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Tuesday, December 1, 2009



It is not usually a word that I would use to describe hubby. He is an amazing hubby and father, full of life, hysterical, handsome, hardworking, creative, always right (ha, ha), but saintly? However, he recently has change my least for now.

Last Friday, we went to my high school reunion. As one can attest to, if it isn't your reunion it can be boring. Not having those connections, being introduced 4,000 times, not understanding the old stories. Having said that, hubby was amazing! He was his usual self, meeting people, making the best of where he was (even if he was bored). Here is the proof for his new definition:

*He was the drink fairy. Where ever we were, hubby kept "delivering" drinks. We would be off in the opposite corner of the party talking with an old friend and a beer/glass of wine would appear in our hands. The next day, RLF, H said "how is it that I never spent a dollar but had a drink in my hand all night?" Ironic b/c my money had disappeared from my wallet. (I vaguely remember him taking it all when we first got there.)

*At any given moment he could be seen carrying around H's shoes. He was afraid she would leave them there. Where is the picture of him holding her strappy little sandals?

*First trip home~ At the end of the night, we all decided to go to the local bar. Hubby left to relieve our sitter. He was five minutes around the corner when I texted him to come back (b/c I changed my mind and wanted to go home with him). He got back to the hotel as I said "oops".

*Second trip home~ He graciously said no problem when he heard oops (hey, it took him five minutes to get there...they convinced me to stay again) and left when we told him we decided to stay. He got all the way home to the driveway when I called him and said "oops".

*Third trip home~ He laughed (on the outside) as we rehashed our conversation "honey, we got to the bar and it was closing!". He came back AGAIN to pick up all of us 'over-imbibed' individuals.

So Mr. Shoe carrying, Mr. Socializer, Mr. Gentlemen, Mr. Keep-your-sense of is a consensus.

You are saintly!

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