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Friday, October 3, 2008

13 Hits Puberty

So... hubby POPS up out of bed this morning and starts acting like he is 13. He was leaving on his guys golf weekend away.

On anygivenday hubby is a (really annoying) happy morning person, singing and cheerleading his way through the morning. Give me an S.U.N. What does it spell? SUN. The SUN is out. YEAH!

Well today he was like cherub 3 on soda or Hammy from Over the Hedge, all wound up. He was completely distracting ALL 3 kids from their morning routine. He got them so wound up and out of control I was certain we were going to miss the bus. I told him to let them eat and he said "Why, I am their entertainment."

Since no-one was listen to me (b/c the REALLY loud singing 13 year old was in charge) I calmly went back to my bed and started reading.

After a few minutes, someone must of noticed I was missing. Hubby came in and tried to conjure me back out to help him "at this critical time" b/c he had to go (aka-he wan't me to do it so he could leave). Sorry Hammy, you wound them up, you finish the job. Finish getting them ready and get them to the bus. He looked shocked as I started to read again but shrugged and...

All of a sudden decided the jokes, wrestling, singing and A.D.D. rugrats weren't so comical. 13 hit puberty and turned into drill sargeant.

In 7 minutes he had the job completed (how?) and off they went.

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