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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Random Babbles

I was feeding my friends baby at school today when she came for a visit. He was drinking his bottle while happily babbling to me with his gooos and gaaas. (Yes, I got the babybug ever so briefly. Did you expect anything less?) While I was feeding him, my THIRD grade students chanted 'chug,chug,chug,chug,chug,chug...'. Hello????? Where did they learn that???? I don't think a baby knows how to chug. Let's save that for when he is 21 (or 16).

Cherub 2:
The most ticklish kid in the world. I couldn't get enough of his giggles tonight.

Heading towards a world record, he can officially say 'mom,mom,mom' 7,000 times a night. Hey, mom,mom,mom. If I don't answer in a millisecond- Hey, mom,mom,mom.

Everything is 100. There are 100 ways to shoot a basket, 100 snacks, he has 100 friends, did you know I can count to 100, etc. Hey, mom,mom,mom, guess how many (blank) there are? 100!

Totally OCD. This past weekend FIL, MIL, hubby & I chatted about how his OCDness rivals SIL's. This lends nicely into the discussion that he is a neat eater. He rarely gets his hands dirty when he eats and practically never his face either. It is bazzare. Next to his sister, who at the age of 8 doesn't seem to care so much about chewing with her mouth closed (blech)and her food is generally oozing down her face, he is Mr. Clean. After laughing about his 'neatness', Hubby exclaims he is so neat when I go in to help him wipe, there is nothing there! He even poops neatly.

Jason- Bob Marley's "I shot the sheriff"? I think the sheriff (Simon) shot him! The best thing about this performance were the back up singers!

Paula was doing well tonight. Hubby & I have been worried about her. Some nights she sounds like she is on the sauce. She can't even put a sentence together. Tonight, right on.

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