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Monday, June 30, 2008

911, What's Your Emergency?

Ok. Serious emergency. The type that I will need my RLFs to drop everything and be there for me during my time of crisis.

They re-opened McDonalds in my town.

If you are just tuning in to my little sorted world, you need to know that my (not our, MY) McDonalds burnt down about 6 or 7 monts ago. Best thing that every happened to me. I lost like 20 pounds.

It's not what you think. Although I liked the food (particularly fries, what self-respecting American doesn't) it was the Coke that got me. So, I gave up Coke from McDonalds and lost a boat-load of weight.

Can we go, can we go, can we go? The cherubs chant? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I am calling in all my favors. If you are one of my friends and you cried on my shoulder at any time in your life or I helped you in is my turn now. I NEED YOU.

Take my keys. No Coke for me.

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Kris said...

NOTHING tastes as good as thin feels!!!! Keep up the great work. You look amazing!