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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

BB2008 Sunday

My wake up call, hubby.

H: What are you doing?
Me: Sleeping.
H: What did you do last night.
Me: Sigh. (Aren't I away? I bed. Sleeping?)

See, the first migration to Myrtle four years ago brought many, many adventures. Free Journey tickets, excessive amounts of shopping, drinks, and cigarettes. Leading to a visit to a not-so-virtuous establishments. So, hubby is always far too curious about our whereabouts. Makin sure we weren't overdoing it at the establishments we visit. I think it is funny. But not first thing in the morning when I PAID to fly far away to sleep.

He was also waking me up b/c he needed an answer NOW about whether or not I wanted to put an offer on the house we were considering. (Just tuning in, foreclosure that is great.) Yup, I want to think about something on my VACATION.

I put it out of my head for a while. We all went to breakfast and enjoyed some yummy food.

50% of us went back to the outlets for more. Not me. I was in the other 50%. We went to the hot tub, pool and took a GLORIOUS 1 1/2 hour walk on the beach. Everyone else came back and joined us. Later. A NAP! On the beach. Best day ever. At the end of the day, after bouncing everything past friends and thinking it all through, I called hubby to tell him, yes. Make an offer on our dream house.

Thanks for (hounding me for a decision) I mean, the distraction hubby, back to BB. Off we went for a grownup dinner. Where we looked like this:

and this:

To a place where the drinks look more like this (rather than our fun buckets):

We were excited to have a fun time, shop a little more (can you believe it?) and head back in time to watch our friends that live on Wisteria Lane and Brothers and Sistas. The perfect day and night.

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