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Monday, September 22, 2008

Pats Game: Its a snooza when they looza!

I feel like Chandler from Friends. There are so many jokes I can make about die-hard Pats fan BIL's nap at yesterday's Pats game (tickets given to FIL from BIL for Father's Day) I don't know which one to write first. I've decided to go with a top ten list.

Top 10 Reasons why NOT to nap at a Pats Game:
10. Money. A nap in the stand costs approximately $100.
9. Time. The ride to the game took 2 hours.
8. Sun. If no-one turns you over, you might get a sunburn.
7. FF. With no movement you are sure to get fanny fatigue.
6. Hunger. You can't munch on yummy stadium snacks if you are snoozin.
5. Thirst. You can't partake in yummy stadium beverages if you are snoozin.
4. Half Time. You might miss any entertainment offered.
3. New Friends. You won't make any if you are snoozin.
2. Old Friends. You can't chat with the ones you came with if you are snoozin.
And the #1 reason why NOT to nap at the Pats Game is:
1. You'll end up on your SIL's blog. :o)

BIL, maybe you can catch the highlights on the news tonight. :o)

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