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Friday, February 15, 2008

No love.

Ah, the real Valentine's Day. I couldn't post it last night. I was so exhausted from the fall I took off the hamster wheel of life.

Yesterday morning, my regular struggle ensued with cherub 1. She would prefer to loaf around rather than get ready for school. No love from her yet.

The boys,happy as larks were ready and waiting when I went out to the car to warm it up. Turn the key, NOTHING. Car dead. No love from the car.

Borrow dad's car. Back out of driveway. Cherub 1 spills her drink ALL over her jacket and outfit. No love from the fates.

New outfit, daycare dropoff, arrive at school, late. Start teaching. Half hour into a lesson, phone rings. Cherub 2's school nurse calls to say he threw up on the bus. Wha???? Member, he was my happy go lucky, sing through breakfast cherub. No love from the fates. Again.

Beg hubby to go pick him up. He's not happy b/c he just got to work (50 min commute). Cherub 2 throws up all day. Hubby NOT happy. He tries to work from home while taking care of cherub 2. He fixes car after I get home. He is grumpy all night. No valentine love from hubby.

Next morning (today), back to the drawing board. Cherubs 2 & 3 home sick. Cherub 1 makes us late. Miss bus. Go to car to drive her to school. Car dead. Again. Now, I am MAD at the fates.

Here I am, WORST new employee ever. Home (where I should be b/c my cherub's need me) and feeling guilty. Happy Real Valentine's Day. In the spirit of friend W, The love is 'flowin'.

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