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Our life is full of wonderful, chaotic, blessed, hysterical, insane, magical, sad, scary, sweet, mind boggling, moments. While balancing life with 3 cherubs, parents, sisters, BIL, In-laws, 1 teaching career, and many good friends; I find that our life is moving far toooo fast. It is important to cherish and record the moments as we consistently try to balance our scale (God forbid I make a photo album)! MB

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fishy Business

As Bruce from Finding Nemo shouts, "WE'RE HAVING FISH TONIGHT!" I surprised hubby and made a wonderful fish dinner. Here are the family reactions to this new dish:

Hubby: Couldn't get enough. Scraped the kids plates for leftovas. Thanked me twice for a great meal and he did the dishes. I should make fish every night!

Cherub 1: Literally pretended to gag. Good enough performance deserved an oscar. Told me it was chewy and spit it out. Drama Queen.

Cherub 2: Loved it. Couldn't get enough. Wrote me a love letter after. "I love mom, she is so beautiful." Again, I should make fish every night!

Cherub 3: Helped me cook it. Liked it. However, was 'full' fast.

Me: Had fun making it with cherub 3. Loved it. 2 hours later. Hated it. I have been in the powder room ever since. Trust me, powdering my nose is not involved.

Yummy fish $8
Cookbook $15
5 pound weight loss via the runs - Priceless

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ridin' the Current

Hubby & I went to a friends' wedding last night. True to the invitations words, 'cocktail reception', the guests were quite receptive to the cocktails. They were flowing. The flow was a tad too strong I think. Looking back now it was more like a strong cocktail current. I was no exception, I rode the current all night.

The only cocktail that I was missing was, In The Trenches, rlf, S's vitamin cocktail. She is like the Gestapo at 2am after a heavy night of drinking. She makes us all drink 2 HUGE waters while downing a handful of carefully selected vitamins. I would tell you the mix but to be honest, I don't remember (hello, keep up, it is always at least 2am after a heavy night of drinking). I just know she makes you take them and lists off the benefits while you drink away a vitamin C, and others? AND we love her for that because...

Whatever current you have ridden on any given night, if you follow her directions, your handova will not come. I said I was missing both S and her cocktail. This morning, feeling good? Notsomuch.

I called S part way through the night to tell her I was gearing up for our girls weekend (a mere 11 days away!). I bought a pack of cigarettes last night. My first pack eva. To be clear, I don't smoke. I hate the smell of smoke, the taste of smoke and the smell of it on people's hair, breath and clothes. However, every year when I go away with my girls, I turn into the closet smoker (after riding a strong cocktail current). So I only smoked one, horrified hubby and myself and giggled as I stored the rest for our trip.

Needless to say, after many cocktails, partaking in a rotten stinkin' habit, minus S's cocktail was the recipe to a nice big, well deserved hangova.

Friday, September 26, 2008


Luggage. That is the cherub's every Friday night. They are so wiped from their week it is actually kind of funny. They are chillin' in front of Barnyard right now. They don't even have the energy to fight with each other. They must be tired.

Doggy Emergency

Haley- beloved family doggy
age 10
(I know, isn't she cute!)

Our first baby, our dog Haley, had a seizure today. Probably a mini-stroke following complications from Lymes Disease. They are not sure yet. Thankfully she is ok though! Cherub 3 and I were sitting playing Candyland and Haley was acting strange. Gasping, left side of her mouth droopy and her backend shaking. It was scary.

The strangest thing is that I have had my share of emergencies. Mom with strokes, Dad with heartattacks, kids needing stitches etc. I am always calm, decisive, and very matter of fact about the steps to take to make everyone ok. I usually breakdown after the emergency is over. Notsomuch today.

Haley was mid-seizure and I was pan-ick-ing! I called hubby to ask him what to do. Dah! How 'bout the vet? That would have been a good call to make. It was like I lost all sense of reason. Anyway, he calmed me and met me at the vet where I proceeded to excuse myself twice in tears. Get a grip already.

Thankfully she is acting great with no apparent neurological damage that is impairing her physically. They ran some blood tests and will call me tomorrow. It has been a couple of hours and I am still shaken.

We love our puppy. She is like our first 'baby'. We are blessed she is ok.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome back Grey's & The List

Armed with snacks, beverages and anticipation, baby sis & I settled in for Grey's Anatomy. It was... ok. Some questions:

1. Why was it snowing in Seattle in September? Global Warming?

2. How could you simply forgive your hubby for 'being' w/ your best friend? Insanity?

3. Will Meredith ever not be needy? You've got McDreamy. Get a grip!

4. What was up with Maverick Army Man? Can you say illegally de-impaling people?

The season finale was unbelievable so I guess it couldn't achieve the same. It was...good. We love it when Denny makes appearances. He is right up there with, if not surpasses, McDreamy and McSteamy. Denny's on the list.

What list? Hello, all girls should have their own lists. I know my friends do. If something happens to hubby-for whatever reason-it is the list of men to take their place. Here is my list (not in any particular order):

Rob Lowe,
Michael Vartan,
Jason Lewis.

Of course no one could replace hubby!

Hmmm, I feel like I am forgetting one. I must be tired. I'll add later.

Don't have a list? You all have to go out and getcha one.

Going House on my House!

Cleaning and organizing always makes me feel better. I am just getting rid of so much excess and putting everything I am keeping into order.

Lately, I picture my house to be a cartoon. From the outside the walls are round and buldging, buldging, buldging, little my little, until one day, POP! Explosion.

So, I am getting it together. If everything around here is organized, maybe I will be too!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Budding Entrepreneurs

Oldest nephew and his friends are budding entrepreneurs. These little sixth graders watched a couple of boys in their cafe received change from buying lunch and literally throw it out. Day after day.

Collectively, nephew and friends decided to start a kitty with this little crews discarded change. They decided that they would collect it until they had enough to afford their favorite treat from the cafe. They buy the treat and split it 6 ways once they make enough money.

Literally, what is one mans trash is ones mans snack. A lesson learned young.

chipper on the outside, ho hum on the inside

I am combatting my slummy mummyness slump this morning. If just tuning in be sure to read yesterday's post of humiliation.

On the outside: Good morning. Giggles, breakfast, healthy lunch packed, all paperwork in backpacks(on time), homework packed up, library books in backpacks, kids to school on time. Grocery shopping accomplished.

So why do I still feel slummy on the inside? Cuz if a yummy mummy ever stopped by and peaked (or smelled) my home right now they would stop in their tracks. My bathroom smells like a boys dorm lately. The laundry is ohsohigh, the unfinished paperwork pile is higher, and there is a trail where my kids have been over the last day or so.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Front Row Seat

Cherub 2 is doing great in first grade so far. Academically. Behaviourally, well that is a different story. There have been some minor growing pains. He is the class clown. You know it's going to be interesting when the teacher calls the first day of school and consistently every so many days.

Tonight hubby & I were scheduled to go to open house. We were determined that we would be prompt, together, representing a united front in the partnership we have been forming with the teacher. She knows he cares about him behaviourally, now we show her academically.

Open house was scheduled from 6:30-8:00pm. Depending on your grade you went to a principal presentation first, then classroom one or the other way around. We promptly arrived and went to the principals presentation. I was almost giddy upon arriving at the classroom doorstep 30 minutes later. Then we stopped in our tracks as we went to enter. Silence. Just Mrs. First Grade speaking. Since it was apparent that Mrs. First Grade was well into her presentation and the parents had that glossy eyed look, it was a definite sign we had missed alot.

I had clearly reversed the order and gone to grade two's presentation and we were disruptively walking in half way through the classroom. OF COURSE, cherub 2 sits in the front row (remember he is the class clown) on the opposite side of the room so we had to interrupt, walk in front of the speaking teacher when she told us where to sit. Let's just say, hubby shot me 'the look' the whole time we were there. Not happy. Humiliated. Utterly humiliating.

Some united front. More like the discombobulated behinds.

I proceeded to beat myself up emotionally for the rest of the night. How can I be so stupid? How can 200 families get it right and one never get it right? Me. That is how. I feel like slummy mummy. I am slummy mummy. I need to feel like the yummy mummy characters for just one day. Dressed right, look right, act right, do right. How about something in between?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pats Game: Its a snooza when they looza!

I feel like Chandler from Friends. There are so many jokes I can make about die-hard Pats fan BIL's nap at yesterday's Pats game (tickets given to FIL from BIL for Father's Day) I don't know which one to write first. I've decided to go with a top ten list.

Top 10 Reasons why NOT to nap at a Pats Game:
10. Money. A nap in the stand costs approximately $100.
9. Time. The ride to the game took 2 hours.
8. Sun. If no-one turns you over, you might get a sunburn.
7. FF. With no movement you are sure to get fanny fatigue.
6. Hunger. You can't munch on yummy stadium snacks if you are snoozin.
5. Thirst. You can't partake in yummy stadium beverages if you are snoozin.
4. Half Time. You might miss any entertainment offered.
3. New Friends. You won't make any if you are snoozin.
2. Old Friends. You can't chat with the ones you came with if you are snoozin.
And the #1 reason why NOT to nap at the Pats Game is:
1. You'll end up on your SIL's blog. :o)

BIL, maybe you can catch the highlights on the news tonight. :o)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I am thankful for my gentlemen of a hubby that drove me to the doctor's office Friday because I was so feverish and dizzy I would have crashed myself. Thank you for caring for me.

The Ramifications
So I pretty much fell into a throat infection, fever filled coma for 2 1/2 days. That is right. Thur-Sat in bed. Very ill. I am back in action, barely. Digging through the mess of mommy being sick. You know what that means. Laundry piles, cleaning, all the stuff no-one did while I was lying in bed dying. Leads me to weird thoughts like, what would everything be like if god-forbid something actually happened to me?

Should We Wait
How long do you wait in your doctor's office for an appointment? I wait on the average of an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. Hmmm. My FIL will not wait. He has made it clear to his doctor that his time is just as valuable and you know what? They take him. On time. Every time. Or he walks out. I get the occasional emergency but hello people, call it what it is, overbooking. Just like the airlines. They all overbook and hope no-one gets ticked off. Do you wait?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

That voice in your head...what's it saying?

Do you ever talk to yourself? You know like be your own coach in your head. For instance, when hubby tells me he is going golfing again (and again). I mutter in my own head, "traveling doesn't count for time away, it is his fun time, I have to be nice, be a good wife, say great!, don't make a face while saying great".

I know. I have issues.

Let me tell you about my...

Dear BIL,

I can't say 'remodel', that is your line. However, we are about to get windows (thankfully since ours are rotting from the outside in). So I know I owe you this conversation...

Let me tell you about!

See, you're not bored yet right? (BIL is afraid he is boring people. Trust me! You are not. We love hearing about good things like...remodels.)


How do you mark your balls?

(This conversation took place in August while on vacation.)

Dad: I mark my balls with a ...
Hubby: I mark my balls with a ...
Dad: Hey, I wonder how BIL marks his balls...
Me: Wha? (I walk in in the middle of this conversation and burst into giggles.)
Hubby: What is so funny?
Me: What balls are you marking?
Hubby & Dad: Golf balls! (Realizing how this all sounds, they start laughing hysterically.)
Me: Imagine this conversation not understanding it was about golf! I would mark mine with shamrocks.

We discuss that we think BIL might put like a happy face or something on his balls. However, this could be too much work. It goes on and on.

So, golfers, how do you mark yours balls?

it's all about the shoes i guess

Me: What would you like to wear today?
Cherub 1: My mickey mouse crocks.
Me: Ok, naked girl, would you be wearing any clothes with those crocks?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Promotion Day

I have been all over the board. I have been:

A FT working mom with babies in daycare
A PT days working mom with babies in PT daycare
A PT night working mom with no daycare, yet no sleep to speak of
A FT stay at home mom
A FT student going back for masters, FT mom to three
A FT teacher with kids in school and or daycare.

So as you can see, I can relate to your troubles, in some form. Whether it is daycare, diapers, commuting, boredom, stress, puking, bosses, sleep deprivation, blablabla. Whatever. I have had my share.

Don't worry. I am going to get to the point.

A friend confided in me today that she is at the FT stay at home mom stage and her college friends are all 'successful', working out of the house. She is feeling like she can't relate. I totally felt her pain-having been there. Being a FT stay at home mom can be very isolating. Isolated, even slightly, can make woman think crazy. The type of thinking that leads them to believe they are not as successful.

My question is, why do we not see how important and valuable we are while raising our kids whether we have a second job outside the house or not? I wanted to hug her. I tried to assure her that she has to change her thinking so she doesn't keep going down. If you have to, think of yourself as the CEO of your household. Any mom, again, whether or not she has a second job, probably makes more decisions that directly impact a human emotionally or physically in one day than a 'real' CEO does.

Give yourself a promotion to CEO. You deserve it!

it all depends on the list

We were supposed to go to the grocery store Sunday. Too much going on. Not to worry, Mom and Dad gave us a roll of TP (member they live next door). Monday's the day.

Nope, Monday I worked. McEDee's for dinner (zip it-I can't be June Cleaver everyday). No worries. Tuesday is a 1/2 day of school so no early am lunch making necessary. Tuesday it will be.

Sorry, cherub 2 sick. No store for you. We can live without....errrrrr. Put on the breaks.

IT IS NOT OK. We are having a chocolate jimmie shortage. My new kick, WW (weight watcher) icecream. ONLY TWO points at a wack. Top with chocolate jimmies and it feels real!

Yup, priorities once again in place. Who cares if the kids can wipe properly or eat a healthy sandwich. I need to drown my day in pretend icecream and jimmies. Fever or no fever, we are hitting the store tomorrow.

two storms a'brewin in our home


I came home from subbing yesterday to find this! Hubby is in TX right now (luckily, far enough away from the Hurricane devastation) but hello? Did a wind gust escape up North?? It must have been pretty windy to flip our really big outside toys onto its side!

Maybe the gusts were the aftermath of hurricane cherub2? Yesterday morning he was a bear. Not dressing. Not eating. Not washing. Not smiling. Not cooperating. Eventually he pulled it together to go to school. He came home with a sore throat, belly ache and fever. Sounds like another type of storm brewed. Now, hurricane 2 is home not feeling well (poor little guy), yet happier.

Storms have past.

Ode to Dad

photo- Dad & cherub 1
Pop's Birthday September 10, 2008

Ode to Dad

D ad, I hope your bday wishes come true
A ll I know is you are our family rock
D ie hard Red Sox fan, Patriots too
D o you know how much we love you?
Y ou are my friend, my hero, my dad

Friday, September 12, 2008

Smells like?

Cherub 3: What is that?
Me: My perfume.
Cherub 3: Why do you where it?
Me: It makes me smell pretty.
Cherub 3: But mom, you already smell pretty! (Takes a big wif.) You smell like flowers and fruit.

We'll keep him.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I was giddy. Hubby asked me to go golfing today while the kids were in school. A long lunch hour for him. An afternoon without chores for me. A chance to reconnect for both of us.

He broke our date. That is right. His cousin called to go golfing with him. He trumped me. I get it cause he hasn't seen him in weeks but hey, would he drop anyone for a better offer? That is the question I asked him. He of course apologized. Bla. Bla.

He asked me to hire a sitter so we can go out tomorrow night. He is definitely feeling guilty b/c he even offered to go furniture shopping. I guess I will be over it quickly when I am sitting on my new family room furniture. :o)

Silence, Prayers, Thoughts

A moment of silence. 7 years ago today. September 11, 2001.

Keep on swimming, swimming, swimming

Another world. That is where hubby thinks he is. His house smells like cleaning agents instead of, well, filth. His clothes are clean, folded, ready to go. Dinner (and all other meals) are prepared and nutritious. His wife has exercised everyday this week, has gotten things in order and hasn't missed any important appointments.

That is what 3 hours free everyday does for you. I haven't had free time in 9 years. At first I circled around my house like a shark. What do I do, what do I do? Of course, I found plenty. However, with hubby home this week, it was calm. Felt like I was swimming in the shallow end. At anytime I could pop up, float for a moment, take a breath, get help from hubby.

Although I have enjoyed my first free week, especially with hubby here, I am looking forward to the next two (work) days. I am going in to teach. The downside, hubby is heading to TX for work next week. So, we go from calm to crazy.

Tomorrow, this fish will swim in both home waters and 3rd grade waters. Next week, we'll be back in deep waters. Good bye shallow end, hello, deep end.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Night Olympics

Ok, I know I just posted the Ps and Qs, but I swear, I am not lying. Cherub 1 just wondered out of her room (hooray that she didn't have an accident) and I helped her into the bathroom. She usually just takes care of business and gets back into bed.

Hubby just came up from the cave (office in basement) with her. He helps her to bed and comes out and told me she just wondered down and walked right by him. Kept on going.

So, now you know why we call it the night olympics in our home. Last night two cherubs had accidents. Switching sheets, pjs, beds. Tonight we are obviously getting an early start.

Nocturnal Neighbors

It is so bizarre. We have neighbors that have one little boy. He is one year older than cherub 2 (7 yr). Around 10 or 10:30pm he comes outside with his dad to play. Yes, almost only at night. They don't have any of those rare allergic to the sun diseases or I just don't get it. How about bed? Heard of a thing called a school night? Maybe they are related to bats.

Ps and Qs

Relaxing in front of the tube, cherub 2 comes out crying. "Did you have a bad dream?" I ask. He cries harder and nods yes. I gently pull him onto my lap and rock him. "It's ok buddy, it was just a bad dream."

Hmmm, that is a weird feeling. Warm. Hmmm? Wet. Nooooo! He pee'd on me. I rush him into the bathroom where he proceeds to pee all over the floor. Awesome.

Someday, he'll realized that I blogged about this (all the Ps) and be mad that readers didn't mind their Qs.

(Am I?) Making Wind

Before school today, cherub 3 hops in the jogging stroller, snack in tow so mommy can go for a run. I am 10 minutes in and going down (finally instead of up) a hill and cherub 3 asks, "Mommy, are you jogging?"

Me: Pant. "Uh, huh."
Cherub 3: "Oh." The disappointment palpable in his voice.

It wasn't obvious? There I was dying because I was running so fast and he could barely tell. Sigh.

Bus Ride- Day 2

Waiting for bus....happy, hopeful, mommy holding her breath, starting to rain...
starting to thunder and lightening...
starting to wonder, will it come?

Yay! It arrives!

Cherub 3 never looked back (for a decent picture) as he hopped onto the bus today.

50's is Fabulous

Yesterday, we were so 50's. No travel for Daddy.

Normal everday dinner:

Plus Dad makes family:

We were so NORMAL yesterday. So 50's. So fabulous. So unlike us. Dinner together. Sharing our day. Two parents to share bike ride, take walks, keep order, giggle, give baths, read stories.

I treasure the moments.

Positive or Negative Power

I finally finished my Sept 4th post on power. Check it out.

It is a million times harder to find the fault in oneself than in others.

First Day of Kindergarten (Yesterday)

(Pre-requisite to story: anyone remember last year? Cherub 2 waited everyday for a week. No kindergarten bus. It is not like we live in the woods or something either.)

First Day of Kindergarten from Cherub 3

8:10am: Posing with cherubs 1&2. I am ALL ready. I can't' wait to get on that bus after lunch! Backpack on, ready to go! (Just three hours to go.)

11:25am: I am sooooo excited! The time has come! I can go on the bus! Mom & I played eye-spy while waiting. It is fun.

20 minutes later: Still smiley, posing with Nana & Pops for pictures. Bus soon...

40 minutes later: Sick of waiting, cherub 3 plops himself in the middle of the road.

50 minutes later: Daddy, where is the busssssss? Why isn't it comingggggg?

51 minutes later: In the car, zoom to school, wave bye to Mom & Dad! Mom & Dad spend 20 minutes in the office trying to work out the kinks.

Despite the bus follies, cherub 3 LOVED his first day of school yesterday. Let's pray for the bus to pick us up today!

Favorite things about his first day of school:
1)Recess (it was really fun)
2)Gym (they have their OWN hockey stuff, even though I didn't use it yet)

First Day of Kindergarten from Mom

School Days
He started school this morning,
And he seemed so very small.
As I walked there beside him
In the Kindergarten hall...
And I must share my little boy
With friends and work and play;
He's not a baby anymore-
He's in Kindergarten today.

-First Day of Kindergarten School Poem, Author Unknown

Friday, September 5, 2008

You Know What I Did Last Night?

Cherub 3 (on the right) and baby cousin. As I was watching them chat casually over their juice boxes, leaning on the mini-van, my imagination fast forwarded 15 years:

They may being saying, "You know what I did last night?", chatting casually over a couple of beers, leaning on their rides.

What's the Rage?

Right before hubby & I got married I took a second job at a local gift store to help defray the cost of my credit card debt. See how nice I made that sound? Fine. I was paying off my MILLIONS of credit cards.

I used to love working in the gift section. It was somehow therapetic to dust the shelves, make the gifts look pretty and display everything in a catchy way so people bought stuff. (Be quiet! Yes, I used to actually ENJOY dusting.)

I HATED working in the card section. By the end of a card section shift I would have greeting card rage. That's right. Envelopes, cards. Envelopes, cards. Everything looks pretty. Then some romantic smuck comes in and reads EVERY card in the 'I love my man' section and puts them back in all the wrong places. Fix them. Start all over. This cycle leaves you feeling like the job is never done. Hence, GC rage at the romantic smuck.

Here's where I am going with this (I know, I am acting like a true Irishman telling a story and NEVER getting to the point), my life at home is like the card section. I pick up, put back, pick up, put back. Then the cherubs blow through the joint and leave a trail. Everyday. Eighty times a day. Never fails.

To avoid toy rage, I need a new system. One that gets them to pick up their own stuff! Ahh, imagine that.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Day of School

Ah, the first day of school was yesterday for cherubs 1 & 2. Here are some photos the cherubs as they started their day. Cherub 3 met his teacher today and can't wait to start K on Monday!


It is a dangerous thing. It escapes practically no-one, as I learned the other day.

Many people want to be in charge, make a decision, feel that people need them, feel like they make the rules, feel they need to lecture people about the rules. Does power make people feel good??

As most of my readers know, I started teaching last year. As hubby would say, during the first 6 months, we were 'holding on by a thread'. In other words, we were still great parents, our kids were happy and healthy, life continued. However, some things slipped. Housework. Paperwork. Organization. So one of the things I messed up was I missed the CCD sign ups (CCD=religious classes at our church).

Not a world catastropie, not the end of the world, let's keep perspective. Right?

I am not sure why, but I decided to share the news with a bunch of people in my life that the church's response to me was that they will accept my money but I can't pick cherub 1's class, A.K.A. -she get punished for my mistake. So the church (the focal point of our little world that teaches us to be gracious and forgive mistakes) was notsomuch following their own example. Sorry, slacker, your kids can learn but NOT with their friends because you were a bad girl. We'll place her with some strangers. That will make her feel welcome and at home. I guess that is what happens when you don't mail your paperwork on time. Hmmm, forgiveness? No, power.

Many of the people I shared this info with reacted with the 'how could you let that one slip' attitude and the 'let me tell you why the church acts as they do-the reasons that places have application deadlines'. Notsomuch what I needed.
Has anyone every leaned on people for understanding? Not expecting to be told they are right or wrong. Just leaning on someone. NOT to get advice or be ASSURED they are screwed or they screwed up. Just leaning on someone-because we KNOW we screwed up and we don't like the consequences. Those people used their power on me. Power to put me in my place (not necessarily intentionally).

What happened you ask?

I met with the church people yesterday. Looking back, I guess I used power too. Words. Positive power. I killed them kindness. I apologized (and I meant it). I know it is frustrating when people are late. I've been on the other side. I am human. Aren't we all? In the end, lucky for me I had offered to co-teach so cherub 1 stays with her people. My other power, humor. Heck, I was only 4 months late! I did get a chuckle out of the coordinator.

Next year, my paperwork will (hopefully) be on time. I'm optimistic. Next year, my power might even be organization. In the meantime, I continue to be human and hope that others can accept that.

It is a million times harder to find the fault in oneself than in others.

Be careful when using your power. Tread lightly. Everyone is human.

Monday, September 1, 2008

One for the Books

RLF, G&T met us for anniversary night away (*dah* with separate rooms at the inn). It was like a flashback to pre-kid era the way we giggled our way through the 24 hour reprieve from life with kids and stress.

Anticipation will kill ya-
Normally, our 1hr, 55min trip to inlaws house takes just that, 1hr, 55min. Saturday morning, not so much. We were so excited to get away the left hand thought the right hand handled breakfast for the cherubs so 15 minutes into the ride when cherub 3 asked, "Can I have McDonalds?" we had a quick, did you feed him, no, did you conversation. So, we took a poll. 1/3 of the cherubs had breakfast. (Not such a good result. BAD parents! For the record, that was a first for us.)Stop one, pancakes to go. Stop two, I have to pee. Stop three, I have to go poopies. Finally, arrival at the inlaws. Love to stay to chat but we have to goooooooo! 2 1/2 hrs later.

Just a dab'l do ya-
Arrival. We meet G&T and head to the tent set up at the inn. They are having a vodka and beer tasting. Twist our arms. Hubby convinces the taster guy to just give us some bottles (it was easier than giving us another taste). We were happy, relaxed and ready for an adventure.

Bike Bar Crawl-
We actually had so many laughs I am not sure I can re-create the day properly for all readers to understand. I will try:

****I have wet your appetite for the stories...but I am tired! Tune in tomorrow for more updates. Sorry! Nighty, night.****