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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fishy Business

As Bruce from Finding Nemo shouts, "WE'RE HAVING FISH TONIGHT!" I surprised hubby and made a wonderful fish dinner. Here are the family reactions to this new dish:

Hubby: Couldn't get enough. Scraped the kids plates for leftovas. Thanked me twice for a great meal and he did the dishes. I should make fish every night!

Cherub 1: Literally pretended to gag. Good enough performance deserved an oscar. Told me it was chewy and spit it out. Drama Queen.

Cherub 2: Loved it. Couldn't get enough. Wrote me a love letter after. "I love mom, she is so beautiful." Again, I should make fish every night!

Cherub 3: Helped me cook it. Liked it. However, was 'full' fast.

Me: Had fun making it with cherub 3. Loved it. 2 hours later. Hated it. I have been in the powder room ever since. Trust me, powdering my nose is not involved.

Yummy fish $8
Cookbook $15
5 pound weight loss via the runs - Priceless

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