 can be like oil and water-fight,fight,fight. They can seriously fight over who is breathing more air. I swear it's true. So as soon as we were home from dropping off cherub 3, they start. Bla, bla, bla, he said, she said, yell, stomp, throw things. Ugh.

I calmly asked them both into the house and asked them to sit down at the table. I told them that they couldn't get up until they told each other 5 things that they loved about the other one. Cherub 1 (remember- 8 year old girl) gasped and rolled her eyes. Cherub 2 sort of looked at me like huh? I modeled it for them by telling each of them something I loved about them.

Here were there responses:

Cherub 1: You make me laugh alot. (Good)
Cherub 2: She is always mad!
Me: No honey, it has to be positive.
Cherub 2: Oh. (Looks right at cherub 3) I love you.
Me: That is great! (My heart melts.)

So they got the hang of it, offered their 5 things each and ended up laughing hysterically and forgot they were mad. They played AS FRIENDS would have for the 4 hours cherub 3 was gone. It was awesome. Don't worry, I get the fact that it may never happen again but it was awesome while it lasted.

So, maybe killing each other with kindness does work!

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