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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You are Mean!

So I hear.

Cherub 1 will seriously NOT eat healthy. She won't eat normal food anymore. Things like chicken, veggies, fruit. You name it. If it is not in her modified version of the food triangle (chicken fingers, fries, desserts, breads, juice) then interested, notsomuch.

Tonight, I gave her a nice healthy dinner. Chicken, corn on the cob (actually off b/c of braces), and fresh strawberries.

Arms crossed. Making faces. Grunting. Comments. More faces. Not eating.

I told her that she needed to eat her healthy dinner or we wouldn't be going to softball and she would spend the time in her room. Clear consequences-per Dr. Phil. I set a timer to let her know how much time she had left to accomplish her new goal and gave her sufficient updates (4 minutes left, 2). Nothing.

Timer went off. Said without a yell, "go to your room". No softball. Just room.
I am mean.
Oh, so mean.

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