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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Don't yell fire if there is no fire!

This is too funny and far too embarrassing. I work in one town and my kids go to school in another. I received an automated message from the superintendent's office today saying that they 'originally had a delay for school but decided to cancel based on the forecast and the non-working plows'. I was soooo sad b/c my kids are finally healthy and REALLY need to be at school today. The elf in me has ALOT to do.

So I called a good friend of mine who is a teacher in the town my kids go to school in (the one we live it). She didn't know that school was canceled. She didn't get the message. Wha? So, after 4 calls and lots of embarrassment, I realized it was the super. from the town I work in not the town I live in that called. My cherubs had answered that phone call and I didn't catch the beginning of it (the name of the caller) just the message. That would have been important information for me to hear.

I am a schuck, I had people calling all around in a panick. (Yes, we were all panicked b/c we thought our kids weren't going to leave us for the day! Bad mothers.)

Typical me.

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