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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Husky Angry Guy

Yesterday, I ruined someone's day.

Yes, I know I should feel bad.

On the way to work I stopped at the local gas station to buy a diet sunkist. Of course their was only one teenee, tiny little parking spot. So, I did what any commuter would do. I squeezed my big but minivan into the spot, got out of my car sideways, and ran in for my soda. I was only going to be in there a minute anyway.

While waiting in line, some guy BURST into the door and screamed in a husky growl, "WHO'S GOT A BLUE VANNNNNN?". Startled, I answered quietly, "me". He then growled, "WOULD YOU MIND MOVING IT SO I CAN GET IN MY CAR?" With a smile I answered, "sure". (He was kind of raging and I did check to make sure he wasn't armed to go poastal on me.)

I put my stuff down, walked out, squeezed into my van, moved it as he STOMPED TO HIS CAR, SLAMMED HIS DOOR AND DROVE AWAY AT 100 MILES PER HOUR.

I couldn't help it, it was funny.

What I can't figure out is why he didn't just squeeze by and slam his car door into mine like any other self-respecting MA commuter would have? Why be mad? Why make a scene? Many a time I have gotten into my car via passenger seat because someone parked to close (I didn't slam their door). Inconvenienced? Sure. But seriously people, take a breath. It was a convenience store, clearly I would've been out in under 2 minutes anyway.

Back in the line everyone was laughing and commenting, "somebody needs his coffee", "someone's ragin' on a Monday". I feel bad for his co-workers because they were sure to get an earful that morning.

So, sorry I ruined your day, husky, angry guy but next time...just breathe.

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