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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sorry Carpet Guy, I am SHOCKED just like you!

This is for all those that suffered through my last post.

Today I had the carpet cleaner guys come to my house to scrub the heck out of our family room rug and furniture. Everything smelled like our dog.

So. The carpet guy opened our recliner and was attempting to keep the back open so that he could clean the whole thing. The foot part of our recliner stays up but the back only goes back if you are applying people pressure to it. I am not sure why, just the way it is.

He obviously couldn't get it to stay open. The shy carpet guy looked at me kind of funny and turned a little pink (he was embarrassed that he couldn't figure it out).

This is what I said.

"If you think that is bad you should recline in our couch. After a beer or two, you won't be able to get it up."

Pause for reaction.

I continued (actually back-pedaled), "I mean, the back of the couch recliner thing, you can't get it to close (emphasizing the word close)."

Immediately, two strangers are completely uncomfortable around each other. I walked quickly out of the room to attend to the cherubs.

I could have melted. I am not sure I have EVER been so embarrassed.

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