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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Who's the Grownup?

No wonder I feel rested...since I slept in today.
Cherub 1: Mommy, wake up! The bus just went by!
Me: Wha? Oh, that's bad. Seriously?
Cherub 1: Are we going to be late?
Me: Ah, ya. I guess I didn't set my alarm? How does that happen?

Breakfast Blunders
Cherub 3: Guess what, look at this, guess what, look at this...
Cherub 2: STOP IT!
Cherub 3: I just want to show you something
Cherub 2: MOM, tell him to STOP IT!
Me: Ok, buddy, let them eat, we are kindof (REALLY) late.

Cherub 3 gives his cereal bowl a shove and spills the whole thing. Usually I would be all over this but since I have only like 2 more minutes to get everyone to school, I avoid major trama. I cuddle him b/c I know he is frustrated. I know it isn't his fault we are late and noone has time for him...

Cherub 2: What do I do when I get there? Is my bus still there?
This question excites me, it reminds me this is his first time being late. Not bad.
Me: Everyone already started school buddy, you need to go in QUIETLY and join whatever activity they are doing.
Cherub 2: Ok.
Trying to avoid the 'disruption' call from teacher.
Cherub 1: How late are we?
Poor thing, she is big sis's baby at heart. Hates being late. :o)
Me: You are 7 minutes late (not bad, I'm thinking). Honey, I am sorry. I must not have set my alarm. If you are up before me, just wake me up, ok?
Cherub 1: Ok, but you usually just say '10 more minutes'.
Me: (Turning red) Do I? Don't tell anyone that.
Yup, she is the grownup in the family.

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