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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Doin's

Hubby is digging out of another 8 inches of snow. He just dug my rents out of the 8 inches too. I am so thankful. It is hard for my dad not to be able to do it himself. When hubby helps them (without being asked) it warms my heart.

We are heading off to the inlaws this afternoon for FIL's bday celebration (which is tomorrow). We were practicing our happy bday singing abilities. Cherub 2 is bringing "Mr Magic's" (his new self-proclaimed title) box of tricks. Sure to entertain the troups! Hubby and I might stay in a hotel tonight. A night away? We won't even know what to do with ourselves! I am sure we will think of something! Personally, I can't wait to SLEEP uninterrupted!!!!! ZZZZZzzzzzzz's.

Of course, hubby is swinging me through two house that he wants to look at on the way out of town. Sure, add to my stress. I don't have enough middle age pimples yet! Plus, we haven't moved in 4 years...I was getting bored! :o)

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