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Friday, December 21, 2007

In A Remote Hideaway

For months we have not been able to find our bedroom remote control. With one sick in the bedroom (pretty much at all times around here lately) not having that remote has been torture. I have had to run in with the toy room remote to switch channels at each patients whimsy. Hubby has been all over me about that missing remote, as if I hid it amongst my junk on purpose. Today, I randomly opened hubby's night table drawer. Guess what I found? Yup, you guessed it. The very same table he 'looked' in before, was the vacation spot for our remote. Welcome back, we missed you.

Father in law & I have a running joke with hubby. He pretty much needs GPS on all his stuff. The remote sorta proves that. We have an underutilized key rack RIGHT next to the door in the kitchen. Every morning he asks, where are my keys (my wallet, my head, etc- note that he NEVER loses his blackberry)? This morning at barely 6am there was a quiet knock on my door. I raced toward the knock thinking someone was dying if they were visiting that early. Nope, just Dad looking for some keys. Hubby had helped Dad last night b/c he was sick. (Which was so given where credit due.) He cleaned off their cars and snowblowed their driveway. However, he took Dad's and Baby Sis's keys home with him. I found their keys, mine and his in his jacket. Yup, he would have gone to work with all four sets! Then who would have been looking for their keys?

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