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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Firsts, Flus and Flakes

First penance, first basketball game. A day of firsts for cherub 1. She is growing up and adorable! She insisted that daddy be the one at her first game today (only one of us could go b/c cherub 3 is sick). I will try not to be offended! Who butters your bread everyday baby?

Cherub 2 is hanging, chomping at the bit to play in the snow, again. He is waiting patiently for daddy, since we are in the house because cherub 3 has the flu, again! Poor child. He was sooooo sick last night.

I went back to penance today, first time in I think 20+ years. Full of sin this one, it had been so long since I had gone it was like being a penance virgin again. Yeah, that is a sacrilegious statement if I ever said one. Left absolved, pure as a baby, yet with a mixture of feelings. You see, as an adult, going to penance makes you first ADMIT your sins, say them out loud, then try to forgive yourself for them. At least God forgave me, even if I am still working on it. It has always been way easier for me to forgive others before forgiving myself.

At first I felt guilty b/c when hubby asked if he could take her to penance I was snippy and said no. I made fun of the situation and told him that the guy who explains God as 'the man behind the curtain in the clouds' (??? what is this, wizard of oz???) could not represent cherub 1 on her first penance day. I know, that was nasty of me. I spoke before I had coffee. Anyway, when we got home he asked her, 'How was the sin thing?' WHAT? The SIN thing? You mean first penance or confession? Uhhhgggg. That is why I took her, maybe my first instinct was right. It doesn't mean he isn't faithful or prayerful, but 'the sin thing? What a flake.

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