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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wheels and Deals

Yesterday, hubby convinces me to ice,ice,baby (aka-put ice on back injury to reduce swelling and freeze pain away) on the way to IKEA. He is obsessed we are going there to buy cherub 1 a new dresser, at a deal. I admit, I didn't want to go, due to pain, but didn't trust him to pick out furniture on his own.

For the first 1/2 hr, I was trying to walk, with cane, around PLANET IKEA. Seriously, it is huge enough to be its own planet. After pain medication kicks in, I become nausous and dizzy. Not a second thought. Hubby plopped me in a wheelchair and zoomed me around IKEA.

The more we shopped, the more hubby bumped into people or things. The SECOND child (thankfully both of the injured were ours-there were close calls with random toddlers) he ran into was cherub 1. After a direct hit to the shins by the chair, she doubled over, crying. He instantly was (in the 'stop making a scene' voice) ssshhhhing her and I jumped in saying 'hello, ask her if she is alright instead of getting her to be quiet'! To avoid further injuries to our family or strangers, I took the controls.

I wasn't much better. At one point I backed into a chair and everything in our bag (hanging on back of w.c.) tumbled out with a CLANG. Hubby rescued me and our stuff. At least there was no injury.

Things I noticed about my temporary accessory:
1)When you are in a w.c. you are either invisible, people say sorry as if they were in my way (even if they weren't), or STARE at you with that 'I wonder what is wrong with her' sympathy look.
2)You can't reach most things in a store if you are shopping in a wheelchair.
3)You can't chase your kids around a store in your wheelchair. Hubby left us ONCE. Cherub's 2 and 3 started 'pretending' to punch each other. I couldn't separate them in time. Cherub 2 cuts cherub 3's lip. Blood=Hubby freaks.

So. Seriously, I FULLY RESPECT (even more than I did before) people that have a handicap that require them to be in a wheelchair. Even more so if they are trying to shop with children.

Unfortunately, we did not have our camera on our excursion to the new planet.

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Trenches of Mommyhood said...

You are CUH-RAZY to attempt that store in a wheelchair! Your descriptions made me laugh.