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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Front Row Seat

Cherub 2 is doing great in first grade so far. Academically. Behaviourally, well that is a different story. There have been some minor growing pains. He is the class clown. You know it's going to be interesting when the teacher calls the first day of school and consistently every so many days.

Tonight hubby & I were scheduled to go to open house. We were determined that we would be prompt, together, representing a united front in the partnership we have been forming with the teacher. She knows he cares about him behaviourally, now we show her academically.

Open house was scheduled from 6:30-8:00pm. Depending on your grade you went to a principal presentation first, then classroom one or the other way around. We promptly arrived and went to the principals presentation. I was almost giddy upon arriving at the classroom doorstep 30 minutes later. Then we stopped in our tracks as we went to enter. Silence. Just Mrs. First Grade speaking. Since it was apparent that Mrs. First Grade was well into her presentation and the parents had that glossy eyed look, it was a definite sign we had missed alot.

I had clearly reversed the order and gone to grade two's presentation and we were disruptively walking in half way through the classroom. OF COURSE, cherub 2 sits in the front row (remember he is the class clown) on the opposite side of the room so we had to interrupt, walk in front of the speaking teacher when she told us where to sit. Let's just say, hubby shot me 'the look' the whole time we were there. Not happy. Humiliated. Utterly humiliating.

Some united front. More like the discombobulated behinds.

I proceeded to beat myself up emotionally for the rest of the night. How can I be so stupid? How can 200 families get it right and one never get it right? Me. That is how. I feel like slummy mummy. I am slummy mummy. I need to feel like the yummy mummy characters for just one day. Dressed right, look right, act right, do right. How about something in between?

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Kris said...

Yummy Mummy has nothing on you! Your kids adore you. Pick up that chin!!!