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Our life is full of wonderful, chaotic, blessed, hysterical, insane, magical, sad, scary, sweet, mind boggling, moments. While balancing life with 3 cherubs, parents, sisters, BIL, In-laws, 1 teaching career, and many good friends; I find that our life is moving far toooo fast. It is important to cherish and record the moments as we consistently try to balance our scale (God forbid I make a photo album)! MB

Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

All Dressed Up, Ready for Treats!

Dracula, 20s Flapper & Darth Vadar

Puttin on the Ritz!

20s Flapper in Action

Trick or Treat at Nana & Pops!

Too Pooped to Whoop- Sugar High turns Sugar Low

Two Down

AND One on the Phone!

Cherub 2 giving an absolutely hilarious recap of trick or treating, candy and a haunted house visit to Grammy & Grampy on the phone. He had hubby & I in stitches!

Carving Pumpkins!

Block those ears.

Earache smurf. That is me for 4 days running. The pain hasn't gotten better even thought I have been popping motrin. Right now, if a good gust of air hits my ear it hurts. Dah, maybe I should go to the doctor.

Myster Reader

Cherub 2's teacher invited me in to be a mystery reader today. The students know that someone is coming in but do not know who. Dressed in my Halloween flipflops and BOO necklace, I suprised him in class.

As any mom knows, there are not a TON of moments in life when you feel appreciated. When I saw the look of sheer joy and love on cherub 2's face when he realized I was cup runneth over. He gave me a big hug and kiss and told me he was glad I was there to read.

I read The Little Green Witch to them and will always treasure my short visit that resparked something in me to realize that they may (NEVER) not always show it with their (tantrums) actions, but they do love us...those little cherubs!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

If you let hubby help with homework mommy will eat candy.

This is me. Oh, you can't see me? That is because I am buried underneath the wrappers of my stress snack. I have buried myself in what would be tears. Why?

This is what hubby will fork over. Many dollars. For causing cherub 1's trama that will send her into therapy.

Confused. That is what cherub 1 is. After hubby tried to "help" her with her homework. Today's math homework wanted cherub 1 to write "why" two lines were perpendicular. Like many third graders she could verbally tell you why but was trying to tell hubby that she "didn't know how" to write it. In other words, "I can't remember what I said the answer was". Hubby totally misunderstood her "I don't how how" to thinking she was just faking it and didn't want to do the work. He rose his voice in frustration and sent her to her room. (That was after he was unsure of the definition of perpendicular was and despite having her written definition made her go on the internet with him to ensure they were doing it right. DESPITE the fact that I taught third grade last year and confirmed that she was right.)

This is what cherub 1 buried her tears in. Which leads us back to...

What I buried my tears in.
So helpful.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can you find what is missing?

Cherub 2 placed his tooth under his pillow tonight anxiously awaiting the tooth fairies visit.

(I thanked my lucky stars that he lost his tooth first. Cherub 3 has had a loose tooth for a month. If he lost his first I think we would have had a disaster on our hands.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Half As Much

Happy 41st Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad!

If hubby and I can have half as much love and dedication in our marriage as you both show to each other we will be very lucky!

We love you!

picture~Mom & Dad sharing their faith with cherub 1 on her 1st Communion

House A.D.D.

Officially, we bought a new house on Friday. That is the offer was accepted and we are entering a new rat race. One we are VERY familiar with since this will be our fifth house since we got married. Yes. We are nomads. It's like we have house ADD.

But as friend B asked, "Is this THE house?" Yes, it is the one we have been waiting for. The ideal set up and space for us. Which leads us to our usual pattern of action...

Hubby has a track record. We live in a home for a long time (in our world 2-4 years) and then we buy a new house. To sell, hubby has to finish all his unfinished, half started projects.

Our last house we got all new carpets and took down the velvet, red, flowered wallpaper that had plagued our living room for a LONG time. With a fresh paint job...time to sell.

The one before that got a new outside paint job. Looked great. Time to sell.

Sunday, I watch as he paints the trim. Last week, he painted the garage door. Soon he will make my laundry room/mud room look all pretty.

His comment? "Why do you think it takes me selling a house to finish all my jobs?"

My response. Not wanting to state the obvious and diagnose him with house A.D.D., I regress to a simple answer. Shrug. "Time to sell."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pearls on the Necklace of Life

Last week we learned first hand that life is fragile and sometimes too short. Much too short. A dear friend of our lost her dad too early in life and our hearts and prayers are with her and her family everyday to give them strength to find peace.

With such an emotional start to the week, it was like the cherubs could sense that the world was not in harmony. Aside from hubby being away 2/3 of the cherubs were 'off' all week. In addition, we were bidding on our latest nomad home. With the stress mounting higher and higher, I was more than relieved to see hubby walk through that door Thur night.

When re-living the week in my head now, I try to grasp onto the pearl-esque moments that strung the week together like a necklace.

Pearl-esque moments to cherish~
*When angry over my friends loss, a beautiful, true to the heart sermon from a priest tackled our anger, fears and doubts. He read my mind that I was questioning my faith and gave me that flicker I needed. Faith, hope, love.

*Thirteen really giggly Brownies (aka young girl scouts) making paper mache' pumpkins at our first meeting. They really got into making a mess!

*Cherub 1 entering the hulahoop contest at Fri nights Halloween party. Those hips were swinging!

*Cherub 2 almost made his first soccer goal in Saturday's game. He is a scrappy little fellow. Just like Daddy. We were screaming with cheers!

*Cherub 3 adopted Grampy's Frankenstein mask this weekend and loves scaring everyone!

*Spending precious times with friends Sat night. Laughing together, making sense of life together.

*Sharing a Sunday with both our families. We are blessed that my family and hubby's family gets along so well. Blessed to share our life together.

*Listening to cherub 2 read me a WHOLE book!

*Watching cherub 3 write the alphabet in lowercase. All proud.

*Cracking up as cool cherub 1 introduces me to the latest and greatest hip singers like Demi Lovato and watching her sing like she is on stage herself.

Life is precious, short, on a delicate string. Just like the pearls.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Up & Down on our SCARY Ride (PG-13 Language)

We have entered pre-teen hell.


Yesterday, cherub 2 screamed (like someone was killing her) for a 1/2 hour during the morning routine b/c all the clothes "made her look stupid!". For the record, she looked adorable.

She then proceeded to go out in the driveway with her "stupid" outfit on so we could go to the busstop and SCREAM BLOODY MURDER outside too. I am quite certain the neighbors think we are slightly crazy.

During her 18th tantrum we missed the bus. (Arggh.)

I wanted to FREAK out. Unfortunately, I had to set an example of how to handle your emotions. We calmly got in the car and put on some relaxing music and took the LOOOOONG way to school. By the time she was there she calm. Cool. Collected.

Me? Calm on the outside, really MAD on the inside.


The day prior to that, she refused (for the 8th week) to wear her brand new outfit that she BEGGED me for when buying school clothes. I had a small tantrum and hit a new low as a mom. I told her if she didn't start wearing it she would have to pay me back for it! She continued to refuse so I told her she owed me $35 and explained it would take her forever to pay me out of her allowance. Her answer? "I don't care!" So she now owes me money.

Not sure, but I am pretty sure that I didn't win that argument. I will collect my first payment this week.


After school each day-happy as a lark. Oh, the emotional roller coaster we ride.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Finished. Readers, be sure to scroll down and start from the backwards. Enjoy! I had fun reliving it while posting.

PS- Traveling friends. I realized I left out the whoop-whoop (or was it yip yip), licks, ciggys in strange parts, and taxi wrestling matches. Hmmm.

BB2008 Monday

Roomie and I woke up and decided that maybe our bed wasn't so comfortable. We decided that we must have gotten a good night sleep the other two night b/c we were in fact, alcohol induced. :o)

Up, pack, and head to Cracker Barrel for one last breakfast. Yum.

Airport, here we come. So we all agree that I am definitely going to be paying since my suitcase was 47 pounds to begin with and the limit is 50. So when the sweet southern gentlemen on the curb of the airport asked if we wanted to check in outside or inside, I practically YELLED, OUTSIDE! Yes, outside, WITHOUT the scale. He saved my butt.

It was great to go home, see the kids, hubby. It was great to get away. Invigorating, a blast, liberating. We always share our stories, our troubles, our hysterical jokes, our friendship. We had the best of times.

Girls, Charlotte (my new identity) loves ya!

BB2008 (new name credited to random condo woman who offered to take our photo) was the best. Can't wait till next year!

BB2008 Sunday

My wake up call, hubby.

H: What are you doing?
Me: Sleeping.
H: What did you do last night.
Me: Sigh. (Aren't I away? I bed. Sleeping?)

See, the first migration to Myrtle four years ago brought many, many adventures. Free Journey tickets, excessive amounts of shopping, drinks, and cigarettes. Leading to a visit to a not-so-virtuous establishments. So, hubby is always far too curious about our whereabouts. Makin sure we weren't overdoing it at the establishments we visit. I think it is funny. But not first thing in the morning when I PAID to fly far away to sleep.

He was also waking me up b/c he needed an answer NOW about whether or not I wanted to put an offer on the house we were considering. (Just tuning in, foreclosure that is great.) Yup, I want to think about something on my VACATION.

I put it out of my head for a while. We all went to breakfast and enjoyed some yummy food.

50% of us went back to the outlets for more. Not me. I was in the other 50%. We went to the hot tub, pool and took a GLORIOUS 1 1/2 hour walk on the beach. Everyone else came back and joined us. Later. A NAP! On the beach. Best day ever. At the end of the day, after bouncing everything past friends and thinking it all through, I called hubby to tell him, yes. Make an offer on our dream house.

Thanks for (hounding me for a decision) I mean, the distraction hubby, back to BB. Off we went for a grownup dinner. Where we looked like this:

and this:

To a place where the drinks look more like this (rather than our fun buckets):

We were excited to have a fun time, shop a little more (can you believe it?) and head back in time to watch our friends that live on Wisteria Lane and Brothers and Sistas. The perfect day and night.

Friday, October 17, 2008

BB2008 Saturday

9am wakeup. Ahhh, beautiful. Our wine induced sleep was fabulous. Let's just re-peat that. 9am. That alone is worth the price of the airline ticket.

We shower and make our annual pilgrimage to Denny's. Since for some, Sarah's magic hangova mix didn't work so well, it was time for the curethehangova sure thing. The Grand Slam. We all felt great after waking our buts up with a BIG greasy breakfast. All pumped up for a day of shopping at the outlets. Giddy Up.

Armed with our secret cash stashes, various credit cards and coupons we hit the outlets in a BIG way. Not even the light drizzly rain was going to stop us. As one of the girls announced in a checkout line, you would never know the economy was bad by looking at the shopping going on in the SC outlets! Fav purchase? My woobies. Wha? You might ask. A black shaul from Banana Republic and gray sweater from Old Navy. Both so cumfy I want to snuggle with them. Woobies inspired by B-the movie star (see her modeling our new woobie below-yes more than one of us bought it).

So, the total damage, you ask? Check it out. Let's just say, the outlets had to re-stock after we left.

On the way home from the outlets, we stopped at the atm for cash and Walmart for (whatelse), beer. In that order. Yes, I said BEER at Walmart. I love the South. So needless to say when I went to pay at Walmart and I figured out my debit card was gone, I wasn't happy. Missing. Stuck (left actually) in the bank machine. Dah. I am an I-D-I-U-T. Luckily, I had cash already. Oh well, every trip needs a little phowpaw.

Home. Shower. All gussied up, despite the rain (what tha?). We cabbed it to the famous wing place. We sampled wings with all sorts of sauces and then had a yummy dinner. But who cares. The most important part of the meal? Being with friends, and sharing (many buckets of) these:

Which turned into slippery shots and silly smiles:

So, we fended off strange southern men that were clueless to our bitchy northern we- aren't- interested attitudes (remember, we were on vacation from the men) and tuned into the funny jokes of nearby golfers and cheered on the RedSox. Hello, of course we watched.

ZZZZZZZZz. Slippery shot induced sleep.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

BB2008 Friday

Ok, I lied. I am on the three day-post the blog plan. With much peer pressure (emails, phone calls) I am finally posting something about BB2008. It is not that I didn't want to but I have been pooped and literally have fallen asleep early every night since I returned. Must have been a good time, right? Yes, of course it was!

Feeling elated, the 6 of us boarded a non-stop flight to Myrtle Beach among all the golfers and early-bird-specialites. Apparently, we were chatting it up quite a bit b/c when we boarded our return flight home on Monday, a group of golfers commented on how they hoped we weren't as loud on the way home!

S lost the bet, her hubby called first...before we even boarded! That call cost him a round of drinks. Silly boy.

With my FORTY SEVEN pound suitcase (remember this weight for later) nestled below and my carry on filled with presents, I could sense that we were all breathing easy just knowing that for the next three nights we would be responsibility free, kidless and in the land of girlfriends. Not even the rain or the THREE dollar plane sodas could bring us down.

After landing, we picked up munchies, alcohol and take out chinese.

Hey, M, was it a good pick? Wha? You liked the chinese food? Hubby is not allowed to make any more recommendations.

S, it is ok, not everyone has a fortune.

Here is the rest of the evening; catching up, meticulous plotting of the next days outlet visit, more catching up, giggles, LOTS of wine and Sex in the City. The perfect evening for just the girls. And yes, the picture of the wine glasses is the 'present' I brought down there for everyone. They were fun to make! Roomie J and I got the best night sleep. Our bed, coupled with lots-o-wine was really comfy!

Throughout the weekend, B really got FULL mileage out of her wine glass. For her, 'B' was her drink wine, take meds, cure hangover, drink coke, everything glass. :o)

Monday, October 13, 2008

BB 2008

Bitches Bash 2008 has come and gone. All six of us were swept right back into reality today. Tune in tomrrow for details. Zzzzzzzzz.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Leavin on a Jetplane

NMB Baby! All packed and ready to meet the girls at the gate tomorrow to spend 3 glorious nights in North Myrtle Beach!

Itinerary includes many, many hours of cocktails, giggles, shopping, cocktails, spa visiting, cocktails, beaching, sleeping (yes alcohol coma induced counts), reading, cocktails, hiking (for J.), late night dancing, cocktails, and maybe even movie going.

Girls do you have your assigned items packed:

J- gouchos
S- hangover cure
M- habit forming items
B- spa info
S- new name, no more skittles (not enough colors, memba)
Me- surprise presents

Check back on Monday for details. Although, as my girls will attest, what happens in Myrtle, stays in Myrtle. Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

0 to 60

I have noticed more and more with my kids that the older they get, the fewer moments we have. We were attached by the hip. For years. Sometimes, almost annoyingly so. You know, you can't even go to the ladies room without company. Yet, on the flip side, you could paint, play games, put on plays and do puzzles for hours. Even though some of those hours seemed endless while waiting for hubby to show up at night, the majority of them were good.

Now, I find that before and after school, squeezing between homework and athletics leaves me with a strange feeling. It's almost like...not enough. You get to the point when you pray they are in a sharing type of mood so that you find out a couple of things about their days before they clam up or move to the next adventure.

It's all a right of passage though. The way it should be. It also makes me CHERISH the moments we have.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sorry Carpet Guy, I am SHOCKED just like you!

This is for all those that suffered through my last post.

Today I had the carpet cleaner guys come to my house to scrub the heck out of our family room rug and furniture. Everything smelled like our dog.

So. The carpet guy opened our recliner and was attempting to keep the back open so that he could clean the whole thing. The foot part of our recliner stays up but the back only goes back if you are applying people pressure to it. I am not sure why, just the way it is.

He obviously couldn't get it to stay open. The shy carpet guy looked at me kind of funny and turned a little pink (he was embarrassed that he couldn't figure it out).

This is what I said.

"If you think that is bad you should recline in our couch. After a beer or two, you won't be able to get it up."

Pause for reaction.

I continued (actually back-pedaled), "I mean, the back of the couch recliner thing, you can't get it to close (emphasizing the word close)."

Immediately, two strangers are completely uncomfortable around each other. I walked quickly out of the room to attend to the cherubs.

I could have melted. I am not sure I have EVER been so embarrassed.

I took my truth serum, watch out...

The truth. No one really wants to hear it. Those with a faint heart, move on to my next post. It will be lighter, funnier.

They call me the destroyer. Self destroyer.

Whenever I have an 'event' coming up where I have to where real clothes for more than a couple of days in a row (aka-not hangwithkidswear), I know that I won't measure up to how I want to look, so I torture myself. I get mad at myself. Sad. Then, I eat.

Funny. That is what got me into this mess in the first place. So in an effort to not think about how I will be traveling with my girls this weekend (who happen to be 1/2 the size as me) I literally swallow my pride. Let me be clear...they are half the size for a reason. They work hard at it. Don't think I don't know it.

But. It.Is.Ok. I am finally understanding that it took me YEARS to bulk up. It is going to take quite a while to de-bulk (since I don't have a Jillian or Bob to kick my ars on national tv). To measure, I am 3 pant sizes down from last years girls weekend. Not my goal of 5, that was my problem this week.

So...this week, instead of recognizing how far I have come, I ate a few (million)crappy snacks to wallow in my misery. Oh well. Beans spilled. Climb back on the horse. Grab ANOTHER glass of water.

Don't worry girls. I won't bring my misery down South with us (or my snacks). They won't even get through the security check. The good thing is that I have packed lighter this year. Body and Bag.

I am sure whoever my roomie for the weekend will be is going to appreciate the time saving/mess preventing packing job. I vow only to try on two outfits everytime we get ready to go out instead of 10. :o)

Singin in the Rain

I am listening to cherub 2 sing his heart out in the shower. He is so darn cute. I wish I could bottle up his melody and keep it forever.

Who's the Grownup?

No wonder I feel rested...since I slept in today.
Cherub 1: Mommy, wake up! The bus just went by!
Me: Wha? Oh, that's bad. Seriously?
Cherub 1: Are we going to be late?
Me: Ah, ya. I guess I didn't set my alarm? How does that happen?

Breakfast Blunders
Cherub 3: Guess what, look at this, guess what, look at this...
Cherub 2: STOP IT!
Cherub 3: I just want to show you something
Cherub 2: MOM, tell him to STOP IT!
Me: Ok, buddy, let them eat, we are kindof (REALLY) late.

Cherub 3 gives his cereal bowl a shove and spills the whole thing. Usually I would be all over this but since I have only like 2 more minutes to get everyone to school, I avoid major trama. I cuddle him b/c I know he is frustrated. I know it isn't his fault we are late and noone has time for him...

Cherub 2: What do I do when I get there? Is my bus still there?
This question excites me, it reminds me this is his first time being late. Not bad.
Me: Everyone already started school buddy, you need to go in QUIETLY and join whatever activity they are doing.
Cherub 2: Ok.
Trying to avoid the 'disruption' call from teacher.
Cherub 1: How late are we?
Poor thing, she is big sis's baby at heart. Hates being late. :o)
Me: You are 7 minutes late (not bad, I'm thinking). Honey, I am sorry. I must not have set my alarm. If you are up before me, just wake me up, ok?
Cherub 1: Ok, but you usually just say '10 more minutes'.
Me: (Turning red) Do I? Don't tell anyone that.
Yup, she is the grownup in the family.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blogga Fogga

Blogga Fogga. I can't blog tonight. Too tired. I am in a fog. Need to sleep. Tune in tomorrow...sorry so lame!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

One's a Lonely Number

Cherubs 2 & 3 share a bedroom. At bedtime, I asked cherub 2 to re-quaranteen himself back in my bedroom so that he doesn't give cherub 3 the flu. Cherub 3 burst into tears.

Me: What's wrong buddy?
Cherub 3: He can't sleep in your room.
Me: Oh buddy, I don't want you to get sick. It's ok.
Cherub 3: No it's not, I will be scared and lonely. I NEED COMPANY!
(Re-bursts into tears)

How cute is that! Company!

Me: Guess what. If you don't cry-and you're real brave, you can go watch big-cousin's flag football game tomorrow morning while everyone else is at CCD class.
Cherub 3: (Big smile!) Really! Will he have a helmet on?

I guess he was over needing company. Two minutes later, sound asleep.

The Nomads

We seriously have been nomads our whole married life. Here is our quick snapshot:

10 years
1 apartment
4 houses
w/ 3 kids

Do the math. We move ALOT. All for very specific reasons.

So, we are starting to pour money into this house deciding we are staying. We are talking about putting on an addition, ordering rug and furniture and last year we put in a pool.


Yesterday a house went on the market with the layout we have been dreaming about. Double garage, first floor (living rm, dining rm, family rm, laundry, bath), second floor (4 corner bedrms, 1 1/2 bath), third! floor (huge attic rm that could be used as a game/play/office rm) AND finished basement. It has over an acre of land (alot more privacy). It is owned by the bank (what isn't these days) so it is cheaper.

Perfect Right?

Wrong. It is trashed. It is like a frat house lived there or something. Structurely it is sound but everything needs to be redone. This normally is not a problem. We have restored homes from sad states before, but now Hubby travels and wouldn't be able to do it all. We would have to hire someone and have it all done before it could be lived in. That costs money too.


It is a tough decision. It is an awful time out there. We are lucky to even have a home when a great deal of the country is in crisis mode. So do the nomads stay true to form and move AGAIN or not??

A New Alarm Clock

Beating my Saturday morning wake up call for soccer, I woke up to cherub 3 screaming from bed, "MOM! Cherub 2 is puking! In his bed!"

So it wouldn't be a guys weekend away without a little flu on the homefront. Awesome.

Friday, October 3, 2008

13 Hits Puberty

So... hubby POPS up out of bed this morning and starts acting like he is 13. He was leaving on his guys golf weekend away.

On anygivenday hubby is a (really annoying) happy morning person, singing and cheerleading his way through the morning. Give me an S.U.N. What does it spell? SUN. The SUN is out. YEAH!

Well today he was like cherub 3 on soda or Hammy from Over the Hedge, all wound up. He was completely distracting ALL 3 kids from their morning routine. He got them so wound up and out of control I was certain we were going to miss the bus. I told him to let them eat and he said "Why, I am their entertainment."

Since no-one was listen to me (b/c the REALLY loud singing 13 year old was in charge) I calmly went back to my bed and started reading.

After a few minutes, someone must of noticed I was missing. Hubby came in and tried to conjure me back out to help him "at this critical time" b/c he had to go (aka-he wan't me to do it so he could leave). Sorry Hammy, you wound them up, you finish the job. Finish getting them ready and get them to the bus. He looked shocked as I started to read again but shrugged and...

All of a sudden decided the jokes, wrestling, singing and A.D.D. rugrats weren't so comical. 13 hit puberty and turned into drill sargeant.

In 7 minutes he had the job completed (how?) and off they went.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And...the list gets longer.

It usually takes years to have a man added to "The List". Here I go...blogging twice in two weeks about my list (of men that would replace hubby gaud forbid something happened to him).

So here are the additives:

Watching Lipstick Jungle tonight...I add...

Robert Buckley aka Kirby (he can make my soup ANY day)
Paul Blackthorne aka Shane (I could listen to that accent ALL night)

The original cast:
Rob Lowe,
Michael Vartan,
Jason Lewis.

Bucket of Non-Diagnosis

We are just filling the bucket over here. If you are just tuning in to our crazy world...this is where we were two years ago.

Me: Experiencing a tingling sensation in face from left eye down.
Sent to neurologist.
Sent for an MRI.
Thought they found a tumor.
Sent to brain surgeon.
Ruled out tumor.
Sent to an MS doc.
Sent for another MRI.
Sent for a CAT Scan.
Ruled out MS.
After MONTHS of tests, consults, stress:
Placed in "Bucket of Non-Diagnosis"

Haley (our dog): Experienced a stroke last week.
Vet checked her out.
Blood work clean.
Previously treated for lymes disease, re-tested blood for counts.
Counts perfect.
Placed in "Bucket of Non-Diagnosis"

They always say that a dog and its owner look alike. Maybe more on the inside than outside for us.


Gee, I thought when we graduated from diapers we were home free. Notsomuch. It is not what you are thinking. It is not my kids. It is like being one with the animals around here.

The Wild Jungle
As we all know, I am the only one that cleans the bird's cage (member Cherub 1's beloved bird?). If it wasn't for me the thing would live amoung its own filth. Of course, I don't let it. I just cleaned the bird cage two days ago. Last night, walking by it I notice poop on my wall. Only two little specks but hello? On the wall? Scrub, scrub, scrub.

The Housetrained
Today it was raining. Hence I didn't get outside with my pooperscooper to clean up the dog doodoo. Cherub 2 came flying from the bus stop, right into the poop, right into the family room. Rug ruined. Scrub, scrub, scrub. Call rug cleaning company because I am sorry, the rug cleaners don't work.

So, officially we are de-sanitized but it all feels grody. I'm done being the Mayor of Poopville. I would like to offically bequeath my crown to hubby.

I am all grown up!

Cherub 3 (Darth Vadar) is running around the house with his little buddy (the 'good guy') in full attire with pretend guns firing. It is soooooo cute to see them make friends, giggle and work out their own little disagreements. My baby is growing up.

Hostile Takeover

By... the laundry. This poor soul didn't make it. Death by laundry. I am trying to avoid the same fate today. It is everywhere. I am taming the piles from an ultimate takover of the living room, bedroom, hallway, hamper, laundry room. My washer and dryer are getting a workout (at least something is).