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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Keep on swimming, swimming, swimming

Another world. That is where hubby thinks he is. His house smells like cleaning agents instead of, well, filth. His clothes are clean, folded, ready to go. Dinner (and all other meals) are prepared and nutritious. His wife has exercised everyday this week, has gotten things in order and hasn't missed any important appointments.

That is what 3 hours free everyday does for you. I haven't had free time in 9 years. At first I circled around my house like a shark. What do I do, what do I do? Of course, I found plenty. However, with hubby home this week, it was calm. Felt like I was swimming in the shallow end. At anytime I could pop up, float for a moment, take a breath, get help from hubby.

Although I have enjoyed my first free week, especially with hubby here, I am looking forward to the next two (work) days. I am going in to teach. The downside, hubby is heading to TX for work next week. So, we go from calm to crazy.

Tomorrow, this fish will swim in both home waters and 3rd grade waters. Next week, we'll be back in deep waters. Good bye shallow end, hello, deep end.

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