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Friday, August 29, 2008

Drop by for a Dot

A few weeks ago I was scoutin' out some new furniture at the local favorite furniture chain. I bribed my cherubs with the Dots (amazing dot things that melt into icecream when you put them into your mouth) that the store offers for free as you walk in. I was telling RLF, K, that I told the cherubs if they were good while I dreamily walked around the air conditioned building looking at furniture they could enjoy that treat on the way out. They held their end of the bargain so I held mine. I told K that if we ever needed a quick mommy retreat or needed a snack for the kids, stop by the furniture chain.

Today she called me hysterically laughing b/c she took her 2 kids and her 3 niece/nephews in 'for a snack'. A little false pretense shopping, alot of Dot devouring. We were peeing our pants laughing. "There are 5 of you, I can't afford to feed you. Let's go to the furniture store. Drop by for a Dot.'

Maybe we are both turning into slummy mummies!

*Just to ensure you, almost all of our furniture has been purchased at the shall be named nameless chain throughout the years. I sometimes buy things. Not just eat.

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youarekiddingme said...

That's something I would totally do! I'm going to have to look around these parts for something like that.