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Monday, May 12, 2008

Nap in a Snap

I used to totally rag on (a.k.a. "make fun of" for all you youngins) hubby b/c every time he attempted to put cherub's 2 & 3 to bed at night he would fall into a deep coma in on of their beds. His mid-evening naps became a little family joke. My dad and FIL always laugh b/c on weekends he would fall asleep and miss our little late night happy hours or the first round of card games.

Well recently, it's all about my mid-evening naps. I put them down tonight and I am pretty sure I never got through the four songs we sing to them. (I know...4 songs...they are so spoiled! How can you not? They are so young for so short a time frame.) Snap back to my thoughts.

Tonight, nap. Big time. It must be their room. So dark, cozy, warm. Perfect for napville. I woke up at 8:55pm at the bottom of cherub 3's bed. Bummer...I have stuff to do! Off to walmart to buy resume envelopes and supplies for my field trip tomorrow. Ahhhh, 10:40pm. Time to start working. First of course, I have to find out who my British Bachelor has chosen...yeah! Shane!

Good thing I had a nap.

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