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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yard Sale- Quick and Snappy

A.K.A. Come buy our crap sale. We had a ball with the kids today having our first yard sale. Here is the quick and snappy recap:

The Quick:
In the am, our yard looked like it threw up plastic.
The ugliest thing sold first (seriously!).
People have balls and can be pushy.
You get a rush from selling things. Pretty soon, everything is on the lawn.
Our cherubs sold their stuff and bought our neighbors stuff.
Lesson learned: must have change available.
Should we sell this? Cherub 3 "No,I don't think so, I might need it."
How much should we sell this for? Cherub 1 "50 cents."
How much should we sell this for? Cherub 2 "$100.00"
Couldn't figure out why the tyke car wasn't selling. Cherub 2 actually DID label it $100. Should have been $1.

The Snappy:
At first, snapping at each other. Everytime I gave someone a price ($.50-sound like cherub 1 huh?), hubby would snap at me telling me to price things higher. So...I decided to start letting him give the prices b/c he was annoying. The next customer who asked "how much is this?" got this as a reply from hubby, "$.50". We both collapsed with giggles. I told him I couldn't believe he caved like I did.

We only have about 10 things left. To be honest, I was ready to pay someone to take it from us! It was fun and the kids all bought a treat with their earnings.

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