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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The judger is judged.

After visiting our friends and then shopping at Target afterwards, it was rounding towards 6pm and we still hadn't had dinner. Off to the golden arches we head.

As you remember, our hometown McyD's burnt down so we haven't been frequenting that establishment (which has been fabulous). Let me just state, I do not let my children play in the indoor playgrounds. Ever. The last time I did, cherub 1 was two and I was (really) pregnant. She got scared while way up high in the slide maze and I had to shimmy my way up the slides, prego belly and all, to get her.

It smelled like pee, poop and other nasty things. It was also VERY dirty.

We enter the line and a very loud woman with bright pink hair is ahead of us with a little boy with bare feet. Umm, have you never read the signs before? Point taken, dirty boy with really dirty feet was headed over to the play area to dirty up the slide that cherub 2 was already moaning about b/c I won't let him go on it. I am judging her. I admit it.

Worse. Dirty boy comes over and hugs my kids. Off, oboo, off. I am aggravated (yes, me the lover of all children) that this kid is now on my kids. Cherub 2 burst into tears b/c the kid touched him. Great.

You thought I was the only one judging, right? Pink haired mom comes up to me and says, "Did you see that loser (referring to father of a father and son duo that just left)? He let his kid drink soda. What am I the only one that doesn't do that?" I politely tell her that my kids don't drink it yet and all I can think about is how ironic it is that she, the mom toting barefoot kid in McDonald's on a 20 degree, freezing cold night, is actually judging another parent for his follies.

We are all so perfect, we can judge each other? Right?

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