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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Amber Alert

We have a hostage situation, big nephew's trophies have been held hostage!

Set the stage for a short story. Big Sis has 3 cherub boys, ages 10,7,4. Big nephew had his own bedroom and middle and baby nephew shared a room. Baby nephew is 4 and coming into his own rapidly. He honestly is hysterical and never ceases to amaze us with his funny antidotes. So, oldest and middle want to take a turn at living together (again) so big sis moves baby into his own room.

Big nephew is taking tv and playstation with him. Baby nephew doesn't like this too much and decides to take action. His reaction, "Fine, I am keeping the trophies then!" Baby nephew has been holding big nephew's trophies hostage. Hysterical! Big sis is going in each day and taking one trophie at a time to big nephew to avoid meltowns from baby. Hopefully he doesn't notice.

*Rec'd story 2nd hand so hopefully the details are on target!

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Kris said...

Don't you think four years old are way cuter when they don't live under your own roof? My sister in law thinks mine is hilarious!