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Friday, August 8, 2008

What is your parental Crutch??

Cherubs 2 & 3 spent the night in big boy underwear. Success!

Yes, nighttime goodnights (pullups) have been our crutch. They have selfishly saved us sleepless hours when the sleep was already slim to none around here.

In our defense, each time I tried to night train them, we changed a MINIMUM of three or four sets of sheets each night. Equate that to hours of uninterrupted sleep and you get the picture.

Here's the catch. None of my kids can actually make it through the night yet. Not even my 8 year old. We have to wake them right before we go to bed so they can go. Again. So I did this with the boys and walla, success.

So why does the fact that other people's kids make it through the night make me feel like a failure as a mom? Maybe it was the SHOCK that registered on my friends face last year when I admitted that the boys were still in pull ups at night. You would have thought I told them that I had just kissed the gardener and was leaving hubby.

So today, we start the day with a poptart celebration (these are rare in our house and a huge treat) for the boys and big hugs (and a silent thankyou from me) to them. They just saved us therapy bills. "My mom didn't train me until I was ten. She wanted her beauty sleep instead. That is why I had no sleepovers and no friends."

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