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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Up & Down on our SCARY Ride (PG-13 Language)

We have entered pre-teen hell.


Yesterday, cherub 2 screamed (like someone was killing her) for a 1/2 hour during the morning routine b/c all the clothes "made her look stupid!". For the record, she looked adorable.

She then proceeded to go out in the driveway with her "stupid" outfit on so we could go to the busstop and SCREAM BLOODY MURDER outside too. I am quite certain the neighbors think we are slightly crazy.

During her 18th tantrum we missed the bus. (Arggh.)

I wanted to FREAK out. Unfortunately, I had to set an example of how to handle your emotions. We calmly got in the car and put on some relaxing music and took the LOOOOONG way to school. By the time she was there she calm. Cool. Collected.

Me? Calm on the outside, really MAD on the inside.


The day prior to that, she refused (for the 8th week) to wear her brand new outfit that she BEGGED me for when buying school clothes. I had a small tantrum and hit a new low as a mom. I told her if she didn't start wearing it she would have to pay me back for it! She continued to refuse so I told her she owed me $35 and explained it would take her forever to pay me out of her allowance. Her answer? "I don't care!" So she now owes me money.

Not sure, but I am pretty sure that I didn't win that argument. I will collect my first payment this week.


After school each day-happy as a lark. Oh, the emotional roller coaster we ride.

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