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Friday, October 17, 2008

BB2008 Saturday

9am wakeup. Ahhh, beautiful. Our wine induced sleep was fabulous. Let's just re-peat that. 9am. That alone is worth the price of the airline ticket.

We shower and make our annual pilgrimage to Denny's. Since for some, Sarah's magic hangova mix didn't work so well, it was time for the curethehangova sure thing. The Grand Slam. We all felt great after waking our buts up with a BIG greasy breakfast. All pumped up for a day of shopping at the outlets. Giddy Up.

Armed with our secret cash stashes, various credit cards and coupons we hit the outlets in a BIG way. Not even the light drizzly rain was going to stop us. As one of the girls announced in a checkout line, you would never know the economy was bad by looking at the shopping going on in the SC outlets! Fav purchase? My woobies. Wha? You might ask. A black shaul from Banana Republic and gray sweater from Old Navy. Both so cumfy I want to snuggle with them. Woobies inspired by B-the movie star (see her modeling our new woobie below-yes more than one of us bought it).

So, the total damage, you ask? Check it out. Let's just say, the outlets had to re-stock after we left.

On the way home from the outlets, we stopped at the atm for cash and Walmart for (whatelse), beer. In that order. Yes, I said BEER at Walmart. I love the South. So needless to say when I went to pay at Walmart and I figured out my debit card was gone, I wasn't happy. Missing. Stuck (left actually) in the bank machine. Dah. I am an I-D-I-U-T. Luckily, I had cash already. Oh well, every trip needs a little phowpaw.

Home. Shower. All gussied up, despite the rain (what tha?). We cabbed it to the famous wing place. We sampled wings with all sorts of sauces and then had a yummy dinner. But who cares. The most important part of the meal? Being with friends, and sharing (many buckets of) these:

Which turned into slippery shots and silly smiles:

So, we fended off strange southern men that were clueless to our bitchy northern we- aren't- interested attitudes (remember, we were on vacation from the men) and tuned into the funny jokes of nearby golfers and cheered on the RedSox. Hello, of course we watched.

ZZZZZZZZz. Slippery shot induced sleep.

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