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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Be Prepared?

The Girl Scouts motto has always been be prepared. Unlike this famous motto, here are a few things that my Master's teacher prep program could not prepare me for:

The first 'report card season'. I am feeling very anxious. I have been reviewing my grade book during vacation to prepare for completing report cards. Somehow, there are small g a p s for a couple of students. Hmmm, do they hoard their work in their desk? Can I trace back those specific assignments to absences? Why didn't I have a better system to track that? Oh, that is right, no one teaches you any of that! Yet, another thing you kind of learn the hard way.

I am also starting to get a pit in my stomach about the parent/teacher conferences. I have a couple of parents that have already proven to be on my case. One in particular wants to ensure I 'follow the curriculum'. The parents are another thing that a teacher prep program cannot prepare you for.

Lack of sleep. Last night, I went out to dinner with my Lesley girls. We voted that we are more overtired as teachers than when in our Master's program. Which, at the time, we thought we could NEVER be more tired. Plan, teach, correct, plan, teach, correct, assess, etc.

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