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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Shopping with Sparky

Cuz the kids were still under the weather tonight my 5pm dinner and shopping girls night with college roomie got canceled. :o(

When baby sister (aka sparky-yes I blew your cover) stopped by at cherub's bedtime and told me she was going to the nearby Joanne Fabrics I couldn't ask hubby fast enough if I could escape. Remember, I have been trapped in the flu house for days!

At Joanne's 3 weeks ago, I purchased 4 sets of fleece to make blankets at the cost of $140. Tonight, everything was FIFTY percent off and I got 5 sets for $77. What the? I am happy about tonight but can you say I got screwed 3 weeks ago! Then woman who was cutting our fleece told us that we weren't buying enough fleece for each blanket (even though I told her I've made them before, not a novice) and that we weren't picking colors that match. Someone needs to tell her that I have graduated from the 80's when I used to buy everything in different shades of one color. We are hip now and we can match. Even if I was buying BUT UGLY fleece that DIDN'T match...isn't that my business? Isn't the customer ALWAYS right? I asked nicely how much an item was b/c there were no tags. Her answer was, 'there are price scanners all over the store'. Ummm, aren't you at a REGISTER? Wow.

Moving on to Kohl's we got some great deals. Sparky was making fun of me b/c I was so slap happy at the end she said it was like 'Oh, I met a Sally once, I'll buy her a present. Oh, I met a Joe once, we'll get him one too.' We were DYING laughing all the way home, even when we were semi stuck in the snow b/c we were so slap happy and tired! Funny.

Of course when I came home with bags, hubby said, 'I thought you were done?' In other words...thanks for spending more $. Sigh.

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