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Thursday, October 16, 2008

BB2008 Friday

Ok, I lied. I am on the three day-post the blog plan. With much peer pressure (emails, phone calls) I am finally posting something about BB2008. It is not that I didn't want to but I have been pooped and literally have fallen asleep early every night since I returned. Must have been a good time, right? Yes, of course it was!

Feeling elated, the 6 of us boarded a non-stop flight to Myrtle Beach among all the golfers and early-bird-specialites. Apparently, we were chatting it up quite a bit b/c when we boarded our return flight home on Monday, a group of golfers commented on how they hoped we weren't as loud on the way home!

S lost the bet, her hubby called first...before we even boarded! That call cost him a round of drinks. Silly boy.

With my FORTY SEVEN pound suitcase (remember this weight for later) nestled below and my carry on filled with presents, I could sense that we were all breathing easy just knowing that for the next three nights we would be responsibility free, kidless and in the land of girlfriends. Not even the rain or the THREE dollar plane sodas could bring us down.

After landing, we picked up munchies, alcohol and take out chinese.

Hey, M, was it a good pick? Wha? You liked the chinese food? Hubby is not allowed to make any more recommendations.

S, it is ok, not everyone has a fortune.

Here is the rest of the evening; catching up, meticulous plotting of the next days outlet visit, more catching up, giggles, LOTS of wine and Sex in the City. The perfect evening for just the girls. And yes, the picture of the wine glasses is the 'present' I brought down there for everyone. They were fun to make! Roomie J and I got the best night sleep. Our bed, coupled with lots-o-wine was really comfy!

Throughout the weekend, B really got FULL mileage out of her wine glass. For her, 'B' was her drink wine, take meds, cure hangover, drink coke, everything glass. :o)

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