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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome back Grey's & The List

Armed with snacks, beverages and anticipation, baby sis & I settled in for Grey's Anatomy. It was... ok. Some questions:

1. Why was it snowing in Seattle in September? Global Warming?

2. How could you simply forgive your hubby for 'being' w/ your best friend? Insanity?

3. Will Meredith ever not be needy? You've got McDreamy. Get a grip!

4. What was up with Maverick Army Man? Can you say illegally de-impaling people?

The season finale was unbelievable so I guess it couldn't achieve the same. It was...good. We love it when Denny makes appearances. He is right up there with, if not surpasses, McDreamy and McSteamy. Denny's on the list.

What list? Hello, all girls should have their own lists. I know my friends do. If something happens to hubby-for whatever reason-it is the list of men to take their place. Here is my list (not in any particular order):

Rob Lowe,
Michael Vartan,
Jason Lewis.

Of course no one could replace hubby!

Hmmm, I feel like I am forgetting one. I must be tired. I'll add later.

Don't have a list? You all have to go out and getcha one.

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More, More, More said...

McDreamy is def on my list... McSteamy too. I can't think of who else would be on there though right now.