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Monday, June 16, 2008

Must Clean

I admit, I am the type of person that literally slumps into a depresssion-like-state when my house is a mess. It is almost like I am frozen. I feel sad and lose all ability to make decisions and take actions. I know, weird.

So...then somehow the switch flips and I go nuts. I clean. I pick up. Until finally it looks like my cute little house again.

When hubby is traveling I usually let the house go for at least a day. It is like a one is keeping track. The kids don't care. They love just being able to play. No chores for mommy! Today however, I couldn't do it. We went to the car cleaning place in town and cleaned out the car. What a pit it was! Then at home, I picked up the house while the cherubs chilled out.

Now...ready to finish my report cards (and watch DeAnna pick some men on The Bachelor) I am relaxing in my clean house, with a candle lit to keep me calm.


youarekiddingme said...

Such a calm, peace comes over me when my house is neat, tidy, and clean. It actually lifts my mood! I Love It!

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

I hope you disinfected and bleached everything so no one else gets sick!

Just checking now for flights to MB in October....

Here we come!