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Thursday, October 30, 2008

If you let hubby help with homework mommy will eat candy.

This is me. Oh, you can't see me? That is because I am buried underneath the wrappers of my stress snack. I have buried myself in what would be tears. Why?

This is what hubby will fork over. Many dollars. For causing cherub 1's trama that will send her into therapy.

Confused. That is what cherub 1 is. After hubby tried to "help" her with her homework. Today's math homework wanted cherub 1 to write "why" two lines were perpendicular. Like many third graders she could verbally tell you why but was trying to tell hubby that she "didn't know how" to write it. In other words, "I can't remember what I said the answer was". Hubby totally misunderstood her "I don't how how" to thinking she was just faking it and didn't want to do the work. He rose his voice in frustration and sent her to her room. (That was after he was unsure of the definition of perpendicular was and despite having her written definition made her go on the internet with him to ensure they were doing it right. DESPITE the fact that I taught third grade last year and confirmed that she was right.)

This is what cherub 1 buried her tears in. Which leads us back to...

What I buried my tears in.
So helpful.

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